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1st Platinum Trophy on PS4!

So i got my first platinum trophy on the PS4 yesterday in KIllzone: Shadow Fall! Not only that but it was also my first platinum game in almost 4 years! The last game being Red Dead Redemption!

The Last of Us: My Multiplayer Progress!


Hey y'all! I've been playing The Last of Us multiplayer the past few weeks! It's really good and very well balanced in my opinion! I've mostly been playing the "Survivors" mode, which means no respawns and the first team to eliminate all four on the opposing team win the round, the first team to win four rounds wins (best of seven rounds).

I've been playing with my friend and we work well as a team, however as our clan survivors increase, it becomes harder to earn supplies in each game.

Today i managed to unlock two very cool customization items:

The Beret:


This was earned by getting 115 survivors in your clan, and by far my favorite unlock.

Black Rancher Hat:


This was earned by getting 120 survivors in my clan.

The last unlockable item i really want is the Skull Mask which is earned by having 85 survivors at Week 12, however i am currently at Week 10, Day 1 with 121 survivors and i don't think i'll be able to maintain my clan that high for another 14 games, but we'll see! I'm happy with the beret anyway!

Well It Happened... X360

Well well, it would seem i got an Xbox 360! It's only taken me 7 years! I saw a great Black Friday deal on Amazon the other day which gave me a new 250GB Xbox Slim, 12 months XBL and Halo 4 for £150, when the console alone was £159.

I've always stuck to PS3, but the last few years i haven't been gaming as much on it mainly due to my friends doing other things. However it seems many of my other friends have an Xbox so i decided to jump on the black friday deal and join them online.

Currently i only have Halo 4 & Black Ops II, if anyone on here still wishes to connect, feel free to add my gamertag: Dan Lero

Cya around!

Stoppin' By!

How is everyone doing!?

I've been pretty busy the last couple of months with university and now i'm in the final 2-3 months! So in all it's crunch time! As i'm studying Music Technology i've been set the task of creating an album/E.P. of which mine now stands at 7 tracks! I've also had to create two film scores for media! They're all still being worked on, but i can slightly see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Maybe my album might see the light of day on the internet, which would be great, but i'll have to see how it goes!

So? How's it all been going on GameSpot lately?


Consider this a leaving blog, i'll probably still check up on the odd news article or stream but as far as my time and contributions on GameSpot goes, it'll be non-existent from now on. I've been trying to like the site for the past few months, but i feel the overall experience here is getting worse each month.

After being a member here for 5 years and being a member of the moderation team for some of that time, i've had some good times on this site and tried to add my own contributions and features that everyone can benefit from.

However i think my time here is finished now, thanks to those who commented on my blogs over the years and kept in touch with me! Thanks everyone!

Please Help!

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Hey all, was hoping you could help me out by taking 30 seconds to fill this survey in! I'd like the results to be quite positive, doesn't matter if it's aimed at you though! Thanks all!