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AssAssain's creed review + pics.

I really hope you can all forgive my horrible title joke, bad taste? Yes. Worth it? Totally.

Warning: This guide may or may not contain spoliers. (Also, the spellcheck isn't working now for some odd reason, so whoop-de-freakin'-do.)

Let me just get right down to it. The game captured me very early on and never really loosened it's grip. Perhaps it was the hilarious and charismatic (well, to me at least.) "your sister" joke Ezio told Vieri in the beginning. Maybe it was the fact that this game was also based around beyond 21st century tech and didn't limit itself to the 14th century, thus having the dreaded, gut wrenching "invisible wall". Or maybe the awesome, engaging puzzles, fights, storyline and graphics. This game really does have it all. With another amazing being the fact that I actually care about Ezio, (the main protagonist, and also the character you play as, for those unfamilier with the game.) and a few other characters. I actually really liked how Leonardo Da Vinci made a cameo in the game and actually became a real in depth character (again, to me, maybe not to some.) Which brings me to a good point. You see, this game has what a lot other games really lack, real, in depth characters. Not just easy characters that you can sum up at face value, like the war lovin', big hearted "warriors" you'll find in a few games I won't mention, but characters that actually make you go, "oh gosh darn, an I was really startin' to warm up to that little feller" when they die. That actually give me a reason to pick up the controller and turn on my dusty xbox.

Well, here are some damn pics, as promised. Ezio Obiviously belongs to Ubisoft and not me. I own none of the artwork below.

Oh bby. I guess the tie really does make the man.

I guess the tie really does make the man.

Whossat?? Oh, it's just another templar. Do as you will Ezio. We won't judge.ART BY: DeadlyNinja on DeviantArt.

Art above by ~Deadly Ninja On deviant art.

New Zelda games coming out? Your thoughts as well as mine.

So, with the two new Legend of Zelda games coming out in 2011, (The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword & The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D) I must say I am very excited. (Probably even more excited that the handheld game won't be another Phantom Hourglass or Spirit Tracks) but I'm not really sure how the 3DS will work with OoT. I myself just really can't see a game like that on a handheld console, and I really hope that they do not make as much fuss about the touch screen control as they did with other handheld games. (PH, ST)

You see, with a game like that, you really have to be careful that you don't: Toy around with the storyline too much and upset the die hard OoT fans, and that you don't make it too much the same game, but on a smaller screen. I really don't know how having a 3D version of an old game is really going to make it worth that much, but I could very well be wrong as we all have yet to see how the 3D aspect will work out.

Now, one major concern I have about the new handheld game is the graphics. I saw a couple of screenshots and I have to say, Ireally hope that having the game in 3D will flatten this game all out graphics wise. I guess what I'm really trying to say with this game is that if the 3D aspect sucks, so will the entire game, as that is really all they're hanging onto as far as I can see. (I'll have to do more research on the game for sure)

Moving on to Skyward Sword, I think I can safely say this game will be a hit, especially if it works well with the Wii Motion plus. I can remember how Miyamoto said that, you have to hold your Wiimote like a sword, and your nunchuck like a shield. If this is true, then I really cannot wait to get on my feet and play this game. (I would also like an option though, so that you could sit on your bed and play it when you're tired. Haha. Seriously. At 2:00 in the morning I'm going to need this.)

Just the fact that Nintendo is coming out with a new Zelda game for the Wii excites me. This will be the first Zelda title that is native to the Wii, and I just know that it will be worth pre-ordering.

Suggestions for the two new games:

Allow us to pre-order Skyward Sword and get OoT 3D for half price when it comes out? Ah. Doubtful. But still.

Bundle OoT 3D with the new 3DS?

Enhance the sound on the 3DS to make sure that it would fit all the temple music. (Hopefully no glitchy crackles in the music, especially my beloved spirit temple!!

Closing statement:

I think that Nintendo had a great E3 this year. From what I could see, they brought in a lot of promising new titles and I hope to soon enjoy playing them.

A new fire/ice whip? Please, be nice, Nintendo.

Somehow, cutting dekubabas has never been more exciting for me.

Looks to be a promising game, lets hope it doesn't steal away OoTs spotlight, or vice versa. (Sorry if there are a couple spelling errors in there, don't blame me, blame the spell check.)