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TRIGGERS! (caps)

I have triggers that are almost half of a Golf ball! What should I do. BTW, i'm being sarcastic a little. I do have triggers that size. That's an update, and my neck is getting a little tight, but this should go away soon.

My Life

It has been pretty good and fun latly. I just won a 2nd place last night and hope to get another one or at least a 3rd next week. That is all I have to say as I am tired.

ZOOM! (Caps)

Life Fly's by fast. I have gotten in my third Go-Kart Wreck on this Sunday. This rookie hit me in turn 3, not even the first lap in. Yes, this rookie hit me. He was bumping me all the time, which I didn't want him to, but he doesn't know better. I was very mad as well. I'm not mad at him now though. He broke a Weld on the side-Pod, and part of the Air-Cleaner. I will be getting my 2nd root-canal filling on Wenseday. As well, I have my first Go-Kart Night race as well this Saturday. I'm thinking of doing an Emblem hunt for you guys and Displaying them to you.


I'll be willing to take any leader position in an AWOL union and bring it back up to stregth and then choose somebody that I think can handle themselves with the union and take the union on and then go on from there.

My Go-carts

Well, I have won $96.00 Dollars from my polar bear Chapionship. I'm glad about this prize. I had my engine rebuilt and have got new tires. I'm going to break these stuff in on Sunday next week. So i'll be fast soon.

My go-carting!

Yesterday I found out something that I didn't know. The guy that is going to train me is the guy that tught the fastest guy at the track today. He is also the most active racer at the track.

Yes, Level 11!

I was Deleyed for 2 days now! Yes, I got it now! Just wish I got it earlier instead of being deleyed for 2 days. I'm happy at last!