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I can't believe I've been on Gamespot for 6 years already and come this November, it will be a happy 7 years too! Time flies when you're having fun!

I've seen this site change it's layout 2 or 3 times and they've been improving ever since. I'd say that the Gamespot we have now is the best it's ever been. I love the fact that there is more video content for gaming events now. I watched my very first E3 show back in 2006 and have coming back ever since. Gotta love the stage shows and live-cam tours!

I'm excited to see how Gamespot will evolve in the coming years, I'm positive I will still be an avid Gamespotter when I celebrate a cool 10 years on GS so keep doing what you do best!

Top 10 Spookiest Villains

Synthia's topic.

Halloween is fast approaching and that means more fun Gamespot activities! This entry is for the 'Top 10 Spookiest Villains' activity. Please bare in mind that there are spoilers in the list below. Thanks!

1. Descendants (Uncharted: Drake's Fortune)
Born from the mutation of humans, these mutants from Uncharted are frightening when you encounter them in an underground decayed bunker. It doesn't help that they hunt in packs and will quickly overcome your defence if you don't stay trigger-happy.


2. Trite (Doom 3)
Not many things are worse than a spider, except a Trite! Although initially appearing the same, these spider hell demons are much larger and are certainly my worse nightmare in a dark corridor!


3. Combine advisor (Half-Life 2: Episode 2)
There's something spooky about this slug-like villain. Their shape and the remorseless way in which they act makes them a formidable foe to Gordon and his companions.


4. Floor master (The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker)
Even their appearance is enough to warm me to stay away. With just a severed hand appearing from the ground, this enemy will abduct you and leave you lost in a different place entirely, if you get within their reach.


5. Mannequins (Condemned 2)
Not much of a threat but they're very spooky! They seem to follow you around but without actually movie themselves, only appearing closer when you turn your back to them. The empty expressions on their faces only increases the tension even more!


6. Alma (F.E.A.R)
One of the most spookiest villains on this list is Alma, the demon child of the F.E.A.R series. She literally doesn't have to lift a finger in order to rip an army of cloned military soldiers limb from limb. A very enigmatic advisary.


7. Twin victims (Silent Hill 4)
In keeping with the spooky children theme, the Twin Victims are two infants who share one body with no legs. The way in which they attempt to hunt you down is by traveling with their huge hands. Silent Hill is already one of the most spookiest places around but this just takes it to whole new level.


8. Lurker (Metro 2033)
These rat-like creatures hide underground only to pounce on you when you least expect it! Many times in the game I've jumped in horror when they attacked me from behind in the silence of the metro tunnels.


9. Dollmaker (Alice: Madness Returns)
Poor Alice. The Dollmaker is a giant foe with a stream of black corruption bleeding from his eyes. In his ultimate form, he uses his severed hands (each with a mind of its own) in an attempt to crush your chances of survival.


10. Boo (Mario)
Last but not least, the most spookiest villain of all. this ghastly ghost will use all manners of tricks to get the better of you. From disappearing acts, taunts to hide and go seek, the Boo is truly the one to be weary of.



Contains fantasy, supernatural elements.

Fade looked into the eyes of his killer and searched for a glimmer of hope. He knew his nextbreath would be his last.

Two weeks prior, Fade awoke in the moonlight on the outskirts of his hometown. With hisclothes drenched in blood, he froze at the sight of the blistering inferno lighting the cityahead of him. Seemingly, he had prime seats to spectate on the carnage that someone had ignited, but he could look no more as his house, his parents, his life stood at the centre of the blaze crumbling before his very eyes...

In the modern universe of Fade to Black, every inhabitant is born with a soul which remains dormant in that person throughout their life. They share an inseparable bond to the physical body and vice-versa since they are one and the same. It should be noted though, that both cannot co-exist in the same world (as that would disrupt the balance) but one can merely 'peer through' the dividing border to communicate briefly.

However in very rare cases, anyone who has suffered from severe trauma may witness their alter ego in an out-of-body experience. Their presence should not be taken lightly though because each soul possesses unique abilities specific to that person and can be used in any way they desire.

Unfortunately from a dire situation forgotten to him, Fade met his other self inside his alter-world and saw the manifestation of all his hatred and destructive tendencies built up over the years in a single being. Fade's alter-ego stands as the complete opposite of his physical form.

On that night when everything Fade held dear was taken away from him, he could swear he saw a spitting image of himself grinning in the distance. At that moment, he knew the nightmare was only just beginning.


A 17 year old male student. He belonged to a dysfunctional family of which he always blamed himself for causing. His father was far from perfect and due to his rash actions, drove Fade to run away suffering from a haemorrhage in the process. He wants to find out what happened on the day his life went crashing down.

He is an all-rounder on the battlefield, dealing physical-based attacks rather than magic. A close-combative.

Attack:9 Defence:10 Magic:3 Luck:4

A 19 year old female. She is an alter-ego herself and has a realistic attitude of the world. How she was able to enter the real world in addition to the fate of her physical counterpart is a mystery to her. She chose to help Fade in hope of finding answers to her own questions.

She specialises in the role of the saboteur due to her unique ability of crippling enemy defences discretely.

Attack:6 Defence:12 Magic:7 Luck:0

A 16 year old female. With her energetic spirit, Tsuki acts as the life of the group and is never short on hope.

Her petite build as well as her moral disposition restricts her attack performance so she focuses on white magic to help the group through critical situations.

Attack:3 Defence:9 Magic:13 Luck:6

At 23 years old, Dutch is the oldest of the four. His muscular body type enables him to operate heavy hitting weapons with high efficiency. As an adrenaline junkie, he loves to be in combat to seek a worthy enemy to his ever-growing strength.

Attack:15 Defence:3 Magic:2 Luck:1

Fade's alter-ego

It is Fade's darkest, deepest desires brought to life. He acts purely on instinct and has no regard for those deemed lower than him. His motive is to carry out what that Fade could not. He is everything Fade fears, yet they share the unbreakable bond. It is thought that one cannot live without a soul. Can he be killed? Should he? This shall be put to the test!

It is currently unknown what unique ability he possesses.

Attack:10 Defence:9 Magic:4 Luck:3

Why I think this game is worth playing:

  • Character driven story.
  • Player choice is key to the many outcomes in the story (multiple endings).
  • Dual language option! (English and Japanese).

Available platforms:

  • PS3
  • Xbox 360
  • PC (more jrpgs should do this!)

Synthia's JRPG Creator Thread
Thanks for reading!

Ornament Hunt

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Games I want NOW







3 years since my last list, what's changed?

  • Final Fantasy XIII - Still waiting.
  • Final Fantasy Versus XIII - Still waiting.
  • MGS4 - Purchased, completed.
  • Spore - Not purchased, not played.
  • Crysis - Purchased, completed.
  • Assassin's Creed - Played but not completed.
  • DMC4 - Played, completed.
  • GTA4 - Purchased, completed.
  • Burnout Paradise - Purchased, completed.

Thinking about getting:

  • Batman: Arkham Asylum
  • Rage
  • Gran Turismo 5
  • Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep (I need a PSP first!)

Tracked Games

The Games