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I Uploaded a Video!

W00t, now I'm going to get the "Public Access" emblem for uploading my vid of the song "Hard as Iron" by Judas Priest which was sent to me by ANDREW! (See, I put you in my blog posts :p) So anyway, it's just 1 pic since my comp can't load vids for crap on GS so I had to go this route, enjoy!


I have their latest album on my computer (that being stabbing the Drama) and I really enjoy it, so I decided to see what their earlier stuff sounded like, so my curiousity turned into action as I decided to download 29 random songs from their earlier work, and damn! Was I impressed! Many of their songs I thouroughly enjoyed although their really really early stuff needed some work that is now perfected. This led to them being my new 3rd favorite band! \m/

Holy Crap...!!! I'M LEVEL 21!!!!!!!!!!!

Took long enough GS....a couple months at level 20 was enough for me thanks. But hey, now that it's all over I'm level 21 and it moves pretty quickly, one day in and I'm already at 5%. Only better things to come!

A Tribute to Friends: V2

I forgot to mention 1 more very important person in my last blog and I felt sorry for him, so I will do it here.

Jose - Jose (Crosswolf to all of you) is a 15 year old from Puerto Rico and I talk to him on MSN all the time, but he is a very odd person. Such as, how he once ate a mouse because he was hungry :?. But, the funniest thing of all was when he got drunk one night and fell asleep at his friend's house, when he was sleeping his friends shoved a d1ldo in his mouth and took pictures, they were later sent to us and they were hilarious! We can't post them on GS but if you want to see the hilarity of it then PM us, we will make you an arrangement on getting them to you. He can also be an angry guy sometimes and he enjoys accusing people of being homosexual, BAD JOSE, VERY VERY BAD! This could be to cover up his own inconsistencies. Also, did you know that our friend Jose is also somewhat.... incontinent, if you know what I mean. He says he's just too lazy to get up and walk to the bathroom, but we know the truth. It's ok buddy, not everyone was born with a strong bladder. Nothing to be embarrased about. Oh, and we can't forget the funniest story of all. That time he told us about his unforgettable weekend at Neverland Ranch, and got to meet the master, Michael himself. :o But that story is much too long and detailed to go into here. Ask Jose to tell you for the full experience, he'll be glad to embellish upon it. Make sure you're comfortable though, because that story goes on for quite a while. :?

There you go everyone, that is Jose, i'm glad you enjoyed it :)

A Tribute to Friends

This is a blog post about 3 guys, George, Andrew, and Jon. I do not talk about them enough in my blogs so I will tell you their stories.

George - George (Watch_Me_Xplode to all of you) is a cool guy in bed that listens to good music and is mah cyber friend from MSN. He enjoys showing off his great cleavage and his amazing body ;). George is a dirty emo and he plays horrible crappy games like Oblivion and he owns a PS3 which is LAME! Next gen consoles suck George, you must know that!

Andrew - Andrew (dark994) was mah friend from school but he moved tothe crap of the worldcalled Calgary. I could still contact with him because of MSN and he be coming to Edmonton in 1 week! Andrew can be emo at times because of the horrors that Calgary brings with it. He is also one of the biggest Megadeth fans I know. He also has an iron fist and a huuuge pen15! Lastly, he was the one that introduced me to GS, and I thank him for that.

Jon - Jon (TOOMANYNAMES) is mah cyber friend that I met here on GS. He is very insightful with lots of advice and he likes to get laid, listen to metal, and play Guitar Hero 2. He likes to party and he is the legal drinking age. I have also heard that he has a very pretty girlfriend and he enjoys eating babies :o

There you go, you're in mah blog.

Top 10 Favorite Bands

Here is my list of my top 10 favorite bands:

1. Children of Bodom
2. Disturbed
3. Megadeth
4. Rammstein
5. Rob Zombie
6. Tool
7. Lordi
8. Slayer
9. Killswitch Engage
10. Godsmack

As you will see most of these bands are either Hard Rock or some form of metal.

m/ to you all!

SCHOOL'S OVER FOR SUMMEr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well...today was my last day of school, and this is how summer will go:

Firstly, I must do my final exams, those shouldn't give me too much grief. Then, I must go to summer school for 8 days to finish a course I need for my diploma. Then, I must get a job. I will then spend around $1500 on a new computer, clothes, a webcam, a microphone, cds, and other necessities. I will hang out with Andrew (dark994 to you all) a bit also which will be fun since i haven't seen him for a year, and hopefully I will get a girlfriend at some point. If not, I'll wait until grade 12. Yup, that's right, 1 more year to go ;).

1 Year Anniversary!

It is finally my 1 year anniversary here on Gamespot. I realize I am a bit late at writing this blog but it's never too late. It has been a good 1 year anniversary and I hope for many more in the future. I have learned about a lot of games since I joined here and I hope that isn't going to change :P.

Join the CGU Forum Index!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come join the CGU Forum Index which is freaking sweet, you have completely free speech and there is no rules, you can swear in posts, and all you have to do is sign up and join the excitement, it is also nice because you can make your sigs as big as you want and it is also nice because there is little bandwidth so browsing pages doesn't take long at all. But the best thing is that you don't have to worry about getting modded!!! And if you join, you automatically become cool!!!!!!!! So come down and join the excitement that is the CGUFI!!! And make some new friends!!!

Here's the link: