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Fond Reminisces and Farewells

As if it wasn't already academic, I'm no longer an active member here on Gamespot. Since my last blogs/reviews so much has changed. I lost a lot of weight (130+ lbs.), and I've actually moved beyond my hobby of video games to the hobby of living life and being adventurous and working to break out of the safety of my comfort zone. Losing all that weight has really given me a new lease on life. I still enjoy video games from time to time (retro stuff in particular), but they no longer dominate my life like they used to. These days I simply don't care about the new or trendy technology or the next big title. In fact, this might sound like blasphemy, but these days I see video games as a waste of time.

*Goodbye Gamespot :)*

Pre-ordered Grand Theft Auto V for PS3 today...and what I want in V

I set down $30 forGrand Theft Auto V which is due out spring 2013. So something to look forward to because 2012 is nearly through. I got a cool poster which I put up in my room soon upon returning home. Below is a list of things I want in V (That were missing in IV):

  • The ability to customize/pimp stuff: homes, cars, the main character (A lot of options, please)
  • The over-the-top action that was in San Andreas, but sadly missing in IV
  • A lot of things to do: dating, pimping, etc. (More to do than IV please!)

Those are me three main points for the new GTA.

Stoked for Dishonored

I'm seeing the reviews and now I'm completely stoked about this Tuesday. It's 6:19 in the evening, and it seems like time has just been dragging today. Can't wait to play the game tomorrow!

Holy $#!t

I haven't blogged about my yard sale finds lately, but this last week has made me want to. On Thursday I found Assassin's Creed for the 360 for $4; on Friday I found Batman Arkham Asylum for the PS3 for $2; on Saturday I bought a stack of like seven PSX games including Metal Gear Solid,Final Fantasy VII, and Final Fantasy VIII for $2! The guy wanted to get rid of them so badly and I was more than happy to take them off his hands. By the way, FF7 is black label, the CDs are in excellent condition, and its manual is there too.

Resident Evil 6

I saw Gamespot's 4.5 rating for RE6 and I was shocked. What had gone wrong? Well, from what I saw in the video review, plenty apparently. Developers sometimes try to appeal to the masses by making a game more accessible (i.e., Dragon Age 2), but in the end they end up shooting themselves in the foot. They end up making a game that no one (Not literally) likes, and they run the risk of alienating fans. I haven't bought 6, and I don't plan on it.Resident Evil 4 was perfection honestly. Resident Evil 5 was good but it showed signs of transforming from a horror-survival shooter into an action game. RE6 looks to be an action game that happens to feature zombies and other horrible creatures.


X-Factor's season 2 starts tonite at 8:00 and I'm going to take a look at it. I don't care about the new judges so much (Demi Lovato?!) or the fact that the show isbasically American Idol with a different coat of paint. Yes, Simon, it is. With only a few (And I MEAN a few) differing elements the shows are identical. And the few differing details are almost moot because anybody with eyes can see that they're alike. I think that Idol is on its last legs (It will linger on for a time I'm sure) but X-Factor is "new" in terms of its title. That's about all I'm afraid. Will X-Factor last as long as Idol? I seriously doubt it.

Ninja Gaiden Black

I had this game years ago but I got too frustrated with it (On the very first freaking level, on the guy with the nunchucks) and I traded it in out of sheer aggravation. A couple weeks ago I found it for $2 at a yard sale and I picked it up, actually looking forward to playing it again. So I played it, learning the ropes, and even played it on normal for a while before things started to get ridiculous. I ended up having to restart my game to go back to the first level so I could die three times so I could turn the difficulty down (A very inconvenient way to change difficulty!). On normal enemies and bosses were tough and cheap; on easy, what do you know! Enemies and bosses (Especially bosses) are cheap there as well. Bosses are ROYAL pains in the butt! I found myself getting angry and not enjoying myself when dealing with bosses. They should be challenging, but not ridiculous. So goodbye to easy mode, and good bye to the game for the time being.

I like the game, but I don't love it (At the moment at least!). I'll keep the game definitely because it really is fun. And besides, it's the only ninja-themed game I own. I played it seriously for about a week, and today I decided I'm finished with it for now. I want to play something that, by getting good at it, you can survive without having to be overwhelmed or cheap-shotted. I may be way off base here because this is really my first Ninja Gaiden game, and it may have always been that way in terms of sheer challenge. If that's the case, then I don't think I'll be spending much more on what Team Ninja has to offer for a LONG time.

American Idol

I say now that this show is on the way out. Not downhill, because it's been steadily going downhill for the last three odd years. I think Fox will end up cancelling Idol in the near future because the show is VERY tired. With the departure of ALL three judges, Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, and Steven Tyler, they're just going to find three judges that are just lame like Lady Gaga or something. Or maybe Ellen again. Or Jay Leno. Or John Stewart (I'd watch!). The formula is tired and the show just needs to pass peacefully into the television graveyard.


I had been wanting to find this game at a yard sale, and lo and behold, yesterday I found it! For $2 I got the game of the year edition which features a bunch of extra costumes and extra levels. I was blown away (And still am) by the artistic design and how unique the game is. Sackboy is a new favorite franchise mascot for me! I'm a big fan of varied customization in games, and with the stickers and the loads of different styles of dress and materials this game fits that bill. The other cool thing is just how many community levels there are online. There are literally millions. This feature pretty much gives the game limitless replay value. I look forward to playing more of this superb game in the future.