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Yo Dawg, I heard you liked blogs?

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Update time.

We'll start off with saying I've gained another level and am now a powerful, level 16 "Magician Lord"! Time for some D&D wizardry, even though my alter ego is a halfling rogue. I guess he'll have to take a backseat for now. Wizards are usually the hardest characters to play, both in RPGs as in video games. Who agrees with this and where have you experienced this?

I used to have this problem when playing an MMO called "Tales Of Pirates" a long time ago. It's one of the best MMO's I've ever played, which is why I got to a really good level before servers became too crowded and playing it became a chore. If you're on the market for a new (and free!) MMO, I can recommend it. I really have a thing for pirate games, so I thoroughly enjoy a game that does it right, because not many pirate games do..

Tales Of Pirates
Random Tales Of Pirates Screenshot *click to enlarge*

Recently, I've been playing more Tales Of Eternia (PSP), some Pokemon Gold/Silver (GBC) and Zone Of The Enders 2. The last one has gotten me torn for a bit. I really want to finish the game, because I have Shin Megami Tensei:Nocturne lined up and want to finally see what everyone is talking about this franchise. But ZOE2 is such a let down once more, I can't bring myself to go play it. In all, I don't think I enjoy one game made by Hideo Kojima, so any game in the future will need a ton of convincing arguments for me to pick it up. I'm boggled as to why everybody thinks he's a genius. I mean, his games are jewels, true, but they're downright unplayable, every one of them. What's to having an amazing game, when you can't play it?

Snake and Kojima intercom

I've also been playing an undisputable cIassic, but I'll leave that open for now, as it created an idea for a blog and possible review. Excited? I know I'm superbly indifferent! Yeah!

Also, I've been stuck with writing my next editorial about movies. Don't worry, I won't tag it as an editorial, just for a possible mention. It's going to be properly tagged as "Movies", no cheating. But I just don't know how to start writing about it and have gotten no clue since then. A shame, because I believe it's going to be a good reference for a lot of people. At least, I think so..

Stay tuned
Stay tuned!

There's more ideas I've been thinking about, but I'm also kind of reluctant to share them, because I fear people might copy it and steal it from me. Is that wrong? Do you experience that from time? What do you think? Should I entrust my ideas to the world and just roll with it? Should I PM them to a few trusted users first? Should I keep it to myself, until I'm sure the ideas can take off? I need some advice here and I figure my GS friends are the best place to go, rather than OT.

Speaking of the devil; yes, in those terms: OT has recently kind of stepped on my toes a bit. There's currently a topic "debating" about a decision in Belgium to outlaw Burqa's as a safety measure. But I've read nothing but stigma's and arbitrary comments and sadly, everybody on OT jumps right on board with that. I've tried posting a reply, but it's been overlooked. I've decided to try and avoid the subject alltogether for now. If people want to view Belgium as some backwards racist country, let them. I think our statistics speak for themselves on that part. Good luck wherever you're from.

Cut Out My Eyes for I want to be blind like you..

So, to conclude, I've written a new blog on my personal blog "Cut Out The Eyes" to pass the time. I've been meaning to write down my dreams for some time now. A friend once said that his therapist approved of the idea and I thought it was a good idea as well. If you'd like to know how messed up even my dreams are, feel free to read it and comment on it here. I don't read the comments on my blog site, so otherwise, it will go unnoticed. Yes, this is a blog about another blog. I think we all know what I have to reference here:

X to the Z xzibit
X to the Z!

Peace out, y'all!

PS: these unions need more activity and I've decided to help out, so check 'em out: Console Generations and Games Dimension X.