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Xbox One #DropDaDRM - Nintendo Free-to-Play And Media Attention



After a tumultuous marketing journey, the Xbox One has announced that it will reverse several of its policies based on digital rights management or DRM. This is a victory for consumers and other end users everywhere, but in no small scale also a victory for Microsoft.  There is already backlash and detractors for this event, saying the Xbox One is worse off now and all that. Please, at least savor this news for a day or two. Then you have the full right to throw your hissy fits again, because gamers enjoy being irate no matter what the stance. For now, the battle lies with the massive outcries that started after the next gen consoles reveal. Myself, I contributed to this effort by providing an article summarizing the good points of Xbox One, with the message to #DropDaDRM.



After the news, I quickly recorded some thoughts on all of this, plus several tribulations surrounding Nintendo, since theyve been getting a ton of press lately as well. I was meaning to wrap up some of these tales anyway, so heres a batch of a few, such as Nintendos free-to-play stint, iOS demands and Smash Bros reveals.

I hope you enjoy the video and please feel free to comment on Youtube or here if you have thoughts.