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It's time for a bit of an update in between actual blogs.
I updated some of my profile again.

First off, I'm no longer a Phoenix Down, as I've gone up to the eleventh level! I am now an Atomic Punk!
Time to watch some Full Metal Alchemist and play some Vagrant Story. At least that's what I first thought of when I saw the title. I'm sure there's a million better examples, like Fallout or Deus Ex, but that's just how my mind works, I guess.
To celebrate, I made some upgrades and enhancements to my rusty carcass.

For one, I changed my Alundra Signature for something a bit more snappy.

Now playing
Now playing signature, check it out!

It's a bit low quality, but upload standards are harsh! It makes more room for my Union Icon Bar though.
Now it should be fully visible in the Unions as well!
If I'm not too lazy, I'll even update it from time to time with the games I'm playing!
For now it's Alundra, which is really hard on me. So, in my downtime, I'm grinding a bit in Tales Of Eternia.

I also recently upload a bunch of very crappy video's. I can't apologize enough for the low quality a cellphone camera brings.
But please, check some of those pixelated atrocities out and leave a comment. I'd truly appreciate it.
I'll be uploading more in the coming weeks hopefully, except if I keep getting stuck with Alundra..
Meantime, check out my review for Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. One of the best games I've experienced.

And last, but certainly not least, I uploaded a new AVATAR! Showing off my Kung Fu skills, Stop Motion StyIe

Daavpuke avatar

Don't get too close to my game room or it's a swift kick to the face for you. I even wore my special ass kicking garments for it. Check out the silky shine, blinding your eyes!!

For any real blogging, I'll refer you to my previous entry on Thanking Gamespot and it's users.