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Thank You Gamespot!

Sometimes life throws a curve ball at you. And sometimes, you're born somewhere outside the US, where baseball analogies mean nothing to you. Still, this life, it holds many surprises and sometimes those come from an unexpected angle. I guess we can all relate to that, steroids or not. And what I realised is, that I didn't think this site would hold so much glory in it.

If you don't feel like reading a lot of context, feel free to skip to the summary*.

I had the account itself for a while now, but I never actually did anything with it. Truth be told, I had no need for it at the time, as it took me more than a year to complete 1 game. Dragon Quest VIII, you devil; I'm glad I played you, but I never want to see your face and your horrible, Italian accents again!
Of course, I played other games in the meantime. But since I own a load of games, I decided 2 years ago to see them to the end, before going on to something else.

*click to enlarge*
My main game closet the rest of my PSOne games
A sneak peek at my game library. There's a LOT more then my list here displays.

You see, in the past I'd play games for about 20 to 40 hours and if they weren't finished when my interest faded, I'd move on to the next. And even this way, I'd amassed about 50 games in my library I'd never played. I stopped to reflect at that point, that if I was going to see all those games played, I'd have to do it one at a time and really immerse myself in them. No more picking up 6 games at once and not finishing 1.
This philosophy also brought with it, that I could now experience a game to it's full content and I was fit to talk about it. I started reviewing there and then and how! My first review I did, was after plunging myself into Barbie: Ocean Discovery. Forget the pun, because this game was awful. But it did test my fortitude to play and keep playing. Even when a game was this god awful.

You could say I could have started with Dragon Quest, but I chose not to review games I couldn't bring anything new to. There are a lot better reviewers out there, I'm sure, and my method of writing is rather long and extended. Not everyone wants to read 5 pages about why this Barbie game, obviously, is garbage. But, I like to believe that by reviewing more obscure games, I'll help people out that are looking for something new. Those that take a chance and research an unkown game that looks good, might just stumble on my review and seal their decision based on that. And if I can help just one person discover something new like this, I'm set!

*click to enlarge*
My game table.

This is where the 'magic' happens.

This is where the activity of my Gamespot account began! As you all know, you need to be Level 3 before posting reviews. So, I spent some time watching countless video's, most about the games of the year. I also began researching these games, even though I don't own any current generation system. More and more, I began to spend more time on Gamespot without realising it. At some point, all this information about Dragon Age: Origins even lead me to squat my brothers place and play it through to the end. You can read about this, very extensively, here. If you do, see you in a few hours :D.

In my downtime from Dragon Age, I spent the rest of my time here on Gamespot. Now that I was able to post reviews, I started looking into Unions.
It took me a while to find something decent in there and I seemed a bit lost to it. I did, however, think it was a really interesting concept. To be in a community with similar interests about games, that seemed like something I wanted to experience and fast!

To get more information about this and already hear from the community in some way, I started looking at the Forums. After looking at some help sections in the How To GameSpot section and the GameSpot Support Forums, it was time to hear what fellow members had to say about games. So, in particular, I browsed the Legacy Platforms a lot. And I do mean a lot! It all snowballed in rapid succession from there on out.

* - In short, I've been able to do the following things in 2-3 months:

- Research and find a lot of cool, new games. Last week, I was able to add a lot of great games to my collection, all for €5 or less! I'm specially proud of my copy of Zone Of The Enders 2, which came to me in mint condition! I don't normally care about a game's status, but this was much better than expected!

*click to enlarge*
Alundra PS - Mystic Defender MegaDrive - Fantasy Zone II Master System - Shin Megami Tensei Lucifer Call PS2 - Zone Of The Enders 2 (mint! ^^) PS2 - Tales of Eternia and Monster Hunter Freedom 2 PSP
Obviously the cartridges were only €2!

- I got mentioned on Gamespot!! This was the biggest surprise so far. After only a few blogs, I was picked out to be put in the spotlight. I didn't even know what that meant :oops:. You can read my blog: DIY Gaming repair, here.

- That blog made me a lot of new friends and also got me invited to a lot of great unions! In commemoration, I've made a large sig with some (not all) of the Unions I am currently enjoying. If your Union is not in there and I'm a recruit, I'm sorry. You can always message me to become a more active part of your community. I am open to all of you, as much as I can. Please check out my friends and track them if you like.

Hosted by Shooshshare.com
If you see this in the Forums, CLICK IT! (Each Icon clickable!)

- As I said, I designed new things and got back into doing some Photoshop after a long period of inactivity. I'm still not where I want to be, but I am interested again in trying. My design even got accepted by the prestigious Gamespot Reviewers Union. Something that caught me by surprise, again!

- Wrote a decent amount of reviews and honing my skills with each one. I now even get accepted to GameFaqs' horrifying, harsh standards :D. It's one of the things I'm most proud of, as I feel I can really help some people with this. I hope so, anyway.

- Increased my game knowledge vastly and posted a numerous amount on the Forums. There's something to be found there every day!

- In no particular order, would I like to give thanks to these people and communities:

All-Out Nintendo Union and Legend Of Nintendo Union and it's members: Cloud_765, SoraX64, Soniczero1993, Roxol, MarioGirl64 and more.
Legacy Platforms and it's users. Console Generations and Gamespot Reviewers Union.
Backlash24. Emerald_Warrior,JodyR, PersonNinja, gdw0908, khoofia_pika and much much more.

To all the senior users: Thank you for the support. There is no better way to create a community, then by opening yourself up and guiding others in. Keep guiding and supporting people. Don't shut them out.

To all the newer users: Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay as much as I do. Take your time to browse around as much you can and take in Gamespot to it's fullest. Forums, videos, Reviews, Unions, it's all here. Too much to see it all, so take as much as you can.

Small PS: Home from the hospital and edited!