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26/08 Update: Victoria II, Blizzard, PSP Demo's, 1337 skills and Sonic.

Save the castle and screw the princess!

What's new on the writing front this time around? I don't quite recall myself, so let's see what my NoobFeed says:

Dead Nation Beta Released!

Blizzard Money Making Lawsuit

PREVIEW: Victoria II Demo

Review: Professor Layton And The Curious Village - GS Link

New segment! Quick Bytes: PSP Demo's

Hop on over and sign up; say hi and stick around the forums, then return right here.

Quick Bytes


I don't really know if there's a lot of other things going on. I did upload a lot of new video's to my YouTube Game Channel.

In particular, a whole batch of Professor Layton vids. As always, there are lots more to come, so stay tuned. From memory I know there are vid snippets coming for Fat Princess, BlazBlue CS, Animal Crossing and more.I would like to share with you some vids right here on GS, but Glitchspot isn't allowing any video processing again. I must've tried for 5 days now...

Also, some of my best work ever (not video wise): I completed Super Aleste in a single run! Vid here.


As to what games I'm playing right now: I'm pretty much concentrating all I can do into Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. At first I was really excited and couldn't see what the big deal about Sonic games was. But after a few hours I caught on. It's a shame they forced Sonic into being such a mockery, because I really enjoyed the old games. Still, so far it's a decent game to spend time on.

All other games I try, I horribly fail at, which is an awful feeling. After failing in 3 or 4 games, I decided to get out my found copy of Deus Ex and reinstall that. And then I realised I also suck at that now...

I really need to make a new banner and such, but I wouldn't know from what game I'm playing, since I don't know how much time I'll spend. I'd like to have a banner I can keep for at least some weeks.

Anyway, that's all for now. Thanks to those who take the time to read/thumb up/watch/subscribe/comment/diss/plagarize any of these works. If you do take the time, take an extra second to let me know where and what, so I can duly appreciate your efforts.

Thank you.

Ys Seven Coding Grievance [RESPONSE: UPDATE! - 18/08]

Editor's note: This was sent today at 9:35 AM, GMT+1 time. The address was taken out for privacy reasons. Otherwise, this mail was actually sent towards comments@xseedgames.com in this entirety with the title "Ys Seven Gripe.", with minor adjustments to fit editorial purposes. Feel free to follow up on that example, if you agree with the statements below. Thank you.

16 August 2010

Dear developers of Ys,

I don't usually do this sort of grievance mailing to hard working people, but I'm considerably upset at the moment.

You see, I've been looking out for the day that Ys Seven would come out since your announcements to continue the series and bring more RPG's to the PSP system after so long. This was more than exponentially heightened, once I saw the sublime collector's edition you had planned for the game. Before watching any actual footage, I knew this would be one of the only games ever to convince me to follow the current generations of games.

I'm a 26 year old, that has been picking up games on Atari 2600 since I was 3. Usually, I'm an oldschool gamer that grew up on SNES and Master System, which is why I'm playing the original Ys right this moment. Whether good game or not, this would be the only collector's edition I would purchase in over a decade, because it was just marvellously constructed. Not only that, it would also be the first current gen title I would purchase on launch day in over a decade as well.

Ys: The Vanished Omens
My adult Master System with genuine Ys copy.

Now, a day before release, I've searched far and wide and have come to the realization that not only the collector's edition will solely be available in the North American region, but will also be coded for that region. In addition that this leaves me utterly wanting, I would not be able to play it right here in Europe, even if I would go completely out of my way to import an edition (setting me back immensely in shipping). I find myself offended by this arrangement, as I had set my hopes for this wonderful collector's edition a long time ago, relatively.

By this mail I therefore wish to express that offence and also my lack of understanding on the matter. I just cannot see why Europe isn't a viable market for you to release your product, where North America is. I assure you we have a considerable large base market for both PSP and RPG games here as well. Even so, I would've gladly helped rally the online and mouth to mouth campaign for the promotion of this; as I did to this day. Sadly, I cannot further this effort and am now leaving to spread my grievances about this, where I first was very optimistic. I do not believe in speaking for a majority, but I do believe I'm only one of many consumers duped by this. In my city alone, I understand there is a following in the thousands for RPG's and even more for PSP games in general, as we're a university city. This alone, and the fact I live mere yards away from the city "nerd shop", would've made the easiest and most effective word of mouth operation I could imagine, spreading like wildfire.

I hope you will consider this "faux pas" for further ventures of your merchandise. For now, I must regretfully abandon any following and optimism about your works. Something I find shameful, as I believe you do your best to complete a quality product. I disclose to you my full name and address, as I do not want to viewed as merely destructively criticising your projects. I communicate this to you in all sincerity. It is my hope this will get read and noted for future reference.

Dearly disappointed,
Daav Valentaten

18/08/2010 - RESPONSE:

Hello Daav,

Though we can't condone the practice of importing our games into territories that we're not licensed to publish in, last I heard there is no region-code protection to prevent people from playing UMDs from another territory on their PSP so from a technical standpoint it should work.

We do not have a physical presence in Europe, that is why we can't release UMDs and other packaged goods over there. However, we can release PSP games as digital downloads on the European PlayStation Store, so we're working on that now and with any luck will have it available for purchase in about a month's time.

Thanks for your interest in Ys SEVEN, and hopefully we can get it up for sale on the European PlayStation Store sometime soon.

Ken @ XSEED Games

Ys Seven CE

And all was seemingly right with the world again. Although the response doesn't completely debunk the fact it might not work. As I had researched before, it showed me on several sites that it would be NTSC coded. Perhaps that was just a way to note the exclusive release in America, but I'd find that odd. And just downloading the game will not grant me access to the Collector Edition, so I have no idea why that was brought up.

But now I am looking into getting hold of a site that will let me own the Collector Edition.

This has become the next trial apparently, as all smaller sites that allow me delivery have sold out by now. Amazon will not let me ship the item to my address and Gamestop only accepts credit cards. That's a shame, because it would be $75 with air shipping to my address. Converted, that would total in a bit less than €60 which is the price we pay for games here anyway! Needless to say ,I,was willing to go for that.

So in fact, I'm no real further than I was before, until I find a magical way to get a hold of the game. Unless I find someone from America willing to ship it to them then ship it to me.

Until then, I appreciate the fact they took the time to respond (after some prodding on Facebook).

13/08: This Week's News On...My Profile.

Shake shake - shake shake - shake it! Yes, I'm poor on introductions today and that song was on atthe moment. So what's happening? Great, shut up for a second!

So, what news have I done recently on NoobFeed? This news:

Halo for Atari 2600!

Gamers Own DS Robbers!

World's First Tetris Champion!

Mr. Las Vegas also Mr. New Vegas!

Sign up to Noobfeed now and get the news there first and all that stuff. I'm also Member Of The Month there. Why? Because I'm awesome, silly pants, why else?

Member of the month
NoobFeed MotM Emblem


Other than that, I haven't been playing much. Actually very little, except for messing around with some casual portable game here or there. Ironically, I did finish flOw and Professor Layton ATCV both. I was a little dissapointed that Professor Layton's mysteries weren't all that mysterious. They pretty much phone it in half-way through and that kinds of broke the story for me.

I am excited to get some work done now on some awesome games I have lined up for DS and PSP. I'm thinking I'll go for Fat Princess on one hand and Sonic Chronicles on the other. Although Sonic will have to battle with Dragon quest V. Which would you request I go for first and why? Please answer below, thanks.


As always, I also have a lot of new videos on my Youtube Channel (please subscribe). I even got around to recording some very exclusive footage on a PS3 :O. I'm not making this a habit however.

But mainly, I uploaded all my Super Mario Kart footage at once (and that was a lot). I'm not going to try and get them all up on Gamespot, so head out to my Youtube and watch them there. More reasons to subscribe, so you don't miss any of the action I've got going on. It's the best thing, until I make a Twitter or some junk. Or you follow me on Facebook, where I sporadically update some news as well.

I also have a very special Super Mario Kart review up on Gamespot right now. All fans should check it out, as it's a bit different from usual reviews. And thumb that stuff up if you liked it. I'd do the same for you...if you wrote reviews shorter than 5000 characters at least.

That's all I can think of for now. If you have any questions or remarks or anything, feel free to drop them.
I'll catch y'all on the flipside. They still say that right?...Right.

30/07 UPDATE: So Much Game News....

Shiver me washing pins, everyone! It's been a while since an update, so here goes:

First off, I'm back from my tour and I'm ill as hell. Amongst others, Eastern Europe has blessed me with internal bleeding, fever, dizziness, nausea, a bacterial infection that completely destroyed my lip, second degree burns all over my body and the exhaustion of an 80 year old. It's a dirty job…

Anyways, on the games front I have done some more work over at NoobFeed. I'm a bit disappointed at you all that not 1 has signed up and sent a friend request. Very sad to see there's no interest in my writing and all here. It makes this blog a bit pointless, if you think about it.

For good measure though, here are the stories so far:

Patapon 3 Preview

Crack Down Review (Gamespot Link)

New Pokemon announced!

Intellivision Lives!

I also recorded 2 new videos for my Crack Down review (VID 1 / VID 2), which are visible right here on Gamespot or my Youtube Channel. Check them out and all that jive. I'll also be adding a lot more video's in the coming weeks, so stay tuned. There's still about 7 of them in backlog and by that time, there's bound to be more to post.


On the game side of things, my mind is all over the place. For one, I went out to buy some new shoes since my slip-ons died on tour :(. But instead of some new footwear, I returned with 4 new games; I have no idea how that happened. I bought the Playstation Network Power Pack for PSP, Endwar DS and Dragon Quest V DS for 15 Euro in total! And today, I caved in and bought Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood new for an additional 15 Euro. I know it will be a huge disappointment, but I was bound to buy it someday; to see how BioWare would try to save a disastrous franchise. I thought 15 new was a good enough deal for me not to be sleuthing for a cheaper copy elsewhere.

PSNPPEndwarDragon Quest V
Sonic BioWare
Damn these cheap portable games....

I won't be playing them for a long while though, since I still have so so so many other games to complete. But on that notion, I have some good news: I defeated Chrysalis and thus completed Resistance: Retribution yesterday, so expect a video and a review as soon as possible. Hopefully I'll be able to realize that by tomorrow.

Though Resistance was an ok game, I have also been concentrating on many other games. Mostly because I can't settle my mind to really dig into 1 game at the moment. Nothing looks all that appealing. So for now, I'm playing all these games:
Animal Crossing: wild World (DS), Professor Layton ATCV (DS), Sim City Creator (DS), Crack Down (Mega Drive), Super Mario Kart (SNES), Ys (Master System), Wonder Boy (Game Gear) and probably many others I'm forgetting now, including some demo's on PSP and PC. I would like to get some time done on my NES, but the poor thing doesn't seem to want to work anymore and I can't figure out where to get some contact spray :(.

Games I still own (duh) and do not feel like playing just yet are: Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne (too hard), Monster Hunter (too long), Driver 76 (not in sandbox mood), Fat princess (no clue, I should get started on it...), Anno: discover the world (too much on DS already).

In other game news: My brother is a jackass. He bought Starcraft II and now I have one more game I can watch him play in envy :x. A friend of mine just sent me a 7 hour trial, but I'm fairly positive that is going to fail on me. I really wish I could save up for a new PC by the end of the year. Especially since this one is dying since I cleaned it and it doesn't want to start up properly anymore. It always takes 5 minutes of jump starts before it fires up, like it needs to warm up with a clutch or something. I think I must've accidently cleaned off some of that contact grease on a chip. At least that's my theory to that.


I think it's best if I wrap up here. I thought I'd write one more blog to see if my GS friends would like to come over to NoobFeed, just to hang. It doesn't mean defecting, just being there as well, like I'm on a load of other sites. I just don't write for all of them. If not, I'll just take my writing there for the time being.

Enjoy your day. Don't seize the day; it's pointless. Gaming is where it's at.

NoobFeed, Video Review and BYE!

Sing to my scrotum, Batman! I'm back with another update.

As some of you may know by now, I've recently been added to the writing staff over at NoobFeed.com. I'll be delivering most (or just more so) content I write up there, so sign up if you don't want to miss out. There starting to expand from a medium community to something rather large as well, so now is the time to hop on board and be one of the big shots. The sooner you do that, the better it will be for you, I assure you.

To give you a taste, here's my article on the prospect of Motion Controls: Motion Controls And Lingerie

And also, my editorial about my full gaming history. You won't want to miss that one! - The Oldschool Gamer - A History


In other news, I've also completed my first ever Video Review. It was a bit of a special occasion for being added to the roster. I kind of caved in to my reluctancy towards digital downloads and downloaded a Demo for ModNation Racers on PSP. I kind of overdid it on the review as it is really long, but I did have fun making it. It took a LOT of hard work though, so I'd appreciate you watching and commenting it: MODNATION RACERS - PSP Demo Review


Lastly, I have some sad news? Not really sure if anyone would consider it sad, but I do:

I'll be gone until the 27th of this month. I'm going to tour Europe with A Strength Within as their tour manager. It's a dirty job (no really, it is) but someone has to do it. so, if you're wondering where I am, you seriously need to start reading my blogs, mister!

I expect everyone reading this to sign up on NoobFeed and make my inbox there explode with Friend Requests for once I get back. It'd be nice to see everyone over there and to see some love being spread around.

Until we meet again,

Daav out.

EXTRA! EXTRA! Daavpuke Game News presents: 3DS PREVIEW IN 3D!!!

Remember E3, where people complained that you couldn't market the 3D aspect to an audience? Well, with a little ingenuity, this is a problem of the past. In the links below you can watch 2 videos in full 3D to give you a simulation of what 3DS gameplay will actually look like! It's fresh off the press!

For this to work you'll need to do one of 2 things: Either you have 3D glasses handy or you cross your eyes in the correct angle to overlap the images. Though the latter option will most certainly hurt a bit, so it's up to you to decide what your dedication to your favorite gaming company is.

The videos below are footage from Mario 64 and Starfox 64 (LylatWars) that has been updated with a stereoscopic view:

Mario 64 3DS

StarFox 64 (LylatWars) 3DS

These are my channels and since I can't upload any annotations to mess with the 3D aspect, please subscribe, add me and/or watch some other videos, if you liked this footage.

You'll find a 3D context menu on the right lower side to cater to the appropriate 3D need. Here you can also chose a cross eyed option to get 2 separate images. Switch to your leisure to find the correct one for you.

3D Glasses

And to think that Sega were the first people to attempt 3D. Yes, that's right, Sega were the first. Surprised? Well, you'd be even more surprised to know that they attempted it, not with the Mega Drive, but even earlier on with their Master System. It was for the Master System I even!


Unfortunately, the world was not ready for 3D yet and only 8 games were produced before it was immediately discontinued.

RIP Segascope 3D. I bet it'd be impossible to find yourself one of those babies.

3/7 Updating The Whole Thing! Games, games, games.

What's happening, spoondiggers?

Haven't gotten around writing a decent enough editorial to publish, so I'll update you on everything I have been doing right. Don't worry, still lots of ideas, just no inspiration to make something decent. So, unless you want to read a post with only 1 syllable words in an incoherent mess, you'll have to be patient to see what I still have in backlog.

I also didn't get around to posting a blog, because I got modded twice in 1 day for posting...wait for it... cookies! Yeah.. So that didn't exactly push me towards getting any content up here, as I planned to earlier this week.

Anyways, I spent some time designing some more stuff, so feel free to check that out and comment on it. As always, you're welcome to request something, but please join one of the unions I'm in and ask there. It's just a lot easier that way.

Devil May Cry never looked this good.

On that note, I've designed a lot of stuff for Console Generations and helped setting up the new Theme Of The Month. Head on down and join in on the fun, since there'll be a lot more to do around that. I even uploaded a quick video insight at Aguri Suzuki F-1 Super Driving specifically for a union request.

I've also really gotten into uploading videos. My Youtube channel is updated at least twice a week for now, as well as right here on Gamespot. Again, feel free to check that and leave comments, ratings, whatevziez. To give you a taste, I've uploaded for instance: Tales Of Eternia, Streets Of Rage, The Legend Of Prince Valiant, Dragon Crystal and I still have at least 4 vids lined up, so stay tuned. I think I'm being really consistent with my uploads, so I'm pretty pleased about that, even though my cellphone has horrible quality. For which I apologize, as always.

Secret paths, amirite?

Also, I've done a lot more playing and reviewing. I gotten some good time in before getting slumped with work the last few days. Hold on tight; games that have come into my hands are: Tales Of Eternia, Resistance: Retribution, Super Mario Kart, Dragon Crystal, Ys: The Vanished Omens (man, what a hard game), Nigel Mansell's World championship Racing, The Legend Of Prince Valaint, ModNation Racers (PSP Demo) and a few others I'm sure I'm forgetting.

Focussing on writing something useful for the entire internet, in theory at least, I've finished these reviews:

Tales Of Eternia

The Legend Of Prince Valiant

Nigel Mansell's World Championship Racing (GB)This one's brand new.

Please read them over and experience a game you might not have heard of before. And if you'd like, recommend the review.

My backlog is growing ever bigger and vaster; I can't even describe all the games I still need to touch. I think we're entering somewhere around 50-60 by now and counting. And instead of buying games, I just bought 8 new ones, amongst which: Metroid, Metal Gear, Rygar, Trojan, Fat Princess and Professor Layton & The Curious Village.

MetroidMetal BluhTrojanRygarFat Princess
Who will help me play all these games :(?

I am glad however that my PSP library is finally shaping up to be better than my small Sega libraby. And it's about time too, since I was starting to lose hope for the handheld. But recent acquired titles such as Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, Driver 76 and Resistance: Retribution are filling up the cupboard ever so much. I even had to slap myself to prevent me from buying 6 or 7 titles, since the excellent launch of PSP Essentials. If you haven't heard about this, go out to the store asap! Sony is giving away core games for the low price of €10! Mark 1 for Sony.

Mark 0 for Nintendo, since my DS broke while in cosmetic repair… If I'd known that, I never would've tried replacing the already shabby hinges. Seriously Nintendo, screw you. What happened to making products that weren't frail little cigar boxes? And to realize I actually owned a phat model and not those flimsy little versions. I think I'll hurl my copy of Professor Layton to a passer-by once it gets here. In, buh, better news I suppose, I'm completing a deal for an old beat up model without wifi. It's scratched up and all that, but it has hinges and it works. But there will be no playing online with you all when and if I get it then. You can thank Miyamoto personally for his shoddy hardware.

Is that all? I think it is.

Well, you have a lot to check out and get back to me about, so get to it. I thank ye in advance and even more so, if you actually do it, instead of clicking away once you read this.



The Destruction Of ZOE / Zone Of The Ending

Hold your flaming horses everyone! I've actually played and completed the series before writing this, so my experience is at least funded on, well, experience. So, please read these reviews to know where I'm coming from:

Review - Zone Of The Enders
Review - Zone Of The Enders: The 2nd Runner

Done? Good, because I also documented some footage on video:

Zone Of The Enders
Zone Of The Enders Credits

Here is where it ultimately went wrong:

ZOE2 – Last Chance
ZOE2 – Endbattle
ZOE2 – Anubis
ZOE2 – Ending + Extras

*It's imperative you scan these articles to get a decent view of the discourse below*

Seeing all that, I felt I had to elaborate on my negative outlook. Just take a peek at all the user reviews given out for Zone Of The Enders: The 2nd Runner. All other reviews handed out praise and scores ranging from 8 to 10. Clearly, that should prove I'm wrong. Well, I strongly disagree and that's why I felt I had to write this. Any person can think this is a "decent" game, but if you think it was great, then you're being overly generous and these are the reasons why:

1) Game Length: This is really the biggest downfall of the entire franchise. The first game took less than 4 hours to complete. That's very little to say the least. But since it was a PS2 first generation title, I let it slide. But when The 2nd Runner took less than 3 hours of progressive game time to finish, that's where I drew a line. Less than 3 hours? I've seen films that are longer and more compelling than that. Seriously, I know the main aspect of the series is to tell an incredible story and that triumphed, but your buyers also expect a game. And actual games are played, not seen, and that for several hours on end to justify the price tag.

Not even Zerg Rush is this short...

2) Cutscenes: Which leads us to the next point, being all the cinema. Again, the first installment already was loaded up with footage and ended abruptly after a very long clip, but it only stood precedent for more trouble. In the second game, every action sequence gets divided in mere minutes and followed by cutscenes that equal or surpass them in length. As my footage shows, I had time in between short spurts of gameplay to fetch a camera, get back and set it up in time to film the same scene. When random clips take longer than 5 minutes and most action sequences only take up between 30 seconds and 3 minutes, you have a problem. The longest activity you're allowed, I think is when you take on an entire armada. And even that can be completed in less than 15 minutes. Nonetheless, it does occur right when you get fed up with this occurrence, though that is a meager defense.

Wait, wasn't this Sony?

3) Camera: This one is sort of a swing and a miss. Ok, it's not easy to make a working camera control for such a complex, fast-paced, action game. But while the combat camera is a strong point and adds to the general mood of the game, steering the camera is a pain. In both games the Left analog stick controls movement and camera at the same time. In tight situations this creates absolute, button mashing havoc. Because you really have no idea what's going on and where you are. When the camera starts wigging out in combat, adjusting that manually is madness. It also makes it difficult to know where you're headed and invisible level walls don't make that any easier on you. Releasing the stick and waiting for it to adjust to your view is never an option, since you'll only really need it when in dire need of clear view. What a strange concept they had for this. It also makes the game harder than it should.

Camera fail
I..Well, that pretty much sums it up.

4) Difficulty: That leads us to the difficulty level. While I can agree that this is fairly relative towards individual skill, there's a difference between that and being plain unforgiving. Sure, they give you an option to take it Easy, but the average gamer should be able to complete a Normal round with fair practice. And while the first game does this with lesser controls, Zone Of The Enders: The 2nd Runner takes it to an entirely new length. Most combat in the franchise is hard and in the end also gratifying, but the second game has serious spiking issues. Suddenly you'll come to a certain part where you're expected to work your fingers to the point of early arthritis development.

Holy hell in a handbasket, are those about 70 unblockable projectiles headed your way? Well yes, if you don't count the 3 other volleys headed your way, I guess. Also, there's a boss somewhere behind that. It doesn't help at all that in most cases, you're left to your own wits as to what to do, until you might trigger a semi-helpful cutscene. Yes, might; because in some cases that won't really happen and what you should do to overcome all odds is left to you. Commending, to puzzle a gamers mind, but it's rather hard to do when your screen is literally filled with things that are out to kill the crap out of you.

At least I won't die from dysentery...

5) Trial And Error: And that brings up our last and saddest point: trial and error. This is what pushed me over the edge. All other things I could bear, but this was just insulting to any consumer and modern game alike. The first generation title has the convenience of coming out when it did. It doesn't justify being bad, but it gets the benefit from the doubt. But then what of the next game? If you've had the chance to make a game and learn from your mistakes, how should your faults be critiqued then? Your credit has already expired the first time. So the answer is that you should've delivered and if you didn't then you have failed.

And failed Zone Of The Enders: The 2nd Runner did. Not only is it unbelievably shorter than the first game, it also reintroduces us with the most basic trial and error ways of old. There's a situation, you're left for dead and it's up to you to figure it out. In a game released in 2004, this is really unforgiving, especially when you already didn't have credit to build on. The only reason you'll spend more time on the second game is not because of content, but because of this system was put in to waste your time. I really don't understand what the reasoning behind this all was. I really don't.

Yea, I know.. Thanks Yoda.

While playing these games, I got reminded of the previous popular franchise I didn't understand its popularity: Metal Gear Solid. And then it hit me who made this game. Hideo Kojima might be an excellent storyteller, but he isn't the game guru everybody makes him out to be. In fact, this only proves the opposite, that he couldn't care less about your game experience. Metal Gear had a wonderful story, but strange controls (cone vision guard anyone?) and Zone Of The Enders only makes matters worse. Yes, it's nice to create a world where everything looks stunning, because let me tell you, Zone Of The Enders: The 2nd Runner is one of the most jawdropping, beautiful games I've ever seen. But if you only care about the world and the story, then please; please drop the game aspect and go straight to directing films. Michael Bay is in dire need of a substitute. Take what you know from this franchise and go save Transformers. But leave the gaming community alone if you don't know how to create something we can play with and not just gawk at.

Hideous Kojima
Oh, herro! *nom nom nom*

It is why I had to rate the second game to be less than its predecessor. You've had your chances and you didn't own up to them.Yes, the second game is an improvement on the first game. But when you improve something that still feels to be unplayable and lacking content, how much of that is actual improvement?

It's kind of like a store brand product with added vitamins. Sure, it's great they've finally come to enhance it, but in reality it's still a piece of inedible tripe.

How To Invite Members To Your Union Tutorial!

Hello everyone,

Recently, there's been some confusing about how to introduce new members to your union. Activity is sliding and people were unaware how to get fresh meat to join the ranks. I must admit, even I had basically no clue how to do so and I had looked around quite a bit. Therefore, I decided to create a tutorial that will help you indetify the steps towards inviting people. In six or so simple steps we'll look at how one goes about to add more people to your specific union. In my case, this will be The Console Generations Union. Feel free to join them, as I will most certainly post this in there as well.

OK! First off, let's go to our union.

Once there, you'll see a lot of clicky things on the top bar. From there, click "Admin". Don't worry about being an officer or not, anyone has this tab and everyone can click it to reveal its goodies.

Step 1 / Click Admin - *click to enlarge*

That wasn't so hard, was it? Good. Notice how you've come to a place where you can view Members and such, but disregard that.

Now for Step 2 you'll want to scroll all the way down to the bottom, until ye can go no more.

Step 2 / Scroll Down- *click to enlarge*

Holy hell, it's already time for Step 3, that means in a few seconds, we're already halfway there. Any faster and we'd be travelling time.

So, on the bottom, you'll see a few boxes with names in them. These are all your jolly friends you've made so far on Gamespot. You can add and remove these good people by clicking the arrow buttons in the middle.

You can also type in random user names, but remember: No one likes a spammer, so try and stick to your friends; they know who you are.

Step 3 / The Invite Boxes- *click to enlarge*

Ok, we're almost home already.

You just need to fiddle around with whom you think will benefit from being in your union. If you select them, they'll turn blue and from there you can click the adding arrows to make them go into the box on the right. This is your box with all people you wish to invite.

You can hold Ctrl to add multiple people at once or use Shift to add a line of consecutive people. They'll all turn blue like Smurfs!

Step 4 / Start Inviting- *click to enlarge*

Smell the (vegetarian) bacon! We're nearly done!

Once you've gotten all your buddies in the right invite box, you can go ahead and press the large, orange "Invite Members" button. The screen will wig out a bit and then prompt a new window. So don't worry, that's fairly normal. It's all part of the beautiful adding process.

Step 5 / Click Invite Members - *click to enlarge*

You did it, homeskillet!

This new screen will show you all the information about the people you just added. There's a possibility of numerous things happening.

1) The person you've added is so popular, he/she will already be full up on unions, with a maximum of 30. In this case, our community manager @JodyR

2) You've already added this person at some point, silly pants! You know, there's things like Ginseng and vitamins you can take for that faulty memory. In this case, I invited young @gamefree2 at a previous point. What's the matter, boyo? Too good to join my unions, huh!?

3) Logically, all things can also go well and you'll successfully invite some people to your union. They'll receive a message in their inbox from which they can Accept or Decline your invitation. In this case, our victim is @cd_rom.

Step 6 / w00t!- *click to enlarge*

It's just that easy!

Don't be sad if they decline or don't accept right away. Not everyone has a specific taste for your particular union. It doesn't mean they're mean people. Perhaps they're just lazy?

In any case, that's how you do that and it will only take up a few seconds of your time.

Hopefully, you've enjoyed going over this and everything will be crystal clear now.

Good day!

EXTRA! EXTRA! Daavpuke Game News presents: MARVEL MMO and BLUR!

Here are some things you may or may not have heard!

Basically, the pitch is something similar to Pokémon meets Marvel in a social MMO setting. You'll be able to collect over 5000 different types of heroes and be able to upgrade them. Instead of cIasses, which wouldn't work well with superpowers, the upgrades will consist mainly of attack customization and such.

This MMO will be browser based and have players go through all the known Marvel universes. You'll battle through the lairs of villains such as Dr. Doom or Dr. Octopus or other physicians who don't want to live up to their Hypocrates oath.

Players will be able to meet up and form squads together in other known Marvel worlds, such as the Fantastic Four Building or the X-Mansion. They'll also be able to interact with each other through several emotes, custom to their respective hero.

The story will be woven into each other through missions, which players can embark on. These should be short and sweet with simple combat settings. One button for regular attacks and another for special moves will see players mashing through tons of bad guys. There's no real death, as a player will stand up after getting knocked down. This will however affect a ranking system.

Ingame Screenshot
Marvel Block Party in effect *click to enlarge*

Yours truly is really excited about this, for one. Altough many will find the styIe of it to be too childish, I don't think it will take away from the games charm. We adore a lot of other games that are dubbed 'kiddie', so why would this be different? And let's face it: You too want to have a free-for-all with Storm and Warsuit, while Iron Man raises the roof with some beats. It's party time in the Marvel universe!

The only thing that might be a deal maker or breaker has not been released yet by Gazillion. For, although this will be a browser based game, there has been no mention whether this will be free or with a fee. I think they'll draw a much larger and interested crowd if they release a free version with paid extras. There are enough fans of the series who will be interested in contributing for premium content. This way, casual Marvel enthousiasts can be persuaded to join and become a potential customer. Perhaps a system like Battlefield Heroes can be done in a similar fashion.

For more shots about this potential hit, you can go here.


On to the next piece of juicy news bits:

  • Activision has just released a daring commercial for their upcoming title BLUR.

Known for their bold moves in the game world, Activision now takes a swipe at one of the biggest players around: Nintendo. After getting sued for misuse of characters in their music games by names like No Doubt and Courtney Love, one would wonder if it was already time to go stomp on someone else. Apparently they thrive on getting flak, such as they did for their works on DRM. They are not in this game business to make friends!


The ad pictures a child-friendly racer starting up when suddenly one of the bored racers spots something in the distance. He marvels at the cars driving and crashing and envies their excitement. When his friend tries to tell him that racing is not about winning, he swiftly punches him in the stomach. The commercial also tells us to race 'like a big boy', sneering at the kid appeal of other racers of its genre.

Although it could easily blend in a genre such as the Burnout franchise, BLUR is looking to elbow their way in a whole different genre. Party racers such as Mario Kart have mostly been family friendly games with a cartoon-like appearance and BLUR is looking to change that.

All this boasting and tough words might look like a good idea now, but let's hope it doesn't come back to haunt them. Because you might be able to mock a game or even a franchise, but if you don't topple them in expectations, the backfire will be tenfold. And mocking the biggest of them all is quite a task to live up to.

I wonder how they think about this over at camp Mario. Although, history has told us that Nintendo usually is pretty introvert. They don't really rely on outside feedback and perhaps that's exactly what they'll think of this.

One thing is for sure and that is that expectations are now set too sky high!


PS: My personal Blog was posted right before this one, so check it if you're tracking me.