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Just to let you guys know, I have a DeviantArt accout under the name DaYoshiMan89. It's not much, but I would like to work on my art skills more.

I'm not dead....

Just slightly inactive here... I have other sites that I go to. So don't worry if I'm not here... for an extended period of time... not doing anything at all...

Happy anniversary to me!

It's been one year since I joined gamespot today. I would like to thank all my new friends that I met. You've provided me happiness, joy, sorrow and competition. Through the many months of gamespot that I've endured, I would like to continue my residence here for a little longer.

Super Mario.... R! P! G!

It's been relased for the VC. Now I'll play the game and get lost in a faze... 'Cause I'm trying my best to clear Geno's maze.... Super happy bonus for people who get the refrence!

Whoa... O-o

Is it just me, or did Gamespot evolve when we wern't looking? (I should've pressed B) XD What are your thoughts on the new layout?

I did it.......

I finally got Action Replay for my DS and cheated myself through some of my games, and you know what? It felt goooooooooooood. Oh well....

My answers for your questions v2.0

Last week, I let you ask me questions about myself and today I will answer them (even though I wanted a few more...) Superstarmario1: The best game I ever have. I really don't have a best game, but the ones I play the most are Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Mario Kart Wii. Hyper_Hedgehog: Who was my favorite Power Ranger. I never really watched the show, but seeing that red is my favorite color, I'll go with red. Yohnazo: Have I ever slept outside before. Yes I have on a camping trip. It_Crash: What's my favorite RPG. I would have to say Paper Mario or Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time SonicHomeboy: What game would I create and why. Probably a crossover game with the Mario and Sonic universe. StarFox-Elite: Have I been watching E3 coverage. No... :( Haloboy10: Who's my favorite Mario character (aside from Mario). Yoshi, Wario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy and Waluigi. And that's it. If you feel like asking a question, leave a comment and it may get answered in the next blog.

Ask me anything! Version 2.0

I think that I may have already done one of these, but who really cares. If you want to ask a quesion of my opinion, or just want to get to know me more, feel free to ask me any kind of question.

In need of assistance please...

I need help beating the Elite 4 on Pokemon Diamond. So if any one is willing to trade, my FC is: 5456-0915-9894. Also, don't be an ass and ask for something that is unreasonable. I deeply thank you.