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New Youtube Channel you should add (If you like Manhunt 2) also other info

Well ive made another youtube name just for my manhunt 2 videos sure theres heaps of other manhunt 2 videos..but mines special lets just

i put in a capature card yesterday seing as my step dad was an idiot who reckon he coudnt find the drivers for it (as the friend that gave it to him had lost the cd and didnt know where it is and also is way too old and sick to look for it as hes in hospital)

and it had been sittin in the cuboard for months n months so im like hmm stuff him im going to find the drivers..less then a min or so i had found the drivers..boy he really looked hard it seems hes like i coudnt find any working ones as he walked off im like thats why you look at their website..dah

So anyways ill be uploading some videos on my real name "1andonlybacon" of just any PS2 game such as one of the WWE games ill be able to show my CAW's now :)

Well hope everyone has a happy new year cant wait for the 2009 games to come out!

Edit: god how dumb of me i forgot to tell you the name of the account its called Manhunt2uncut So subb and add tha channel as a friend if ya want :)