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Hey well still not back..really hope everyone had a good year and all just came on to say check out this video it goes for about 3 seconds and you might like it i made it it was a mates emotion he had on MSN has text "Boom Headshot" and a bald guy saying "Boom Headshot" but no sound seeing its a animated pic so i exported 2 sound files from UT2004 and bang had my video so do check it out if your bored its only 3 seconds long :P:lol:

neways just logged in checked my updates and hear about GTA IV getting blamed for a 6 year old driving seeing it "taught him" wow is the world that sad already? ah well not like the worlds ever going to change for the better..look at the crap we make and listen..

we invent something later find out its probley going to give us a cancer lol or its harmful in some way music isnt that great these days..just people talkin themselfs up with their voice all fixed up n such..and yer i just miss the 90's thats all..

neways thats all i can on for thank you for those people who still read and comment (even if you just read it thanks peoples!) thanks! :D

Also wat did everyone get 4 Xmas/Do 4 new years? i did nothing for new years lol and mostly got jox,sox and money 4 Xmas

and also just been getting some PSX (PS1) games for muy PSP its awesome! playing classics such as Croc,Abe,Duke Nukem Time to kill! lol cya's