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DEAD SPACE!!! FINISHED!!! (caps pfft)

Yep i finished it..and there has to be a 2nd one seing its soo awesome plus what happens at the end i think its ment to scare/make you jump but it didnt work on me unlike other times =[ but yeah...awesome game! i finished it on Normal in about 10 or just under 11 hours acording to the wasnt much of a challnge like the boss is pretty easy but yeah still awesome game! i didnt full on play it each and every day i just played it from time to time with the lights off and yeah...what an ending its an ending thats like a good ending

Not the one that leaves it open and your like..OH COME ON like it doesnt give you enough but this Ending was pretty good so im happy...


Well yeah thought id brag about step dad will try it one day will prob take him this year and the rest of next year lol i can b a smarta*s now as wen i was younger i ALWAYS use to use cheats and he'd hang crap on me now its the other way around i do wat he did (played games witout cheats) and now he HAS 2 cheat either with cheat codes or trainers lol but yer...if you havent tryied Dead Space yet do yourself a favour and get it