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Myspace makes me laugh (not mine THE myspace site)

well i was on a mates profile and there was a banner or a link infront of the myspace links (home and music and links like that i normaly click home to go to my profile home page) neways i clicked knowing i didnt click on it and it came up with this...

This picture made me laugh really hard prob cant see it all but yeah click here

but yeah thought id just share something with ya...oh i went to melbourne wasnt bad the imax was prob nah wasnt the best didnt really have a best part in it..i met 2 girls that i talked to online..that was pretty cool 1 was a friend of the other girl and i had talked to her though that friend so she came along also so yeah...well thats bout really starting to think i shud just leave this site..i dont really use it anymore...

Hmm so yeah new game =]

well i was going to get this a "special" way if u get me but my friend ended up having it so im like ah ill get it off him

i have it for the ps2 (untill the disc dissapeared) but i wanted it on PC coz it had more extra talking about...

True Crime Streets of LA....i have NY on PC and finished it quicker then i did with LA on the PS2 but yeah...

4 cds of fun so i will be "owning and playing this game specialy" if u get what i mean...pfft

neways well yeah...oh thats right im going down to melbourne with the school and im getting 2 ppl that i talk to online to come and see me =] i might have another 1 and i wanna ask this other person...but yeah so far its prob 2 people =] but yeah..cya's ill try comment ya blogs soon!

oh n also where the F is my banner? =[

NEW LEVEL!...(caps bullcrap rule)

Well kinda funny coz the level 24 says i feel asleep and i do...i went to bed at like 4 am or sumfing like dat and woke up at 11 and normaly id get back up..but i didnt and woke up and it was 4.00 pm :shock:

but yeah...hmm well nothings new might be on gamespot to comment a few blogs tommor coz its sports day and i always amzingly get magicly sick...happens every year...must be a type of virus :P:lol:

but yer will try comment on ya blogs just i dont use this site nemore

oh and also played GTA IV at a friends place its pretty awesome only played it for a lil bit and yeah..doesnt have that same GTA feel about a good way just a big jump from SA but yeah :) cya's

Im gonna go....4ever?

well i havent been on this site very much at all..and yeah guess im having a break..just nothings really been happin and yeah i might b online to get details for my school work the teacher is so far pleased it has to be from 400-600 words but yeah easy im almost at 400 words i think and i havent even used your comments yet :) but yeah thanks again ill be back when i am..

think i said this in the last blog but yeah...just thought id make sure shud b back..maybe when i feel ahead of school...Cya's will have to show some work ive been doing =]

Sorry..again =[

sorry i havent commented any blogs i just havent been on Gamespot..and yeah..sorry dont really have a reason..just school..i guess..well mainly been playing SDvsRaw 08 that i got on hmm Friday i think im getting or have gotten use to the controls ive only had one loss and that was tonight coz john cena is a bloody sook in the game lol nah just..i dunno what happed..pissed me off though..

The Story mode is wierd so far...i did what the guy says oh not good enough im like Meh coz i relized i think thats all i can do..but yeah..i might record some footage on my friends phone...if we deside to do it one night and yeah...ive always made a CAW called all started back in Shut your mouth but these days hes in

WWF:Just bring it WWE:shut your mouth WWE:here comes the pain WWE SDvsRaw WWE SDvsRaw 06 WWE SDvsRaw 07 and WWE SDvsRaw 08 and when and if i get 09 he will also be in there hes changed a bit over the years from about the SDvsRaw series hes remanined the same now..even though in one of the wresting games his beards brown not this yellowish colour like it is now hes moves have always changed from time to time but yeah i cant remeber must be for 06 you can make bacon i might of bloged about it ages n ages ago! i did post him in a union but yeah

might show him one day the screenshots suck but yeah hmm so...yeah..dunno wen ill b active ill just b bak wen i am i guess :)

Am i beeing lied to? oh and really imporant!!!!

Hmm well for some of your posts i have to say

She doesnt live in the same town as me she lives in a city and i dunno the home phone costs a bit coz i dunno std call or something like that so thats why the Home phone is kinda outta of the question (im not rich)

and also...shes going to use it as txts but yeah..i wish there was just some way to ring her but under a new name..sorry new number or yeah..but now im over it...ive knowm her for 3 years now...1 or 2 years me n her wer pretty good...but then things happed...and then yeah..we drifted off...but then i was trying 2 b more then friends and yeah...didnt work..guess im just not good enough

but yeah..she was stupid sometimes...she gave her bf's alot of chances and also i find it hard she told me her x bf all he wanted her was for yeah you know they broke up..and my god hes still consided a best friend...:? neways i dont care just wish i would of got a chance..but me be happy? ha ha thats a joke

Now for the imporant bit...i need your guys help (even random people who may come past and read this) i need to do this piece for V.C.A.L. (english)and it has to be a hmm whats it called..uhhh..dam it.. i forgot but yeah in other words i need some people to agree with me and some people to disagree about the mods and thier actions...(if possible) if i cant i dunno i might just ask for someone to fake it..its like a argh i forgot what its called i had it in my head just before i went to type it up..but yeah a argument sort of thing thats what its ment to be..(sorry im not good explaing i forgot what its called) but yeah...umm..hmm how could i explain like say

Bacon: I dont think most of the mods actions are acceptable and ban alot of people for no good reason

person 1: yeah i agree i had 3 friends banned over nothing at all!

Person 2:No i think its good what they do people shoudnt act or say stupid stuff it serves them right

Something like that...all i need is one person saying it and 1 person going agaist it and it will work the teacher said so yeah..but if i get a few more people thats fine..but yeah..anyone care to help? :)

Feel like im beeing lyied to =[

well yeah a girl i use to like i still like i cant give her up..i just cant ive tried..but yeah never got a shot with her coz i lived far away and yeah..some people on GS might know about her but yeah i called her on Sunday or Monday and today she said this

i don't want you to call,like, i want to talk to you i really do,but,being on my mobile mde me...sick and i really want to not use it,if you could call my home phone that woulb be fine,i just don't want you to call my mobile

beeing sick or getting sick from a mobile..yeah right...but as it says the home phone is its prob just a trap so ill get yelled at and id leave her alone is my guess but when i said

Bacon says:
so ur never using ur phone ever again?
Bacon says:
hmm nah ur jst using that as an excuse 4 me 2 not call u on the mobile..its cool...all u had 2 say was dnt call me again..
Alisonnn Daniel says:
no i'm not omg
Alisonnn Daniel says:
are you calling me a lier?
Bacon says:
no just jumping 2 conflusions..sorry
Bacon says:

But yer i dunno maybe things will change but yeah..she lost instrest in me for i dunno she just im attemping to make her like me again just beeing and what i did the last time for why she really liked me.. but yer theres alot of times i say why bother...but yeah i want to move where she lives...(not coz of her) but coz thats the place for computers =D but yeah...i hope shes not lying it just sounds it..i just dont know why she cant see that from my point of view..:(

Starting a game once again! and plus some videos (game 1's)

well yeah ive started WWE smackdown: shut your mouth again and so far i have the RVD movie the Divas movie a few peoples clothes and yeah and know i know why someone said it made them laugh it made me laugh to

For those who remember Kane the big scary guy with the black and red mask he said something to me (in the game) and he just wudnt say it because..he just woundt but then again i guess saying "How do you like them apples" is pretty evil :lol: pics below

Old Kane

Todays Kane

Well yeah thats all really had my flu shot today so got out of school again missed like mondays 3 times in a row now :shock: neways hmm what was i going to say...ah yer ive been trying to borrow and "Get" SDvsRaw 08 but the guy that has it is a derro and keeps forgetting and like argh..but wow SDvsRaw 09 looks awesome!!! heres 3 trailers i liked looks really good cant wait to make my own finisher i shall call it...the bacon master slam..pfft i dunno something else lame..

Edit: how do i get videos 2 work on here? im using the gamespot code..ah well.. heres the links

SvR 2009 - Wii Momentum

SvR 2009 - Create a Finisher

SvR 2009 - Tag Team Features


well yep after playing the game from time to time to kill time i finaly clocked it (100%) and yeah ill be a bit more active ill do the homework some other time :lol: but yeah ill be comment most peoples blogs now :)

I plan on finshing WWE:Shut your mouth i had this like 99.9% or 99.8% finished then god had to corrupt my data (i dunno how it happed ill just blame god pfft :lol:) and yeah so im going to try finish it 100% it will take a while seeing the season mode goes for like ages i rekon this game and here comes the pain and hmm the 1st smackdown vs raw all had the good story lines!

but yer i might upload some videos (well if i do record em) with Jamies phone we did one 2night but yeah i could show you my wrestling guy from SDvsRaw 07 Bacon!!! but yeah..hes been in all the WWE and 1 WWF game well make that 2 and yeah hes changed alot either coz of the clothes not being in the game and/or diffrent features of the game

but these days he has a beard :lol: hes had one since hmm..SDvsRaw 07 if i ever do get 08 off a friend (was ment to bring it 2day argh:evil:) but yer i have to get 09 with the create ur finisher feature and heaps of other cool stuff..its going to rock and will prob be the last WWE game for the PS2 :( oh god brings a tear to my eye:cry: