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UPDATES UPDATES UPDATES!!! did i 4get to say updates? pfft

Hmm well i still havent came bak..havent been missing gamespot..guess i got that bored of it...well thought id write a blog to tell you's Im gonna b 18 tomorrow (28th) and this is the last blog i wrote..when i was 17..and yer ill be changing my banner after this blog i fixed up my myspace it was all over the joint now..its a bit more tidy..but..still im making it a mess again..but least its all evan and everything unlike last time god..neways..hope everyone is doing okay

Cya if i ever do come back...and im not meaning to sound angry or b an a**hole but please no more friend or union requests as im never on this site..i might be on it to get cheats or look at a game or my game list..thats all..

but yer everyones invited to the party cya's there :lol:

New Banner!!

Well yeah its a new banner...i still dont use this site...i might as well quit it yer i prob wont be commenting on anyone..for a long time...but yeah...1st of june...only 27 days to my Bday :lol: i think...:? neways its on the 28th and seeing my banner b4 this banner dissapeared i thought i might as well add this bday one on the bday month so yeah...

NEW VIDEOS!!!!!(caps)

Well hey sorry i havent commented anyone but thanks to who ever comes here still just to comment you guys r the best :D

3 or 4 new videos..yeah 4 new videos here they are (all made by me and uploaded 2day)

My Sharona - Chipmunk Version

Me playing Duke Nukem Atomic edition (FULL ON FREAK ****

Jamie and Carrot Riding the elevator (click the video response for the chipmunk version)

So yeah will comment when i can :D check em out comment/rate em if you'd like

Hmmm well im back but im not

well ill comment on a few ppl's blogs n promises though but yeah thanks everyone from the last blog...i was jst angry and sad at the time..and its not just them two heaps of ppl have had a big cry bout it...its like saying "your a woman and this is a man's Job you cant do it" as i know that wud get annoying and its unfair but yeah ill prob get it cut after my bday or when its summer prob coz it will make swimming harder as people with long hair..well maybe its jst me ages ago everytime i went up 4 air id open my mouth and get a mouthful of hair :lol:

But yeah...see what happens oh and someone asked what it wud look like if i had short hair or that they wanted to see...we go back in time ..and BANG me when i was 15

its still a bit long..but it was short also..and alot of ppl liked it...well ppl from the net...no1 from my school said they liked it..they had a sook when it was THAT long...god...little did we all know id grow it for about 4 years...:lol:

Quick update

God everytime i say im going on a break i end up using this site the next day well i just wanted to make a quick update..

Just wanted to say how funny my town is...2 ppl wer having a sook about me growing my hair saying it looks stupid and i shud get it cut why...if i wanna grow my hair whats wrong with that? god..its lame...and yeah im jst a lil mad at the whole thing...but yeah some ppl say i look good with it (mostly ppl on the net) and other ppl (from the net and real life) say i look beta with short hair im gonna have a hair cut after my bday maybe..and yeah..if theres any change of me beeing liked..its going to be quite weird just coz i have short hair ill b liked? neways im off..just thought id share how bad my town can be..and why ill probley never get out of depression coz of other crap..

Laser inventor Maiman dies; tribute to be held on anniversary of first laser

May 9, 2007, Vancouver, BC, Canada--May 16, 2007, marks the 47th anniversary of the invention of the first working laser. Good friends of its inventor, Theodore (Ted) H. Maiman, plan to gather on that day at Simon Fraser University (SFU; Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada) to celebrate the life and accomplishments of Maiman, who died of a very rare genetic blood disorder on Saturday, May 5, after a lengthy stay in a Vancouver hospital and just two months prior to what would have been his 80th birthday.

Andrew Rawicz, a professor in the School of Engineering Science at SFU, emphasized that the gathering will not be a memorial service, but a celebration. "People like that never really die," he said. "They live on with us through their accomplishments." The May 16th tribute will also mark a first step in establishing a commemorative archive and scholarship funds for Maiman at SFU, where Maiman received one of his many honorary degrees and also served as an adjunct professor in the school of engineering, where he played a key role in establishing a program in biomedical engineering and biophotonics.

Maiman was born in 1927 and learned electronics from his father, Abe, an electrical engineer for the American Telephone & Telegraph Corporation (AT&T). He began his academic studies at the University of Colorado and earned a B.S. degree in engineering physics in 1949. Two years later he attended Stanford University and obtained a master's degree in electrical engineering followed by a doctorate in physics in 1955. At Stanford, Maiman studied under the theoretician Willis Lamb, who received the Nobel Prize in physics in 1955, months after Maiman received his doctorate.

In 1960 Maiman invented the first functioning laser while working at Hughes Aircraft Company. Hughes's managers had previously assigned Maiman to build a more practical version of the maser using microwave emission from chromium atoms in synthetic ruby crystals. Maiman created a new maser design that eliminated the external magnets in favor of a magnet inside the Dewar, thereby reducing the weight from 5,000 to 25 pounds. In 1962 Maiman established his own enterprise, Korad Corporation, which undertook the development and manufacture of lasers. In 1968, after selling the company to Union Carbide Corporation, Maiman founded Maiman Associates. From 1976 to 1983, Maiman served as vice president of advanced technology at TRW (now Northrop Grumman), where this photo was taken in 1985 to mark the 25th anniversary of his invention of the first working laser. He was most recently a director of Control Laser Corporation and a member of the advisory board of Industrial Research Magazine.

Maiman is the author of the basic patent on the ruby laser and a number of patents on masers, lasers, laser displays, optical scanning, and modulation. He was twice nominated for the Nobel Prize and was given membership in both National Academies of Science and Engineers. He was also a recipient of 1983/1984 Physics Prize, the same year he was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame. Three years later he became laureate of the prestigious Japan Prize, the Asian equivalent of the Nobel Prize. He was a Fellow of the American Physical Society, the Optical Society of America, and the Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers.

Plans are currently to establish a Maiman Foundation for the archive at SFU, as well as two scholarship funds: an Abe & Ted Maiman Scholarship related to the application of lasers in medicine, and a Sherri Maiman Scholarship in psychology, named for Maiman's daughter who died prior to completing a PhD in psychology. Maiman is survived by his wife, Kathleen, as well as other relatives and nephews in Denver, CO, and Los Angeles, CA. Cards and condolences, which will be included in the Maiman Archive, should be sent to the School of Engineering Science, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia, V5A1S6, Canada, Attention: Andrew Rawicz. For more information on evolving plans for the Maiman Foundation and scholarship funds, contact Andrew Rawicz at

Wed May 09 09:19:00 CDT 2007

Ohk now time 2 answer *god i only ment 1 question for each user lol*

-animeshowdown- Asked:

Gears of war or crysis? - Only Played Crysis so ill have to go Crysis

Bush or bin laden? - hmm well i dont live in USA but im guessing just like us aussies didnt really like our old Prime Minster (like a president just called a prime minster) there both gay i guess..but yeah

F@rts or sweat? o_O - lol i dunno i fart sometimes lol hmm well id rather farts coz sweat BO doesnt go away a far does

Nazi or feminists? O_O - hmmm i dunno? dont know how to answer as i dont understand what feminists means :?

Leprosys or hypothermia? hmmm well im unsure about either i think id prob die if i got hypothermia as i have asthma and yeah..

Alzheimer or incontinence of urin3? - lol godid shoot myself probs

Colmillios- Asked:

What is another favorite site you like to go to besides this one? - either myspace,youtube or uhh...netlog (sometimes)

Do you have a game that you have completely worn out from playing over and over again? hmm cant say i have i dnt think i have i used no cd cracks or..uhh get them the other way ;)

What are your plans for the summer? hmm well over in aussie its winter lol so..hmm nutting really i live near the snow but i never go up there but if i was diffrent id prob snowboard..maybe?

Hell-Fire21 Asked:

Where'd you get that bag to put on ur head? - Its a Slab Box of Toothys Extra Dry (Beer) and i had this crazy idea weaing it as a mask so my friend put some eyes added some detail and bang you have bacon box man

macrules_640 asked:

Favorite type of food? hmmm Pizza or cheese burgers :D

FinalsoulX asked:

what your fav weapon? lol hmmm normaly shot guns they blow ppl far away your meaning in games right? lol

fav gun? uhh did u mean fav game?

how your life? hmmm well dont wanna cry a river but hmm its not that the great im mostly sad or depressed or loney most of the time ah well nuting can fix it..well it can but it wont happen so ah well

Noe what i mean? Arm or leg? if i had to eat one hmm? god thats hard i need both of em...i cud just photoshop them off lol

Do you like apple? hmm yeah i just dont eat much of em..but its one of my fruits i like :D

do you like your avi? ( i like it ) uhhh...hmm whats avi? lol god i feel dumb asking im the one whos ment to be answering questions :lol:

Rhen_Var asked

Would you get Persona 4? - never heard of it
What is the point of Keys? i dunno to lock stuff?

Why am I asking this? coz you can?

Am I just bored? Possibley
I'm having fun right now FYI, are you? oh for sure

Who are you? Kyle...aka bacon
Where am I? on your computer at the time writing/reading this

WTF am I doing?! who knows :P

devil_1994 *said* umm i dont know

well yeah....there ya ill answer questions in this blog ounce i know what your asking *some of ya's*

Hmmmm so..Ahhhhh yeaah......[ASK] me [SOMETHING]

well ive been a tiny bit more active not by much jst added a few games im getting/had got over the years (good old tomb raider games) neways dunno what to really blog about my banner is comming back it seems lol ill just change it to my Bday banner when its the 1st of June :D

Um hmmm well...hmm ill post up some of my top 3 videos on i dont think i can 1 of the videos has a "not suitable" title for gamespot but...we can get though it muahahahahaha! just edit a little :D

#1 The Warriors with 7,824 views

#2 Daddy Yankee - Gasolina (Instrumental) with 2,929 views

#3 Frenchie *Censored* a horse with 1,645 views

So yeah maybe i can make a weekday update with the top 3 videos...would you care/read/enjoy it? neways i was ah thats right

seeing im cool n everything 8) im gonna do what people have done/still doing and make this a ask me sumfing blog as the title prob spoiled it pfft :P

hmm might as well tell you this wierd fact that happed to me ive been trying to find out what song were used on Messiah (old 2000 game you play as a lil angel and god sends you to earth to fix it up) but yeah good game loved it wish i had it :( neways ive been looking from time to time over the years never could find it...but guess how i found it?

In bloody Google images :lol: who would of thought id find it though a picture...ended up just beeing by Fear Factory (good band they sing some metal,techno and yeah)but yeah ive found a few sites that are good though google...oh wait that just came out wrong i was meaning other sites NOT PORN but hey as if you guys are going to belive me :P:lol: well yeah so ask me something or yeah :)

Who wants a AWESOME ID?...lets just say...a Mclovin ID? muhahahahaha!

well i did these last night and yeah i made 3 as i look different in all of em lol but yeah ill share some photos with ya also on the way to melbourne lol coz..i dunno im bored and i can...

click here for full viewing view (i was feeling sick/tierd)

Click here for full viewing view *cousin it look :lol:*

well yeah the other person with me in the pic above is David but ppl call him frenchie coz his last name is french neways..the ID's

ID 1

ID 2

ID 3