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BIG BIG i think for Indigo Prophecy/Fahrenheit

for those who have played Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy then you will know the game kicked some awesome ass i loved the game made by the people who made Omikron the nomad soul wich is probley unknown to most and never got the credit it deserved (wikipeida it)

as i was browing though this game (omikron) i forgot hot i even got onto it but they are making a Fahrenheit 2!!!!!/Indigo Prophecy 2!!!!!!!

And seing it wasnt on GS i thought id blog about it..there isnt really any info on it just its being made as we speak =] so yeah thats my blog for the day

Pictures of Me...Picutres of me..pfft

Yeah i was kinda using that song i dunno what its called but its like pictures of of me..sumfing sumfing sumfing anyways thought id show ya what i look like now i got a hair cut cuz it was getting a bit too hot plus it was to serprize everyone at school for the year 12 assembly! took these recently (plus when it was 1st done)

The Haircut (When it had been done)

Taken last night (man im cool pfft)

Taken i dunno when


Well yeah...still look ugly but guess i look alot different from this

Me on my 18th

So Long hair or no hair? lol

Well hey another blog thats cool..i gues

well hey everyone again just read your comments and yeah i know PC gaming is dying i havent been playing much of it myself..but ive just got back into almost finished the Punisher and today i got Dead Space..and...O.M.G IT IS SOOOO F'N AWESOME!!!

So yeah im off to play that and such oh and also our first endorphinass video will be not sure when i just gotta make 3 more clips of the same stunt and then bang it gets edited and then its up on youtube..and by god myspace videos suck..i uploaded the Intro on lets see *brb* *bak*  9/11/2008 and its now 17/11/2008 and its still processing how..crap..ah well thanks for commenting on my blog and all i dont use this site much or at all untill just now but yeah ill comment some blogs when i can cya's


Hey long time no see!

Well hey just a quick blog update hows it going?

I got bully a while back havent added to my collection on ere but yeah sadly the textures kill the game pretty much plus..i think my PC gaming is dying inside me ah well..i got the new WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2009 on the 5th of Nov as i dunno it was in stores a day eailer and also i had pre-ordered it..i just finished it..i wasnt playing it non stop just from time to time i cuda finished it yesterday making it in 6 days but i waited 4 a friend to come play the CO-OP mode with me and then we went campin with other mates so we didnt get finish so i finished it today and yeah took me a week to finish everything i still gotta unlock bits and pieces i think but not much (Just finlays 2nd costume)

But yeah oh for those people who like Endorphin (or the pyskicks off GTA IV) or people that like Jackass Check out this youtube Channel its not much but me and a mate are working on some clips and such "Endorpihnass" and yeah we're making a website slowly..

Got a myspace? add us also our channel on youtube is (we're based in AUS and the UK) oh and also ive finished school i didnt do VCE subjects (confusing as hell but yer quick n easy to explain) i didnt have to do exams so that was good so now im going to a BBQ for this VCAL thing we did (bulding tables n chairs..yay pfft) and then i dunno what im going to do next year i was planning on jst havin a year or a bit of a break but sounds like im not allowed to do that..ah well Talk 2 ya's some other time (if people still come by thank you if you do even if you dont comment!)


New Grand Theft Auto Hits the Stores in 28/6/09 (not GTA IV)

Yep thats right you read the title too bad its full of crap lol neways its not all full of crap just that theres a new GTA and its not being made so wait yer it pretty much is...BUT i will show you some work i done..and then you'll understand (click on the pics for full image)

I did this for a school project sorta thing (VC - Vis Comm - Visual Communications) and yer i made a cover and the art for the CD and that was just piece one and you had to make to 2 pieces and of course was the Poster and yer hope ya like it..ill try be on the site a bit more..its been ages since i fully used this website like the way i use to so sorry to all my friends on here that ive prob lost contact with =[

Dear god no STOP!!!!!!!!! this will be a let down..! (Max payne Movie)

well hey hows everyone going i just found out shocking news thats probebly old and everything but dear god im really angry about this and now im starting to think movie people CAN NOT make a movie based off the game they just use the people from the game and make some sort of story based around them!

Max payne movie awesome i thought till i saw whos playing who...dear god..

Mark Wahlbeg as Max Payne sure they might look a tiny bit alike

but i just feel it doesnt really

then this one really made me almost smash the computer and go almost retarded by conusion Ludacris as Jim Bravura dear god what were they thinking? im not being racist or anything but Jim is an old white police chief how did Ludacris get this role? this is a shot of him from MP2 and now for ludacris

they look alike now dont they?pfft and i just saw Mona sax's person thats playing as her..i guess it could look a tiny bit like her..but yeah what do you think?

Mila Kunis as Mona Sax

But yer this just really annoyed me..and thought id share it..cuz i hadnt blogged not used this site for ages and also found this out... someone blogged about it..

Now here's the part I've been upset about....despite the fact that Vladimir Lem may not be in the film BOTH games contained mature content
Plenty of bloody gunfights
Prostitutes/Sleazy Hotels
Satanic Content (At least in the Jack Lupino parts)
Drug content (C'mon! The entire game was about the designer drug, Valkyr) ...they're aiming to make Max Payne into a PG-13 film!
"The movie is PG-13," says Kunis.
"It's incredibly dark. You still get the gist of it. The only different between R-rated and PG-13 is you might not see as much blood." That's a good thing that it's "incredibly dark"...matches the games setting ^_^
Mark Wahlberg: "Its PG-13, so you dont get to swear. You dont get to hide behind that."
Well...we can hope for an Unrated DVD release, I guess =P Nonetheless, I'm stoked for the film! I'm a big fan of both of the Max Payne games, so I'll for sure go to pay $8 for a ticket.well i sure as hell wudnt waste money i probebley wudnt even download this uhh..if i could:twisted::lol:neways im almost finished year into the real scary neways i dunno what im going to be doing i wanna go to this place called AIE but i doubt it will happen beacuse its me lol..ah well cya's later till next time and since when did GS's blog system get so dam annoying also next blog ill post of some of my school work its GTA related muahahahahaha!

Woah GS you've changed!

well i just went to log into GS and my god its got an upgrade looks pretty nifty neways was just writing to say sick atm i might have the flu i dunno...but i was coughing up gunk from my lungs (as i do if i have asthma) and then all of a sudden i spewed and you know how you can tell your gonna puke? well this jst came as if i was coughing more gunk out and yer..was only a lil bit but enough 4 me..

got a runny nose atm and yer anyways...i got this cord thing for my psp turns out i got the wrong one i was hoping to play games on the tv but i got the one that only displays images and movies =[

neways dunno what else to say ive been into GTA III again as i have been playing GTA LCS on my psp so made me wanna play it on PC yer..cya's

Well Hey hows it going? and my god MANHUNT 2!!!!

No im not back....i still dont use this site but i just had to write a blog and say MANHUNT 2 is very very good i loved the whole story..apart from the feels really unexplained..but...the way they ended it..i rekon theres gonna be a manhunt 3

ive finaly got some games so far i have Def Jam,MGS,Flatout,Space Invaders extreme,Locoroco,Patapon and GTA LSC

these are for my psp and i guess u can guess why all of a sudden i got games for my psp just i cant say lets just say i got money 4 it wink wink...neways yer..hows everyone been ill come back a few times now to see wat other games i want and stuff so i might be on the site this week maybe a bit of next week im not sure..but yeah i still wanna talk to people on here even though everyone prob hates me lol..hmm well nothings been up with me just alot of bad stuff has been happin to my friend kate..but yer i cant really say and also my friend has droped in his belife in his "god" so lets jst say he got a bit too happy and he did things he didnt remeber..and yeah...

also thought id share something thats pretty good 4 me remeber that warriors video i made roughly and apprently 7 months ago (acording to youtube) well it now has 31,708 views with 73 ratings with a 5 star rating with 49 text comments!

So if you havent seen it, or wanna see it just go here Warriors

Keep in Contact?

Well seeing its like im never gonna come back (yet i come bak from time to time to say sumfing usless)

i dont see me really come back and using this site like i use to..ever again so for those who wanna keep in contact please add me on msn doesnt matter if you have Yahoo either both programs can add both yer add me's and yer..if i do come back well then yer..

well the 18th party went alright..i rekon its crap n i said sorry to everyone about it being crap..and yer i went to another pub after my 18th and met this awesome as guy he like raps kinda hes a uhh lyrcial sumfing a rather i think ya call em but yer..thought id upload a pic of me on the night of my ugly n ya mums hand if needed :lol:

yer yer i know "i need a haircut" shut getting it cut this a shave..yer yer..1 day

also ive uploaded a heap of new videos on youtube since..i ever updated this blog..check out all the videos mayb by clicking the picture in the blog header or here