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Back?!?I got a 360!!!

Well yep i got a 360 and im looking for games so i thought id log on and give an update now as of the 19th of september i wont have gold but i have no access to get on the net but i do go on it from time to time to update my gametag so add me if ya want ill accept ya one day ha ha its Baconmaster2890 but yer if i can find it ill add it to my profile i got my 360 just a few days b4 they made the 120GB down to $300 or $400 whatever it was...

Hmm so theres a fair few titles i want but..hey im not exactly rich the 360 was enough money for me but so far it looks like ill be getting fighting/wrestling games as i love fighting and wrestling...on my game tag you'll see Halo and GTA IV and Burnout Paradice City they were just some games i borrowed *apart from Halo 3 played that online so not all of my free month went to waste at a mates place* while i had no games and while i wasnt on the net when i did get my Xbox live i got a few demos and such i played a few off a demo disc of a mates Stuntman was pretty cool i also want UFC as the demo was awesome the 2 games ive got atm are MKvsDC *got it off ebay for around $35* and Fight Night Round 4 *got that for $60 something* also i should/might be getting Condemend 2 *sorry bout the spelling* as I played that at a mates place while borrowing off another mate in town and i liked it almost finished i gotta do it on mine =] and also waiting for Fight night round 3 *as the demo of fight night round 4 made me hate it but i had already brought it* so i got number 3 while i was waiting for number 3 to come as i had played the demo it was easier and at the time was heaps cool *before number 4 was out* so i get FNR 4 and it turns out i can play it better then i did in the demo ha ha so ill have both of the games as i played the demo again recent of FNR 3 and....i didnt like it as much as i did..i love the sounds it makes in both games *like FNR 3's a bit better* also im getting Rumble Roses XX pre-owned from the US for pretty cheap around $30 or so ill also be wanting to get UFC as i said Tekken 6 when it comes out WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2010 *if i get it it will be my 1st Xbox 360 WWE wrestling game* but as you can see all the games have something to do with some type of fighting....

so yer add me as a friend who knows i might save up or get rich one day *as i lost my job as a cleaner at a didnt last long ive applyied for a job at a pub as the cleaner...been at least 1-4 months i guess no reply and still they have the advert up..they can go stick it i say* and neways might b able to get that uhh $100 thingo so i have wirless even though i cud use the lan cable into a laptop apperently im guessing i cud do that with my PC HD tv in my room =[

Im pretty much calling it quits now - The End of Da Bacon Master on gamespot!?

Well I still havent came back..and yeah im over it was long ago i might come back like in years and years but i highly doubt it i just got too bored with this website and such but yer ive started another blog (even thats starting to die a tiny little bit)

My Blog check it out if you'd like i talk about mostly PC games,Photoshop and other things i do..

I have msn (new msn btw) if anyone wants to keep in contact I have a mysapce My Myspace

also i dont use this but if someone has it add me if you'd like My Netlog

Or ive got a Facebook add me there also if you'd like My Facebook

Also if you've got youtube account or like watching videos there sub/friend request me My Youtube account

Ah this is a sad day as 3D Realms is shut down..really sucks they made some good games over the years..but yer all things come to an end i guess as my gamespot account has came to an end even though i might as well said that last year or months ago lol

Also beofre i finish this off ill show a pic of what i look like atm (yes ive got glasses now :)) click the pic for a full view..if u'd like..yeek..

and i half almost 100% correctly created myself in Poser (3D program) if you remember i use to make a few models and such well now i figured out how to render them so they look alot more life like :D click on the pic if you want a bigger view...

I made the textures and that not the acual model and I own the spiderman shirt in real life but the mountain dew is just an idea i came up with in my head so i gave it a go to make it and then yeah if you check out my blog i explain and show how i did it and stuff with pictures and such.. so yer cya's later have a good life and keep on gaming i guess...for those who wanna keep in contact hope to talk to ya soon :D


Hey well still not back..really hope everyone had a good year and all just came on to say check out this video it goes for about 3 seconds and you might like it i made it it was a mates emotion he had on MSN has text "Boom Headshot" and a bald guy saying "Boom Headshot" but no sound seeing its a animated pic so i exported 2 sound files from UT2004 and bang had my video so do check it out if your bored its only 3 seconds long :P:lol:

neways just logged in checked my updates and hear about GTA IV getting blamed for a 6 year old driving seeing it "taught him" wow is the world that sad already? ah well not like the worlds ever going to change for the better..look at the crap we make and listen..

we invent something later find out its probley going to give us a cancer lol or its harmful in some way music isnt that great these days..just people talkin themselfs up with their voice all fixed up n such..and yer i just miss the 90's thats all..

neways thats all i can on for thank you for those people who still read and comment (even if you just read it thanks peoples!) thanks! :D

Also wat did everyone get 4 Xmas/Do 4 new years? i did nothing for new years lol and mostly got jox,sox and money 4 Xmas

and also just been getting some PSX (PS1) games for muy PSP its awesome! playing classics such as Croc,Abe,Duke Nukem Time to kill! lol cya's

New Youtube Channel you should add (If you like Manhunt 2) also other info

Well ive made another youtube name just for my manhunt 2 videos sure theres heaps of other manhunt 2 videos..but mines special lets just

i put in a capature card yesterday seing as my step dad was an idiot who reckon he coudnt find the drivers for it (as the friend that gave it to him had lost the cd and didnt know where it is and also is way too old and sick to look for it as hes in hospital)

and it had been sittin in the cuboard for months n months so im like hmm stuff him im going to find the drivers..less then a min or so i had found the drivers..boy he really looked hard it seems hes like i coudnt find any working ones as he walked off im like thats why you look at their website..dah

So anyways ill be uploading some videos on my real name "1andonlybacon" of just any PS2 game such as one of the WWE games ill be able to show my CAW's now :)

Well hope everyone has a happy new year cant wait for the 2009 games to come out!

Edit: god how dumb of me i forgot to tell you the name of the account its called Manhunt2uncut So subb and add tha channel as a friend if ya want :)

Happy Xmas and a Happy new year

well just came on to wish everyone a happy Xmas and happy new year not much is happening atm here ive uploaded a photoshop tut on youtube boys do check it out *wink wink* and also im working on a dead sspace death's movie might have to come in parts and such seeing theres so many deaths and i plan on getting all (or least most) ways of dying in the game for the video so far it goes for 5 mins and ill have to play around with the settings and such as i got vegas pro 8 now and yer so far the video is 1.41 gigs and youtubes new limit is 1 might have to end it there or play around with the settings and such..ive also been thinkin about making a manhunt 1 video with music

seeing as a mate from msn was talking bout it and then i got hooked on youtube watchin self made manhunt videos ill think ill use one of slipknots newest songs "Psychosocial" and yeah

havent been playing that many games just dead space to get the footage and thats just been when ever havent worked on the video for least a day or two now..ill get bothed again just havin a rest from it lol

For the Photoshop tut for the dead space video (not the death one just a part of the clip is shown in the dead space deaths video)

and even better news is My warriors video ( has 101,357 views and was added a year ago but hey i never expected it to get so many views but it happed and take care cya's next year probz sorry bout not linkin but i got a forbiddin html error or some crap..

Tomb Raider Underworld...FTW?!? (glitch)

Check out my blog i posted eailer 2day also..neways i just HAD to show you this picture..

Im up to it right far Tomb Raider has already peed me off with its stupid puzzles..and it has to things to help you hints and lara tells you stuff thats ment to give you a hint..they SUCK and im just fed up atm..but have a look at this and i might of even taken a shortcut beacuse of this glitch!

Click pic for full view

all i can say is..wtfplus you can see where i went to next? i jumped onto that little ledge and i dunno if im ment to be up to that yet lol but ah well..

Dead Space...yep

Well i was bored and i hadnt gone back to see what you could do cuz i knew id unlocked a new suit got heaps of money and heaps of nodes (bout 10 and there 10K each to buy) so ive started again level 1 now says round 2 and i just got the newst suit (had to buy it lame) and i gotta say its pretty cool upgrade and you start the game again of what you finished off with so the weapon upgrades and all that are still there so now my gun is stronger then its meant to be at that point of the game but yeah lol heres a pic of suit 6 not sure if theres anymore to unlock anyone know?

Picture link

Also ive been playing Bloodrayne 2 Star Wars jedi acadmey,beach life star wars the phantom menace (sorry if ive spelt any wrong) and also ill be getting The new tomb raider today the demo was kick a** so yeah jeez its almost over..and getting closer to 2009 isnt it :O lol cant wait to see what games are comming out in 2009 i know the Sims 3 and Duke Nukem forever (apprently) is comming out so yeah..also i have a friend on the net and 1 of her cuz's knows someone from the people making the sims so shes getting it for chrismas this year..lucky if your a sims fan other wise your like everyone else..that will have to wait till 2009 Feb..just thought id make

Also ive been back into Photoshopping i didnt have a break from it..well i did but didnt plan to just didnt photoshop cuz i had no ideas and such..but now ive got back into it and ive gotten better at some stuff such as...well ill post some pics tommorow..or you can here My Gallery

Bacon Box Man On ya Mobile???

Well yeah i was bored wanted to make my lil pic fit my phone (little pic im using for my Gamespot account) so i found an easy way to do it i just had to get the animated picture save it as an avi or some sort of video format then i could import all the frames into Photoshop CS4 and made it the right size and it works and everything so im pretty happy...and then i thought hmmm maybe some people would want it also i can make it any size to fit your phone just leave us a comment of ya phone screen mesurements and i can do it for ya so far ive only made it to fit mine 240x320 But yeah if i get a few requestes ill post it in the next blog =]

DEAD SPACE!!! FINISHED!!! (caps pfft)

Yep i finished it..and there has to be a 2nd one seing its soo awesome plus what happens at the end i think its ment to scare/make you jump but it didnt work on me unlike other times =[ but yeah...awesome game! i finished it on Normal in about 10 or just under 11 hours acording to the wasnt much of a challnge like the boss is pretty easy but yeah still awesome game! i didnt full on play it each and every day i just played it from time to time with the lights off and yeah...what an ending its an ending thats like a good ending

Not the one that leaves it open and your like..OH COME ON like it doesnt give you enough but this Ending was pretty good so im happy...


Well yeah thought id brag about step dad will try it one day will prob take him this year and the rest of next year lol i can b a smarta*s now as wen i was younger i ALWAYS use to use cheats and he'd hang crap on me now its the other way around i do wat he did (played games witout cheats) and now he HAS 2 cheat either with cheat codes or trainers lol but yer...if you havent tryied Dead Space yet do yourself a favour and get it