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MOBA Games

Just had my first experience with a MOBA game called DOTA 2 and I gotta say a rathered enjoyed it. So far the community has been pleasent and the game play is fast and fun. The Learning curb was not that long, which is good for me because of all the years I've been a gamer sometimes I just want to get straight into the mess. Next up on the MOBA list for me is League of Legends.

Well, this is not cool...

So my home was broken into and the only things that that thief took were my PS3 and gaming laptop. What sucked was that I finally had some time to kill and logged 40+ hours on Skyrim on my PC . But on a positve note of the situation, my insurance will cover the loss so I order an Alienware M14X with a 3rd Gen i7. This a big improvement on my last PC. As for the PS3, I'm debating whether I should replace it or hold off to the holidays to see what is happening with the Next Gen hardware.

Guess who's Back!!!

Made it back from Afghanistan in one piece and must say, it is a beautiful place when people aren't trying to kill you. NOw time to settle in and find out what I missed in the last year...

Backlogging Madness

Ok, so I've blown the dust off of Oblivion, scraped the Primordial ooze off of Mass Effect, and have a search party on the look out for Mass Effect 2, not to mention a side quest to complete Arkham Asylum. These are games due to some reason or another I've never completed. But with the release of Arkham City and future releases of Mass effect 3 and Skyrim, I have renewed vigor to complete the task I had originally set out to do.

My goal is to finish up Oblivion by the end of the week, to include Knights of the Nine and Shivering Isles portions. then I'll work on finishing Arkahm Asylum, then wrap it all up with a Mass Effect back-to-back marathon.

WHy do I do this to myself during "this Time" of the year???

Deployment Gift

So My wife got me 3DS for my deployment gift with Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars. She figures a little homework before actual combat should help. I love that woman!

Time Away T_T

I am getting close to the point where I must leave. I am getting ready for another war tour (literally). The days I have left at home are short and the anxiety of deploying is high. Hopefully I can enjoy my past time of GS blogging (that includes reading some blogs of some highly interesting people in this community. I plan for the worst and hope for the best.

Good news is I am a Network tech, so I'll have internet everyday. I just hope they don't firewall GS.

Anyways, as for now...

soldier baby

In the beginning... My gaming greatest moments in chronological order.

The year was 1987...

The city was Naranja, FL...

The system was The Atari 7800...

The game was Galaga...

This was the year that the gamer in me was born. I was 5 years old and wielded the most power stick between my legs (get your mind out the gutter, I was 5 for crying out loud, sheesh(that's right, I said sheesh)) I recall playing with it until my eyes hurt(...). The Joystick people!

Though I can't recall the the exact day, I do remember it was in December (because I made the inarguable point that I can play it because I'm this many (holding up 6 fingers)).

From the start people!

The Super Duper not so Legendary Ninja Clan

"Ok, so there I was in my invisible (naked) ninja outfit, when the Tokugawa clan sneaks in right through my back door (some pun intended)."

Ok so my first week trying to take over ancient Japan didn't go as smooth as I thought it would. I figure my weekend spent on reading Hagakure, The Book of 5 Rings,The Art of War and watching every Akira Kurosawa film ever made (Seven Samurai 2x) had well prepared me for a complete conquest of the island of Japan. Not to mention that I picked up the "Limited Edition"from Gamestopthat gives me the Hattori clan (which is an awesome...excuse me, super awesome Ninja clan) at my disposal. With the Hattori at my side, the enemy should not have seen me coming...because I'm a freakin' ninja!

As my took the field for the first time, everything seemed to be in my favor. It was night time and the mass of my troops were hidden in the trees.

The enemy was not aware of the carnage that I was just about to unleash as they slept quietly in there castle. I decide to move my archers in to range and let the death rain fall on those fools. But as I try to navigate my troops I realize my understanding of the terrain is similar to that of a fish's understanding of land navigation. I found my self telegraphing my moves so that my enemy could plan a lifetime's worth of defensive counter attacks for every move I make. If I had to sum up my ninja tactics in one word, I would use: NARUTO (Believe It!!!)

Not the cool "Sage of Six Paths Beast mode Destroyer of Pain" Naruto, but this guy ^...

Well, long story short (as short as the amount of time it took me to get routed off the field) I lost epically. The lost was so great that my General had to kill himself (that'll teach him to lose).

I continue to stand on the fact that this game is just as GREAT as I thought it would be. Win or lose, Shogun 2 is a new favorite for me. If you aren't afraid of a challenge and call yourself a "Great Strategist" (really, who calls themselves that) then step up to the plate and face off against some of the not so great military minds of our age.

The day the Earth was destroyed

Shogun 2 BABY!!!

As I get ready for another deployment, I now have the sequel to the game that made me fall in love with strategy games (Shogun: Total War). I am very excited to play this title. This will definitely kill the down time in the war zone (no pun intended).

Everyone has a game franchise that they love. It's the game you HAVE to buy the first week it releases (some at midnight the day of). This is my Halo, my Zelda, my Final Fantasy.

I am looking forward to putting in some much needed game time into this one.

To those who never heard of the series, I recommend climbing out from under your rock and buying it right away. This game is the new chess!

Image 70

Shiny New Toy

So there is a trend in gaming that is starting to take flight. This trend breathes new light on once great games. It allows gamers to try games that were sleepers during there first outing. It makes all thing old and rusty, new and shiny. This trend is the HD treatment.

We have already seen this done recently on God of War Collection. With Kratos getting the 720p upgrade on his older titles he is able to reach a market that was (maybe too young) not able to get into the series when it first came out.

"God of War Collection"

Now this upgrading older games trend is nothing new (Resident Evil and Metal Gear Solid for the Gamecube). And with every new generation of gaming consoles video game companies are looking for ways to repackage older games. Now, some of this may seem as true fanfare while others are a cheap attempt to steal the gamers hard earned dollars by polishing a turd and calling it a diamond.

But the truth of it all is I'm actually glad that the companies do this. Even more so with the upcoming release of Beyond Good and Evil HD. This was a sleeper hit that I failed to try the first time around. And with the Gamecube, Xbox and PS2 era graphics outdated, it would have been a game that I never would have played. This is true of Final Fantasy IV who was shown love on the NDS.

"Beyond Good & Evil HD"

With the release of the 3DS the trend will continue even stronger. And based on what I have seen from the industry, what Nintendo does the others will eventually mimic (PSMove and Kinect).

I am excited to play updated old games in which I missed the first time around. I'm not talking about prequels or sequels or pre-sequels or sequels to prequels (se-prequels...?) I'm talking about originals with update graphics and maybe improved gameplay mechanics. I want to enjoy them (in essence) the way they were originally meant to be enjoyed.

Now, my top five HD remake/ update requests:

Final Fantasy VII - PS1 (I want to know what the big deal is without having to sit through painfully outdated graphics)

Gladius - GC (this was a good turn base strategy game which was also a sleeper)

Crono Cross - PS1(Missed out on this one)

Raiden - Atari Jaguar (this was a very fun shooter)

Tales of Symphonia - GC (completely missed out on this one but still wanting to play it)

While I have a list that can go on for days I would like to know which games my fellow Gamespotters think should go to the HD Spa and receive the full Upgrade package.

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