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Yes, "I'm still here".

To all that would like to know, yes I'm still on Gamespot. I never did leave really, I just went over to Playfire, so that I could work more with the Clan that I was associated with for the most part on here better, we (Combatsoldiers Chaotic Retribution) moved as a whole over to Playfire, but sadly the Powers that be on Playfire decided to remove the groups function & so our Clan currently is in abstentia. For some odd reason, the rumour was that I had left here & I wasn't partaking in anything on here. I did frequent the site, but just not as much, nor was there any thing to comment on. Then I saw something that caught my eye & I made a comment regarding it & someone else saw my comment and assumed that I had left & had returned, if someone wants to know where I am or what I am doing, message me through PSN ( DaMiGiSan) or send me a message through here.

DaMiGiSan, 2nd in charge of Combatsoldiers Chaotic Retribution.

The meaning of true friendship

"What is the meaning of true friendship?"

If you the reader may be wondering why I'm asking this, it's because I seem to have a problem with some people that just don't "quite understand me" or even care to to try. Does it have to do with being sensitive and caring about the person that you call your "Best-Friend"?, do you take the time to plan things together?, do you call them up on the phone when they're not feeling well and try to cheer them up?, or stand by their side when they're in trouble and speak up for them on their behalf knowing full well that what they are being accused of did'nt happen like what is being told? Or does it go deeper than that? Is your friend supposed to be able to call you anything that he feels like calling you, whether or not it's insensitive to your feelings and he thinks it's all in "good-fun"..? I'd appreciate as many answer's on this subject as possible,just to get a feel for everyone's feelings on this subject.

Thank you in advance.


A.K.A. PSN I.D.; DaMiGiSan

What makes a Great game system ?

Today I pose the question "What makes a great game system"? Is it the type of games that a system has in it's proverbial stable, or is it the system itself that makes it great..?, I ask this due to the story on Yahoo regarding the "infamous E74 error's" that people are reporting (Yes, I do own a "Sony Playstation 3", so anyone who wants to say "Ohh gee, here comes another blog from a Sony fanboy", muzzle it I'm not a "Fanboy", and I'm not bashing the X-Box 360 either). The 360 is a great system in it's own right, but seeing that Microsoft has been plagued by the power cord issue with the original X-Box and then the RRROD issue for the X-Box 360 in the past months and now this new issue, when will the "issues" stop coming? I have owned the Sony Playstation brand, since it originally came out and I have had 2 of each console (the reason's for me having 2 consoles need to not be re-hashed as that would be time consuming) prior to the PS 3 and I have very few if any problems with any of them (I've never had to send one in to get it repaired), I'vekept them maintained & they served their purposes and when it came time to move onto the next console upgrade, I did my research and bought what appealed to me and what kind of service I did get. If I was a new customer to the video game console generation and seeing what was out there for purchase, I would be a bit more hesitant to go with the 360, due to all the bad news that just keeps coming for that console, I would get a Wii, but with the last story on the "Lackluster # of games" that are out there for that console would be appaling to me if I didn't already own such a good collection for my Playstation system's and with the name itself being "Wii", who doesn't get somewhat embarressed when saying to a friend, "Hey, would you like to come over and play with my Wii ?". I mean come on...Get real. Yes, the 360 has Mass Effect, the H.A.L.O series Gears Of War and it was the original console that BioShock came out on, but with failures mounting every other month it seems and Sony PS 3's chugging along fairly well the trains not going to stop, so the PS 3 is in last place,but with the games that are coming out ofr the PS 3 this year, I think that it's Sony's turn to shine(mines close to a year old, still working,upgraded to a 320 GB HD from the original 80 GB HD, no issues) it's plain that yes the PS 3 might be a bit "pricier", but I feel that you get what you pay for.

Peace out,DaMiGi A.K.A.DaMiGiSan = PSN I.D.

Wipeout HD Online Hosting

FYI; If anyone is interested, I will be hosting online games for Wipeout HD on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays & Saturdays. I hosted my first one this evening and even though I finished last, it was freaking cool to be playing wipeout online with 7 other people.Damigi22863 PS3 online ID;DaMiGiSan

Am I a ''Fan-Boy''..?...Not!!

Am I a "Fan-Boy"..?

In my book, I would say "no", I do my research on whats out there and what would work for me in general as to what hardware to buy that'll suit my current and future "needs".I have quite a large (and consistenly growing) collection of games for 4 different gaming systems Sega Genesis,Nintendo Gamecube,PlayStation,PlayStation 2 & PS3, 113 games of which are for my PS2. No I do not own an X-Box or an X-Box 360, is that a "crime not to own one"..? In my opinion, I would hope that it was'nt, there are very "few games on the X-Box/360 that I would be interested in getting/playing and I feel that I should'nt be branded for making the choice that I did make. I've been buying/playing games since the Atari 2600 days and I have seen changes in the industry for the better, if you're an owner of an X-Box/X-Box 360, Great, I'm happy for you enjoy your gaming experience and be happy for myself with my gaming experience also. If people have any problems with this type of logic,then don't invite me to join any unions and don't message me either.


Why is it that a game like Grand Theft Auto 4 gets a 10 ranking..?, IMO opinion, that's just plain sad.The whole entire object of the game is to be a thug,steal cars,kill as many people as you possible can and for what reason..?Is this what we want out there impressing our kids minds..? (yea, I may come off sounding like Mr. Jack Thompson, but I'm serious here).We already have more than enough people causing crime & mayhem out in the real world as it is, we don't need something else to emulate that and glamorise it to the point that it may look "appealing" to others, yes I know the game itself has an "M" rating for mature audiences, but do you really believe that kids younger than 17 won't be playing it also, if you do I have a bridge in San Francisco that I'm selling, it's that big orange colored one. IMO opinion, I'd much rather play a "hero" type character where the objective would be to save the planet from other people like Liquid/Revolver Ocelot in Metal Gear or be a rebel fighting for freedom as in Freedom Fighters or Colony Wars, or yet give me any kind of military strategy type game that I can sink my teeth into and I'll be very happy, as well as any flight sim like Ace Combat, this is just an opinion, you can either choose to agree or disagree, but I sure won't be one of the people that'll be playing GTA IV.

Peace Out!!

My Rant for today.

The games below were "removed from my collection" by a person of "Suspicious nature" who was allowed to live in the same place that I was residing at the time, and after almost 2 years, I finally completed replacing the majority of them with getting an original copy of Warhawk for the PS 1 console, this copy was'nt in the"Black plastic packaging", this copy was in the clear CD like case and the disk was in "near mint condition with very slight scratches", I'm not replacing 1 game due to the fact that it was "lame". But if there's one thing I dislike, it's people who you do things for and then they wind up in stabbing you in the back, when you did'nt do anything to them and then they leave you wind up in owing you $ and taking your stuff that you earned yourself, Buttheads.I won't name any names, but "You know who you are", if you're reading this.The person not only removed games, but he also removed Playstation 2 hardware that was'nt even mine and he removed a movie collection that I had just purchased.This has been more or less a "rant", but I wanted to get it off of my chest once & for all. Peace ..Out!!!
** Ace Combat 4: Shattered Skies PS2 Simulation **
** Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War PS2 Simulation **
** Activision Anthology PS2 Activision Puzzle **
** Aliens Versus Predator: Extinction PS2 Strategy **
** Alter Echo PS2 THQ Action **
** Battlestar Galactica PS2 VU Games Simulation **
** Beyond Good & Evil PS2 Ubisoft Adventure **
** Conflict Zone PS2 Ubisoft Strategy **
** Conflict: Desert Storm PS2 Gotham Games Action **
** Front Mission 4 PS2 Square Enix Strategy **
** Full Spectrum Warrior PS2 THQ Strategy **
** Gallerians : Ashe **
** Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec PS2 SCEA Driving **
** Run Like Hell **
** Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3 PS2 Ubisoft Action **
** Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell PS2 Ubisoft Action **
** Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell : Pandora Tomorrow PS2 Ubisoft Action **
** Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell : Chaos Theory PS2 Ubisoft Action **
** Warhawk Singletrac Entertainment Flight**
** Wipeout Fusion PS2 bam! entertainment Driving **
** Die Hard Trilogy - Movies**
** PlayStation2 - System **

>> Commandos 2: Men of Courage PS2 Eidos Interactive Strategy

I Finally finished Killzone..YAY!!!....

I Finally finished Killzone..YAY!!!, That last battle is nothing but freaking AWESOME.., Ducking for cover, shooting grenades, and putting down nearly 15 - 20 Helghast troops, I had run out of ammo on every weapon I had and in a desperation attempt, I started using the shotgun secondary attack on my STA-52 LAR weapon on the last 2 remaining bodyguards that were trying to get to me, but I got them first, then my CPU teamates came in and I ammo'ed up with the leftover ammo that was all over the place from all the troops that I had taken out while my teamates covered me, then right back into it trying to take out the remaining bodyguards, I walked through the last hallway , saw " General Adams" and let him have it, the mission objective completed came up and I went through the next doorway, only to be greeted by a bodyguard that I had failed to take out, let him have the full force of the STA-3 Stova that I had and then he went down for the count, followed my teamates to the shuttle and viewed my last CGI cutscene...Awesome game!!!!, I used Hakha for the final levels, so anyone else may get different cutscenes, but from what I do know, it's just one last big firefight..best advice to anyone.."keep low, stay ammo'ed up and keep your cool and don't stop to get health all the time, wait for a breather before you do that", plenty of health to be had if you do it the right way.

**Please note that this blog concerns Killzone for the PS 2, not Killzone;Liberation for the PSP** just to clarify this blog and thanx to the user that alerted me to it, you know who you are..;) 

My thoughts on the Sony PlayStation 3

Ok, after a few days to sit and think about what Kaz, Phil Harrison and Ken Kutaragi had to say about the PS 3, here are my thoughts; ..the conference was overall, a B+ in my personal oppinion, why a B+ you might ask.., well #1, The camera work left an "awful lot to be desired" and I'm not neccessarily putting all of the blame on the camera man either, it's really the people in the control room's fault for not switching to the wide shot, to take in the screen in back of Phil and Ken, so they get a D+ for their "shoddy work and not paying proper attention when they should've been; #2.. games, very good showing there, I'll give them an A- for that , MGS4, Resistence:Fall Of Man, Warhawk..there were many more, but I could'nt remember some of the names, I liked very much the "Oriental themed game" that they showed off,looks very impressive indeed#3; The controller, quite a surprise there, and I'm not buying into the "hokey claims" other's are making saying that "Sony ripped off Nintendo", Nintendo and Sony were both originally teamed when they were originally thinking of a CD-Rom add-on to the SNES, but then Nintendo got greedy and kicked Sony to the wayside and the rest is Video Gaming history, the "Wii- Mote", as I think it's being called, just does'nt do it for me, and I'm not really interested in what Nintendo's proposing to "us, the consumer"I'm not interested in either "Conducting a string quartet", or casting a "fly fishing line", if I wanted to do that , all I have to do , is go to my local Wally World and get the proper supplies and go fishing at the nearest lake, if I chose to do so, so B+ on the controller, it might take a bit getting used to, but so be it, #4..Pricing..ok, $499.00 is pretty high, especially for what someone would be getting in the base console, I mean..come on, 20 gig's is'nt hardly enough room for the majority of my pic collection, $599.00 for the 60 gig is'nt much better, but considering the technology and the bonuses like a Memory card slot (hopefully they meant 2) ..;), the Blu-Ray player, the controller and the HDMI output, I can see where they might be going..so I'll give them a C+ on that issue, I'll still be getting one..Fanboyism aside( and no, I don't consider myself a "fan-boy"), but if you (the reader) think that way, so be it..the conference was awesome to watch for the first one that I did watch from beginning to end..to the other's that are either getting and X-Box 360 or a hehehehehe "Wii"..:P, good for you, I'll keep purchasing what I know works after researching the product in question, I have had the Sony brand, since the "Original PlayStation game console, that one broke , due to someone else deciding to throw it against a wall and messing something up inside the housing, it was never the same after that, so I picked myself up a dualshock version which still works to this day..;) and then I picked up my first PlayStation 2 , after it had been out for about 6 - 9 months, I sold that one after about a year or so to a co-worker of mine who was wanting one, that one messed up on him, after one of his friends threw that one against the wall over some issue or other, he said that it still worked, but he wanted a newer model, so I picked up my 2nd PS 2 after that and it still is going strong, I keep it clean by cleaning the vents out, running a lens cleaner inside, every 15 to 25 hrs of use and it's never once faded on me, the best advice I can give to a buyer is, research what your looking for, and find what suits you, whether it be "Blu-Ray", HD ,"Games", or a bit of both, backwards compatibiltyand or High Definition output.My choice has been and always will be the PS 3, and I have'nt changed my mind.  Peace out, Gamer forever


Ok, here goes, the title says exactly what it means, this is to all the fanboys, whether you like Sony, X-Box, or Nintendo. Each one of you( collectively )thinks that they have the greatest system with the best games, graphics and so on....yada yada yada, this is the same way that it used to be with kids back in the50's and 60', "My dog can whip your dog","Ohh Yea..?", "YEA"...and then a fight would break out, all that I'm trying to say is, what are we truly saying to each other here..?  So Mr. X-Box owner, you have an X-Box with H.A.L.O. and H.A.L.O. 2 or a 360, great, if you like it..?, good...:) I'm happy for you. Mr PlayStation 2 Afficionado, you have a PS 2 with a great collection of games and a few PS 1 games thrown in for good measure, you like it..?join the club , Great, I'm right there with you. Mr Nintendo owner you have an N64 and a Gamecube maybe with the Zelda series for both, awesome, glad you like it. All that I'm trying to say is, we all can like our respective systems and be friends with one another and respect everyone else's oppinion, there's a lot more important things going on in this day than "Which gaming console is the best" and everyone trying to fight over it, wars are being fought over for alot less than this, hunger and starvation in Africa, the ongoing conflict in the middle east, the situation in Iraq, I feel that everyone just needs to cool off and get over it and start getting along with each other instead of "My X-Box can whip your PS 2", "Ohh Yea...?", "YEA", lets not fight over which console is better guys, ok..? Lets just all enjoy the gaming era, think of it in this way, if there was'nt the X-Box and the 360, there'd be fewer PS 2's & Gamecubes to go around..;) Peace all, I'm out.