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Halo Wars, my first real experience.

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So I played the demo for free download off the 360 marketplace, and as most already know, that really isn't enough to go on. But, just recently my friends' pre-ordered collector's editions came in and they gave me the opportunity to be one of the first to play through co-op campaign. While a superb game for all that it is in it's own right (I give it an 8.5/10), the fact that it is not by Bungie's original Halo development team becomes obvious after the first 5 minutes. Oh don't get me wrong, they worked hard on making sure it was an authentic Halo game. They even pulled characters from the Halo books! Sadly, the game needs much tweaking before I will acknowledge it to be a worthy online pastime. Specifically because the covenant when matched against the humans are practically forced to build a scarab to win. Not because their units are poorly built, but because every human commander is supremely overpowered... Honestly, they should not have rushed it so much before release. Here's hoping the get some good updates soon.