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We're losing people!!

Hi guys!

Long time no post! Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that people are rapidly losing interest in Gamespot? I've been reading blogs by followers of you guys, and I must say that I think some of you have noticed. People are forgetting about all their friends and work that are here on Gamespot, and are moving on into either other websites or just stopping blogging altogether. If you know anyone who's leaving us here at GS, or even if one of you is leaving Gamespot, comment on this post telling me why. That is, if anyone's still out there...

Keep gaming! :)

Me? In charge of something? Good joke! Oh, you're serious...

I'm going on a CCF camp in the first week of July with my cadet contingent, which includes Machine758, and I've been put in charge of a section. I have absolutely no command experience whatsoever, so, naturally, I'm bricking one!

Just a quick update for you. Any comments or requests for new blog entries?

For those of you still bothered about my video review things, progress is slow, but I'll get there!

Keep gaming! :)

EDIT:Hopefully, there should be a guide to the COD MW2 intel items coming soon. I just need a bit of time to remember where I found them, then I'll release it. :)


For those of you who cared about my last blog post,I passed the instruction year and am now a Lance Corporal! Now I look forward to my assignment for next year. Keep playing :)

'Oh, we're halfway there'

I'm halfway to level 10, which means I'm halfway to my video reviews! Keep playing, and thank you for your patience! (God, its slow to rank up!:))

I've spent how much on Xbox 360 games?!

After adding all of my games to my collection I found out that, in total, my games collection costs $379.81! I never knew that I was that into games!

EDIT:Its probably much larger now, but cba changing it all the time. Keep playing :)

Video Reviews

As soon as I get my level up high enough, I'll start posting some video reviews. Watch this space! :)