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Been awhile and may be even longer

My laptop died so I haven't been able to hangout at my online hangouts Iike I usually do and it will probably be even longer before that's corrected.

xbox 360 S power brick was making funny (LOUD) noises now its quiet again but now the console just shuts off, so i'll be looking into replacing that.

still been picking up the games with gold but with the sales its kind of a what's the point until I get the console fixed. :(

OG (XBOX) Escape from Butcher Bay Beaten!

I guess I got caught up in the hype for the new movie I bought a pre-owned Riddick Trilogy (Pitch Black, Dark Fury and Chronicles of Riddick) and started playing the (orignal gangsta) xbox to play Chronicles of Riddick : Escape from Butcher Bay. thx to the help from gamefaqs now I just need to see the new film :) more additions that I have'nt made time to play. free with gold games , but before that I did make time to try out Borderlands 2 (424) Defense Grid (425) Assassins Creed II (already have the disc) Crackdown (+disc) Dead Rising 2 Dead Rising Case Zero Magic the Gathering 2013 Ben 10 Rise of the Hex (due to a goof up on live)

catching up on additions: O vipers legends of crazy child

Bangai-O HD Missile Fury (418)

Fighting Vipers (xbla) (419)

Spartacus Legends (420)

Child of Eden (421)

Crazy Taxi (xbla) (422)  weird thing I had to search for Crazy Taxi

xbox live arcade to get it to show up if you do just Crazy Taxi its not in

the list of versions available.


games that need to be played before officially added

Borderlands 2

Doritos Crash Course 2

Fable III

DC game Sturmwind + Fcbd

It shipped on April 22nd and I got it on May 4th 2013.

I was all set to play when my connection to my av switch won't work on input

2 and 3 so the as soon i'll add it to the collection.

I went to Free Comic Book Day, but still managed to snag a few ccomcis for my Neice.

the not yet counted

I have'nt added (or tried to add) to collection because I have not taken

the time to play these games  I dunno maybe i'm superstitious but I

trust in GOD instead thinking that if I add a game it won't work.

so in no particular order the games that are waiting for me to add to my

collection are:

Virtua Fighter 2  (xbla)

Dust an Elysian Tale(xbla)

Geometry Wars 2 (squared) xbla

Child of Eden 360 (disc)

Lost hog course walking dx wars.

Sonic the hedgehog has yet to be replaced so i'm taking it out of the collection but its been replaced by Doritos Crash Course [411] actually i've had it for a while but just now adding it. The Walking Dead Episode 5 [412] was finally picked up and played when I got it on sale. Still can't add Crazy Taxi (XBL) to my collection. PacMan CE DX [413] Had for some time but finally added it to collection. free to play game (if you have live) Happy Wars [414]

New badge, New games

All-star Halo dungeon walking. 

1st the badge for years i've been trying get something anything to

the ones I have already and now I don't even know what earned

me the badge 'Bad Taste'  so far no luck seeing what its about.

this past Christmas I received   Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed

(403),   Halo 4 (404), Dungeon Fighter Live (405) which seems

very similar to Guardian Heroes.    and the Walking Dead episodes

1 (406), 2( 407). 3 (408), 4, (409) still gotta get the last part though.


stie is acting funny at the moment I stopped at 409, but the

game lists say 411, and my list has my wishlist combined with my

game collection,  my I won't wait so long to update the fnfo.