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So I was pretty dissapointed that there was no new game + in this game, but at least you get to replay missions. So I started from the first mission the replay menu would let me but I screwed up a fight and wanted to start over, so I hit "reload checkpoint" but the game crashed. Frustrated, I restarted the game but when I hit continue, it brought me to that point in the game. Like, all the races, events, jobs, favors, and police cases had been reset, but I still had all my clothing, upgrades, cars, and money, too. So basically, I glitched myself into a new game plus +! Also, it kept my old save from after having beat the game, so I can still go back any time I want. Basically, it's the perfect glitch, and I'm loving it. If you want to try it out for yourself, go ahead! I was playing the PC version btw.

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I had read a false spoiler of the ending -- in which Joel gets infected and Ellie has to kill him. I think that would have been the best possible ending emotionally... but I think they're setting up a sequel/series.


It also 


Would have been a complete ripoff of the Walking Dead, thus actually making it the lamest ending they could have done.


Also, they're not setting up for a sequel, at least not one that has anything to do with Joel and Ellie. They've already said this is the end of their story and, if they do another one, it wouldn't be starring them.

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First, there's no guarantee there would be a vaccine considering how incompetent the Fireflies are, as we've seen, and the fact that they're running on random no-name doctors using medical equipment outdated by at least 20 years. If they get a vaccine, there's no saying they would have had the means to mass produce it. Third, if they mass produced it, there's no way they could get it to everyone around the globe, and most likely bandits and military would wipe them out (like they've been doing) and steal the vaccine for themselves. Fourth, even if they somehow managed to get the vaccine to every surviving human, the majority of the human race is now infected, who would still be covering the globe and would have to be erradicated. Fifth, EVEN IF all that happens, would society ever really be the same? After all that, after all the horrible things people have had to do to each other to survive, and after the monsters that people have become as a result of it, is it really reasonable to expect that society as we knew it before the outbreak would ever return?

The Fireflies had good intentions, but by this point they were riding on false hope and blind optimism. If Joel had let Ellie die on that operating table, the best case scenario is that the Fireflies would have a vaccine that's totally worthless and Joel would have nothing.

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Which do you like better? Ok I know I'm on TLOU's board but just curious. For me, I still don't know. While TLOU did have a few misty-eyed moments, TWD was the only game to actually make me literally ball crying, and I would definitely put TWD as the more emotional experience. However, while TWD had MORE characters that were interesting, I think I would put Joel and Ellie above Lee and Clementine. Yes, Lee killed someone, but he still manages to be an all-around good guy, and Clem's innocence in contrast to the world she's forced to live in is tragic, but she never actually seems to lose that innocence. Lee and Clem are better people, but I liked Joel and Ellie better as characters. They just felt more real and flawed (and  I know you can choose how Lee acts, but you'll never question if he's the good guy or not). 

So, story-wise I think they're kinda even. If I had to choose which one to come back and play at any given time, I'd choose TLOU, but pretty much because of the gameplay (point-and-click adventure games really only interest me to play once or twice).

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Yeah I like the silenced 9mm but since I play a completely supportive role I only have room for a pistol and the revolver being able to down someone in 3 hits is really useful since most of the time I'm more worried about getting to the team mate in time over being stealthy.

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I prefer the revolver

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Dishonored and Bioshock aren't really very comparable. I guess I like Bioshock more because, as long as the gameplay is at least servicable, I really love story. Dishonored beats 1 and 2 in terms of gameplay, but I think Infinite gives it a run for its money, and the story definitely blows it out of the water.

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Actually, you can block AND dodge. And both are pretty simple to use. Use the lock on button (R2 or RB) and whenever he glows red, just push the left stick towards him and hit X/square. And you can dodge by pressing A+X/X+square

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I can kind of see where you're going with this, but we'll just have to wait to see what Kojima continues to do with Raiden and if he chooses to go that route with him.

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It had some cool art but it really wasn't that much, nothing to really get upset over.