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Its official im putting all my vids on youtube.

i posted my first vid on youtube(via iphone) and it works just fine you might wanna up the volume cause im not to loud in this vid but oh well here is the vid


i will be deleting the one vid i put up on gamespot cause it has no sound lol if you wanna watch my vids go right ahead if not thats ok. next vid i will be unboxing little big planet 2 i might do two vids tomorrow the other one is just to talk about what i wanna do with these vids

well later :D

my first failed attempt at video blogging :)

yup i said it lol ive actually been thinking about doing this for a while just for the fun of it but its off to a rocky start so far when it uploaded the picture was sideways and it there was no sound :(.

the video is up now if you wanna see what i look like but once i get the vid situation straight im gonna delete the vid seeing as how it has no sound

later :D

Fighting game news and my top 5 most anticipated fighters

2011 is gonna be a big year for fighting games and fighting gamers alike, i just wanna give my thought on the latest fighting game news and which games im personally excited for in order. but first im gonna get into various news reguarding various fighting games(btw sorry for this blog being a few days late lol).

First off Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition was released in arcades(obvioulsy) at the end of December and with that came alot of changes most notably the additon of both yun and yang and from what i hear yun is top tier and yang isnt too far behind. Other than that the rest of the changes came in the form of rebalancing the rest of the roster for instance hakan, makoto, and deejay are supposed to be greatly superior to their console counterparts, whereas the majority of the original world warriors got nerfed wiht both honda and blanka getting the short end of the stick, ken is supposedly the best shoto and two ultra combos had motion changes(that i know of) most notably bison's ultra 2(psycho punisher) got changed from a double fireball motion to a chargemotion :(. There are rumors that a patch for the console version is coming in june but its all speculation at this point

Next up is Mortal Kombat, the guys at netherelm studios have been doing alot of magazine press to confirm various characters most notably kratos from the god of war franchise which suprised many. Outside of that its looking like the rest of the roster is gonna be the Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 roster so if you have a favorite from mk1 to umk3 they will probably be in the game. I have my to favs in so i'm happy(kung lao and jade).

Now for Marvel Vs Capcom 3, we are now one month away from getting a sequel that we thought would never happen so its kinda surreal that the game is so close. The latest two characters to get confirmed are mike haggar of final fight fame repping the capcom side and phoenix repping the marvel side both characters look pretty impressive. im just hoping green goblin makes the cut pretty please capcom?

Now for my top five most anticipated fighing games of 2011

1. Mortal Kombat

2. Marvel vs Capcom 3

3. Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition

4. Street Fighter X Tekken

5. Tekken Tag Tournament 2

If there is any fighting game that you're excited about let me know in the comment box if you're not into fighting games thats cool i just hoped you enjoyed my blog today.

well later :D

just an update xD

Wassup everybody its been a while since i blogged i wanted to i just didnt fee like it for some odd reason lol anyways hope everyone had a nice holiday and whatever they wanted for christmas. I've been playing alot of fallout new vegas and alot of ssf4 i've been training alot with deejay so he is officialy my second main gonna also try and practice with makoto(again) and el fuerte. later on tonight i'll probably make another blog reguarding all the fighting game news around the world since i've been late trying to talk about that

well later guys :D

Marvel vs Capcom 3: My Thoughts pt. 2

Sup guys this obviously a continuation of my last blog when i talked about the characters, this time i'll be talking about the story and the online play. First off there really isnt much thats known about the story but i hear it has something to do with doctor doom wanting to take over both the marvel and capcom dimensions and he cannot do this alone so he enlists the help of the one person that could be as evil or more evil than him, that being albert wesker, i dont know what else goes on from there so its anyones guess how the story will turn out,

as for online play if you played ssf4 then you know what to expect as far as game modes go from what capcom is saying, the most interesting thing though is the license system which describes who you use and how you play and the same for your opponent which is actually a very cool idea .

well thats all i have to say about mvc3 hard to believe its 2 months away right?

well later :D

Marvel vs Capcom 3: my thoughts

This blog may end up being in parts because there is alot to talk about when it comes to this game as. In this part though i will be talking about probably the main selling point of the game, the characters. i'll start off by naming the characters im exicted to use on each side, then talk about the characters im not looking forward to going up against then finish up by talking about who should have been in this game and /or hopeully will become dlc in the near future.

The Characters im most excited to use:

Marvel side)

Deadpool - so far hes been my favorite inclusion on the marvel side and looks like hes really going to be fun to use

X-23 - i love using extremely fast characters she'll probably be no exception as im one of the few that actually like here playstyle.

Spider-Man - whynot?

Capcom side)

Amaturasu - she looks very dangerous in the right handsand has alot of ways to attack

Wesker - or neo if you want lol jk i havent seen anyone use wesker to his full potential yet but once someone finds out just how good he is hes gonna be a beast

Viewtiful joe - i dont know why i just want to lol.

Characters im not looking forward to play against;

Marvel side)

M.O.D.O.K - extremely projectile heavy character with incredible trap game? as deadpool would say "EAT A BAG OF ***** STUBBY *****" -_-

Dormammu - or blackheart 2.0

Magneto - if you played mvc2 you know exactly why hes up there

Capcom side)

Zero - what do you do with a broken character in TvC? make him stronger in mvc3 of course

trish - heavy projectile spam with random trap makes for excelent noob strategy

dante - because everyone will use him but only a chosen few will actually be goood with him.

What characters should have made the cut

Marvel side)

Rouge - like seriously make it happen capcom

Silver surfer - he was gonna be in but was scrapped cause of various issues, i wouldnt rule him out as dlc though

Capcom side)

samonoske - the onimusha franchise has been overlooked for to long and it would have been nice if capcom would have shown some love be adding there main character(not aoki)

vergil - get rid of trish,add vergil easy fix right?

well thats all for today next blog i'll probably talk about online play among other things as well

well later :D

happy thanksgiving everyone

i know its a little late lol i hope everyone had a great and this blog is just to say im thankful for all of the people i met on gs and became friends with this would include





MMxboi(aka 2pac)





there plenty more im thankful for as well thank you all

later :D

another update

Its been a little bit since i last blogged lol well i have black ops if anyone wants to play against me or team up with me just throwing it out there inb4codisoverrated ^_^. oh also i pre-ordered the collecters edition of marvel vs capcom 3(still waiting for rogue capcom) very good value considering its only 10 dollars more than the stand alone game and you get a comic book and jill valentine and shuma-gorath as dlc the art on the steel case looks really cool too much better than the box art on the standard edition.oh im all hearing rumors that phoenix/dark phoenixis gonna be in the game i dont know how true it is considering all of the character list that have leaked have all been wrong....................................im still waiting on rogue capcom make it happen i dont wanna have to burn ur building down -_- lol jk

well thats it talk to you guys later :D

an update of sorts

well im gonna be sending my wii in for repairs over the weekend it cost around 85 bucks total less than i thought it would be which is a good thing obviously so my should be ready for the holiday season line-up :D.

also i picked up a few games this past week i've gotten batman arkham asylum, soul calibur 4 and mk vs dc. all of which i am enjoying(yes even mk vs dc i remember i was so excited for this game before it came out) well thats enough for tonight will blog again soon

later :D

Sonic 4 Episode 1 is GREAT !!!!!!!!

i just got it for the iPhone and im still debating whether im gonna still get it for the ps3 but from what ive played so far it really exceeded my expectations. heres hoping episode 2 and sonic colours are just as good :D