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I Rate Some Of The Biggest Titles of 2011

Well since it's always like months in between when I log onto this site, I figured I'd review two new games from this year and all the games I've played recently.

Call of Duty:MW3: I really enjoyed this game on my PC, which was a huge surprise even to me.

Pros: Tight controls, over the top campaign, Extremely deep multiplayer.

Cons: Over the top campaign(sometimes it's just too unrealistic to the point you're like "really?") graphics look outdated, multiplayer still doesn't have the right balance, too many levels to rank up online (80? I feel like it was fine with CoD4, no need to add all these extras)

Final Score:8.4

Battlefield 3: I also enjoyed this one, but not as much as I had hoped.

Pros:Interesting campaign, amazing graphics, decent customization options online, 64 player online.

Cons:Battlelog (the biggest burden to a PC player in my opinion), campaign felt like a watered down CoD, multiplayer maps are too big even for 64 player online.

Other notable mentions:

Final Score:9

Counter Strike Source: 8

Sonic Generations: A great game, could have been ported better to the PC but it gets the job done and looks gorgeous. I give it an 8.5

Thats really all I've had time to play on the computer lately, I have Skryrim waiting at home already preloaded so I'll give you guys a follow up later.

Thanks for reading all :]

First Update in 2 Months (and its a big one)

Hi everyone, I've been occupied with other things lately and never have the time to get on here. I've got plenty of games for my new computer to get around to and review and you guys know I love to review things.

I've been trying to make better techno music, and so far..I'm decent but not that great.

Ever since I got my iPod touch I haven't picked up my PSP to play a game at all..it's really not that portable, and who has the time to play a really in depth game while on the go?

Here are the list of new games I've completed or bought:

iPod: Infinity Blade, and Rage HD (I've got alot of free games/apps I can talk about later also if you'd like)

PC: Bioshock 1 & 2, Oblivion, Star Wars the Force Unleashed, Half life 2 along with pt 1 and 2, Team Fortress, Dead Space 1, Portal

360: PGR4 (I don't play consoles much anymore)

PS3: Gran Turismo 5

Anyway, just thought I'd catch up with you guys. peace.


After another season with Jimmie Johnson winning the championship, five times in a row to be exact. I think I'm done watching it.

It all comes down to the point setup, the people who really deserved it was Denny Hamlin and Harvick..

I'm so mad right now after this..I've never felt so cheated...

New Profile Banner, AGAIN! :D


I've got a new profile banner that shows off how my interests have changed in music. I've gone from liking alot of heavy metal to electronica, in fact so much to have my own group now :].

Me and my friend are heavy at work trying to come up with ideas for songs or lyrics.


I've really lost interest in video games of late. I find myself listening to music almost 90% of my time, and sleeping, eating, or drinking the other 10%, The only games I play now are Halo Reach, ODST, or 3 on the 360 and Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep on the PSP.

So how is it going for you guys? you should leave some replys for me to read :]

New Profile Banner! :D

as you can see I made myself a banner :D. It's different, on purpose. Hope some of you guys like it.

And that's it for me, what's new for you guys? :D

New Union

Me and a few other Gamespotters made a new PSP union. link

It's basically my goal to keep a union for the PSP from dying and never having any activity. So please join, I keep everyone up to date on PSP news and game releases, all in one convienent place

New Profile Pic + boring conversation I'm making

Obviously heres a new pic on my profile. But theres other things on my mind.

Scooby Doo Mystery Inc. I don't know how many people grew up watching Scooby Doo Where Are You, but this show is a total disapointment. I don't know if it's a combination of the art **** and too much focus on the personal life of the "gang" but it ruins everything. Just look as Scooby Doo 2 Monsters Unleashed. Stop with all this emotion crap and do what the original show did. Make the "gang" wreck their car somewhere spooky. Have there be a mystery. Solve the mystery by unmasking a baddy haha. That's all I want.

Sonic Colors, also happens to be on my mind. This game is looking pretty awesome. I saw the first gameplay trailer for it today over at kotaku.com. If the game comes out as good as the trailer looks(which isn't often over at Sonic Team)then we may have one of the most memorable games in recent history. And I'm pretty sure the reviewers at all the sites will give great ratings if it does what all Sonic fans have been wanting for years, after Unleashed, I know critics are trying to put an end to this gimmik thing that Sega and Sonic Team are stuck on.

Sonic 06'. I'm finally trying to make it all the way through this game. I'm stuck on the fire tornado part..which is a pain in the ******* honestly lol.

My Favorite Console Mods + The Song of the Week (7-30-10)

Ok so I'm a huge fan of console mods. Like the ones to the housing. So I decided to make a blog of all my favorites plus honorable mentions. I hope one day I'll be doing stuff like this myself.

Enjoy :]

Xbox 360

My favorite of all the 360 mods I've found so far is this one. The Beatles 360. It's truly beautiful.

other honorable mentions:

xbox 360 laptops(always wanted one): white green

PlayStation 3:

the laptop is my favorite, no matter what you say I really love the idea of game systems being made into a laptop, so much that as soon as i have the funds I'm going to make my own. link

other honorable mentions:

Just plain funny



Just plain weird

PlayStation Portable:

No matter what you say the custom God of War PSP mod is the best.

other honorable mentions:

I'm getting clear casing soon, I love it heres a pic

Just plain weird


my favorite: Super Mario Galaxy

other honorable mentions:

Star Wars Wii

Wii laptop(Why!)



other honorable mentions:

Koopa Shell

Song of the Week:

The song of the week is going to be(next week I'm putting my iPod on shuffle..that'll be funny)......

Rage Against The Machine: Bullet In The Head

I know alot of people don't like Rage Against The Machine, but I do, love the vocals and the lyrics. So I hope you somehow enjoy it too.

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