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Broke down and finally got a 3DS

I been wondering if I wanted to get a Nintendo DS for like 2 years. When I saw a preview of New Super Mario Bros. 2 I fell in love! I just got Super Mario Bros. and I like it. To make things more fun downloaded Super Mario Land ( 6 Golden Coins), Tetris and Punch-out. Classics!!! Its a great way to get my game on, while am on the road. :)

The Comic Con 2012 Live Show

The show was very entretaining. People coments made me laugh out loud a few times, and the games looked awesome! Definitely had fun watching. For those of you who have not tune in, I would suggest to give it a shot. It was worth it.

Guild Wars 2 Beta

I played the beta for a while yesteray. It looked AMAZING but there were some lag issues, not sure if it was my system... Anybody else got to play it? If so, did you have the same issue?


Now I have to find time to play both my 360 and my PS3 because I love them both. :)

If you want to join me and play Killzone 3 or Uncharted 2 hit me up.