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D_Speeding-Blur Blog

On much more

Hey yall im going to start getting on here much more. i really never had a chance before because of basketball and all but now its over so yeah. well how have yall been. any new game suggestions or new things happen?

mk blog image

hey does anyone like my mortal kombat blog image? it took me awhile to make it. oh and sorry that vi havent been on that much, its kinda hard to with school and all.

The New Update

Hey..... i justgot through beating legend of zelda link to the past a few days ago. just havent had time to get on because i beat it at my cousins. it actually took me a while to beat it. what the sad thing is, is that it took me about 5 hours to find the freaking flute. lol. i know, its sad but i didnt know you had to switch to the light world first. i searched the whole dark world. :P i still havent found a store with four swords in it yet. its hard to find for some reason. oh and have yall heard about the new zelda on wii. i think its going to be awesome. Im not to much excited about spirit tracks though. it just doesnt sound like a fun game. but you know me. ill beat it. well how have yall been? yall dont tell me much about yall. My buddies :)

well please respond.

P.S. sorry if i havent been on in a while

Your friend, BLUR

100% complete and whats happenening with me.

Hey all i finally finished zelda majoras mask 100%. It was awesome and took me 17 hours to beat it. 2 days later i started zelda 2 the adventure of link and beat it in like 8 hours. Now im playing zelda one (the very first one) im not to far on it because i just started. Im on doungon 5 as of now. the hearts are extremely easy to get, lol. oh by the way i finally got my liscence today FINALLY. well anyways after i beat the legend of zelda im going to play four swords and accomplish it and that means i have beat every zelda on the big systems so far. cool huh. well thinks for reading this long zelda experience of mine:)

almost done with majoras mask

Hey all i havent played in the last 5 days because i have been busy but im going to start back today. anyways i have played about 12 hours so far and im about 70% finished. i am at the zoro temple with 16 mask 30 heart pieces and almost have all of the items. so i guess we'll see what happens. :)

Thanks for keeping up to date with me, Your Friend BLUR 8)

90% or more on zelda

Derekgilreath and i are going for a 90% or more completion in legend of zelda majora's mask and i was woundering how long you think it might take us. btw, their are no books or computers involved. or any other kind of help????8)

im back :) and about to start a new zelda profile. wanna start with me?

Hey all, i made it back from austin and im about to start a new profile on legend of zelda majoras mask. I would love it if somebody would start at the same time as me and you and me write back while we play at the same time. I thought it might be fun so i will just wait untill somebody wants to play with me. Just write back here and tell me if you will play. I will not start without you so please hurry. Peace

hey all my folks

hey all my friends. i will be leaving in like 2 hours to go to austin and so i wont be on g.s. for like a whole week. so i just thought i would let yall know because if any of yall wonted a new banner or avitar then they will just have to wait for a week. Dont want to think im ditching yall, well ttyl guys.

Your Friend BLUR

Summer Break

Summer break is finally here,, so whats yalls plans, any new good games? trips? whats the news my friends? i plan on going to florida beach. Thats where the weman are :)

Hey all my friends

Hey everyone, i know i dont get on much and i wanted to say sorry because i know im in some unions and i dont really post much on them. With all of the workouts and off season, i dont really have much time anymore besides on the weekends,. But some weekends im at my moms and i cant get on over their. But i really just wanted to let yall know that yall are my friends and im sorry for not being on that much. And im really disappointed with myself considering i dont get on dereks union much or really at all which he's like my main bro. But im sure he understands. lifes tough at my crib. Well anyways please forgive me for not getting on much and talking to yall much and getting on the unions much, but just remember yall will always be my friends.

P.S. If yall ever need anything, like banner or avi or anything like that then just ask and i will try my best to get to it. I wont ever let yall down, if i tell yall i will make it then i will, :)

Your Friend, BLUR

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