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3DS love

The Nintendo 3DS (original model) is the most entertaining dedicated handheld console that I have played since the original Gameboy. At first when it was released I was disappointed in its appearance. It looked outdated and I wanted it to be more futuristic I suppose, like two iPod touches sandwiched together, but I got what I got and I wanted to play games and after a while, it grew on me. The 3DS suddenly became pleasant to look at, I was happy to play it in public and not feel embarrassed and all people that I demonstrated it for thought that it looked pretty cool. Nobody ever said anything negative about it, but most people I demonstrated it to were casual gamers only playing a game here and there and werent interested in spending massive money on this piece of hardware. They had their phones for a game and even then played app games very rarely. Now when I showed the few hardcore gamers this machine they liked what they saw, accept for the lake of dual circle pads I agreed to a point but said it was not really necessary for any game that I currently played, not even for Resident Evil Revelation. Speaking of the games, Ive played over 50 different titles since February of this year, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D is my most time consuming game, and my Activity log has had over 150 visits of about 8 minutes apiece. This Log is very informative about your gaming habits and keeps track of even how many steps you take in a day, at this time Ive walked over 1,400,000 steps and logged in 160 hrs. worth of game time. I love this feature with all my heart. The games Ive purchased have all but for one been top tier purchases. The retail games that I purchased gave me experiences that I havent experienced before in a portable and they were quite fun. Resident Evil Revelations brought me 20hrs of anticipation and fear; I could have played for hours longer because of its multiplayer feature and extra campaigns and unfortunately traded it in prematurely for another game that was a Nintendo first part title that Ive been waiting to play for years and years, a sequel to Kid Icarus, and this game was quite good. At first Uprising frustrated me to no end but I ended up actually liking it pretty well. It was fun and entertaining. The graphics were the best Ive seen on 3DS as of yet and the 3D visuals were amazing. The 3DS has the ability to for player to play games that are different then their Console counterpart, the Wii, and for this reason I give the 3Ds my most deserved respect. All in all its a beautiful portable that will pass many hours of time. Its eShop is great and I never run out of games to play. Now if they would only bring out the RPGs I will be completely in love with my 3DS.

Super Mario Bros. for 3DS

Super Mario Bros. for the NES on 3DS is a classic game that really brings back the memories of days gone by and it?s even better that it is a portable NES title that still holds its gameplay value 26 years later. Simple controls and level design ushered in an age of platformers that would forever be mimicked and tweaked as the years went by. How many games have been inspired by the Super Mario Bros.? An infinite number, some that are certainly rivals of the Nintendo mascot, such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Bonk, and today?s Rayman: Origins and other?s that are games slapped together by nameless developers to make a quick buck.

Super Mario Bros. doesn?t have what you today would call bells and whistles (gimmick) or a wide range of variety in which to keep you playing for hours and hours on end, and by todays standards of gaming would be more of a casual gaming experience that would be well suited for a bus or train ride to work but it does have hardcore elements that are actually still difficult to master. The thrill of trying to play this game from beginning to end without using warp pipes is a challenge and unless you know certain tricks of the game, finding 1-Ups are still difficult (if you don?t cheat). Collecting coins in this game is a necessity if you are to make it from beginning to end and sharp reflex are at times needed or you will bite the dust from even a simple goomba. Also look before you leap because there are many pitfalls littered throughout the game. This info is of course old news to gaming vets out there but to the new generation of gamers purchasing a 3DS and never experienced this title on the original, this is a game that they must try if they are to ever to truly appreciate gaming for what it is today.

Super Mario Bros. doesn?t offer a story other than King Bowser kidnapping a Princess named Peach for the first time. You must travel 4 stages of 8 worlds to finally defeat the koopa king. This game also introduced Toad, whom you meet at the end of every stage but the last and tells you, that ?the princess is in another castle.? As I said, not much of a story, but this is a game that speaks for itself in it quality and allows the player to remained focused on gameplay.

What can I say about this game that hasn?t been said about it in the last 26 years? Nothing. This game is a gem of true genius and has been acknowledged as such by millions of people if perhaps not billions. Super Mario will still be a classic 100 years down the road and one day may be celebrated as the game that shaped what the gaming universe is today.

My Games Incredible Listing...

This is a complete list of all my games I own and have played in the last 12 months. I plan on beginning a Vlog/blog series based on my expereince with these games. I see that I have a big boulder to push and I hope to get started with it soon....

Games in my collection 86.

Wii/Gamecube/VC 21


Paper Mario-N64

Super Paper Mario- Wii

Super Mario Galaxy-Wii

Super Mario Bros. 3-NES

Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour-GCN

Nes Open-NES

Super Mario Kart-SNES

The Legend of Zelda:

Majora's Mask-N64

Twilight Princess-Wii

Skyward Sword-Wii


Metroid Prime-GCN

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes-GCN

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption-Wii

Super Metroid-SNES

Other M-Wii

Monster Hunter tri-Wii

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life-GCN


Final Fantasy 4: The After Years-Wii

Magic Destiny-Wii

WarioWare DIY-Wii

Nintendo … 8

Dragon Warrior1




Final Fantasy 1



Earthbound 0

GameBoy 18

Final Fantasy Adventures

Legends 1



Harvest Moon

Kid Icarus

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

Oracles of the Ages

Oracles of the Seasons

Lufia: The Legend returns

Mario Golf



Maru's Mansion (pending review)

Metroid 2: Return of Samus.

Pokemon Puzzle Challenge

Resident Evil gaiden


Super Nintendo 8


Chrono Trigger

Super Mario RPG

Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past

Final Fantasy 4(2-america)


6 (3-america)

Mystic Quest

GameBoy Advance 7

Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

EarthBound 2(Mother 3)

Pokemon Emerald

Wario Land 4

Super Mario Ball

Metroid Zero Mission

DS 2

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

The World Ends With Yo.

Playstation 1

Dragon Quest 7

Steam 4

Final Fantasy 11

Star Wars: KOTOR

Cthulu Saves the World

Breath of Death 7


Deus Ex

Human revolution

BoarderLands GOTY

Batman Arkham Asylum


Splinter Cell

Alpha Protocol

PC 3

Civilization 4

Sim City Mega Pack

RPG Maker XP

iOS(Selected games) 8

Final fantasy 2



Chaos Rings

Infinity Blade


Dragon Fantasy

Guardian Saga


Mario 13

Paper Mario-N64

Super Paper Mario- Wii

Super Mario Galaxy-Wii

Super Mario Bros. 3-NES

Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour-GCN

Nes Open-NES

Super Mario Kart-SNES

Mario Golf-GBC



Super Mario RPG-SNES

Mario & Luigi SSS-GBA

Super Mario Ball-GBA

ThE Legend Of Zelda 8

Skyward Sword-Wii

Twilight Princess-Wii

Majora's Mask-N64

Phantom Hourglass-DS

Links Awakening-GB



Link to the Past-SNES

The Minish Cap-GBA

Metroid 8

Prime 1-GCN



Metroid Zero Mission- GBC

Metroid 2: Return of Samus-GBC


Metroid fusion-GBA


Final Fantasy 14

Final fantasy -NES




The after years-Wii









Mystic quest-SNES

Dragon Quest 5

Dragon Warrior -NES



` 4-NES






Human revolution-ONLIVE

Infinity Blade-iOS


Harvest Moon-GBC

A Wonderful Life-Wii

Pokemon Emerald-GBA

Puzzle Challenge-GBC

Wario 4-GBA

Ware DYI-Wii

I dunno, sumthing I guess?


Hmmm. How do you even wonder when you don't even know what's going on? When everything around you is so complexingly altered in ways that you never thought possible. Every image imaginable racing through the mind like the star speed of multicolor faucets of energy piercing like nipple rings into dwindling euphoria… What is Dwindling? It is the feelings of eating a super mushroom only to be hit by a cheep cheep to shrink back into your last chance self in a sea of bloopers.


The struggles of standing behind a blaster looking onward, staring down a horde of Aliens who's bloodied acid stings with the fierce agony, and all she wants to do is survive. Yet it is easy to recover if you just keep pressing on, the next room is where you shall be saved, a chance for redemption and another day to fight. She was attacked by a **** of a Brain storm just before she reached the door. The claxon her heart experienced could have sent her into shock but she stood her ground and faced this ruthless bastard down to the ultimate showdown. The Beast flew above her, Wings of leather shuddering thunder in torrent bits of rage. Its eyes, a jewel of Blaze, hate, anger, and greed reflected the energy of her charge. Its beak spoke of a titan's rage, jagged and many. "Today's of all days it would be great to curl up into a little ball." She sighed, dreaming she was under a blanket…and then the asskicking began…


Bowser stood!


A parody of my own hopes and dreams, an adventure of pure never ending going on over and over again seeming and vaguely only perhaps partially to have happened before, this man is never without his sword unless of course it happens to wash up along shore, lost in a cave, or is in the hands of a beautiful princess. Of course this is double entendra but that doesn't mean there's no sword play before the foreplay. The hero gets into a bit of a time loop where his soul ends up being just a link to the power and the wisdom because he possessed the courage.

I wished I possessed the courage. "Thundercats HOOOOOOOO!"


My Hope for Wii U

My hopes for the Wii U and the birth of true tablet gaming.

I've been reading many things about the Wii U and to me they all seem like the future of actual console gaming on a tablet. This is why the console itself is important and why true gaming will never be actualized on device such as a tablet alone, at least until next gen. The number one feature of a tablet is its portability. While it may be enjoyable to enjoy a quick game on the go, a home console is where you can actually involve yourself in the story, puzzle, action, and mystery of the games you are playing.

Now think about the Wii U's tablet controller. It's the game personally in your hands, hopefully with the chance of up to four players on other devices locally and whomever you wish to play online. This system will feature high definition graphics that are going to be deserving of the Nintendo brands. It will allow people to be connected in games in a way that current systems do not offer. When it is connected to your television you will be presented with breathe taking games and graphics.

I may have high hopes for this system but I keep going back to the way the tablet controller is design it will feature an interface that will delight the hardcore and even casual gamer. This system is going to break records in sells of units in its first year compared to Wii's because I see a Mario game, A Rock star game, with exclusive Wii U content, a brand-new Square Enix original ip, with a demo of Kingdom's Heart 3 for Wii U... Plus a launch that will include a game by Retro studies.

The system will have a world wide release date because; Nintendo's servers will be going online the same day. It will be the number 1 seller of gaming console for up to ten years because it's easy access to the internet and its upgradability. Many 3rd party developers will want to take advantage of the chance to allow customer to buy apps and make in game purchase in which Nintendo will take the smallest bight of the profit for each item sold.

It will initially sell for an above market price, while manufactured forced exclusivabilty is imposed on a must have public. Probably around 500us dollars. With the demand there will be a nifty and lucrative grey market. However prices will be warranted for its content out of box as I believe a piece of software that comes with it will push/sell units to be the must have home gaming system.

Home consoles should never be portable as a tablet or smartphone or even dedicated gaming portables as 3ds. Games as epic as Zelda, Metroid , Mario , Uncharted 3, or Skyrim should be experience in a place where you feel comfortable enough to express yourself as a gamer. And the Wii U will hopefully do something this awesome.

Mario in Faxanadu

Doom, it filled Paper Mario's heart, as he realized he was in a Battlefield near the Borderlands of Faxandu and Harvest Moon. He was in Eternal Darkness surrounded by Ghost 'n Goblins, who carried a Golden Axe, bloodied by the souls of Battletoads. He tried to cower behind a multi-colored stone Column, to protect himself from those Dark Wizard's Fatal Fury, but was spotted by the God of War, who captured him and took him to Dante' Inferno. Paper Mario stood chained up top of Silent Hill, within the Inferno, where the screams, growls, moans, and howls of Damnation made his blood Chill, his mind warped with F.E.A.R.. "I am the Last Guardian," he thought, "How could I now be the Weakest Link?" And at that moment upon his back, he felt a Breathe of Fire singe his skin. "I am Gladius, the King of Monster's with Killer Instinct, and this is your Final Fantasy, Paper Mario!!!" Gladius raised his sword, Skyblazer, and brought it down towards Mario. It was now time to Sink or Swim or become part of the Eternal Sonata so he jumped with all his Might & Magic to avoid that Deadly Strike. Thunder & Lightning struck the chains, shattering them , releasing Gladius' Prey. The Gears of War were now in motion, Mario would now have to have a Face Off with this Resident Evil, this BioShock of Maximum Carnage. With his special move the Shatterfist, he pummeled the Altered Beast. It was time to Crackdown, to have a real Clash of the Titans. Gladius looked broken, but still had a Final Fight or 2 in him. With the skill of a Super Street Fighter, he Bust-a-Move known as the Rage, which hit Mario with the Force Unleashed squarely into one of his BlazBlue eyes, popping it out of its socket onto the ground- he collapsed to the DiRT. For a moment he was Out of this World, floating in a Tempest of the Darkness, and then within his mind his saw a bright light appearing before him and it resembled a Goldeneye. "I know how to make it so the Devil May Cry," it spoke to our fallen Hero, "You need to finish him with the power of the Halo. I shall now return you to the world of light, away from this place of the Perfect Dark." Mario regained conscience just as Gladius was about to use another rage attack. Weakened but not yet finished, he saw an object of energy known as the Phantasy Star appeared just within reach. He grabbed it and became the Legendary hero and Gladius disintegrated into the Sands of Time.