Producing Music!

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Hey everyone!

It's been such a long time since I've posted but let me give you a quick update on my life.

Haven't been gaming too much, although I did finish the new Mass Effect 3. I wasn't upset with the ending like most people, however I did feel it was a little empty. I expected a bit more for a conclusion, and for not so many loopholes to be opened. Hopefully the DLC they add will be more fulfilling.

What I've mainly been spending time on has been Music production! I've been a huge fan of dance/trance/house music since I've been in high school, and now I finally picked up producing it! I released my first song a few days ago!

You can check it out off my official Facebook page!

Hope everyone has been doing great!

Add Me on Twitter!

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Hey Everyone,

Unfortunately I'm not on Gamespot as often as I'd like to be.

If you'd still be interested in keeping contact with me, I use Twitter alot!

My Twitter is

I look forward to seeing you guys on there!


Mass Effect 2 is unbelievable!

It Is Not The Dark Side!

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Yesterday I went out to see X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I've read a lot of reviews on the movie, few of them being good beforehand, but after actually seeing the movie, I just couldn't believe what I read. I'm not one to agree with movie reviews often. The action scenes were superb, along with an above average story. The fights between Wolverine and Sabertooth were absolutely brutal, even though whenever Sabertooth decided to run on all fours like a dog, It got a little bit cheesy for me. I can't say I was too happy with the dialogue, but I didn't go into the movie expecting too much, so it didn't hurt too bad. Overally, I think the movie is worth checking out for just about anyone.

I also went out and bought Metal Gear Solid 4 yesterday. I finished MGS 1 2 and 3 last year, so this is the last one in the series other than the portable games. I've spent the past 4 hours playing it, only stopping to write this blog and then go to work. It is a visually outstanding game by console standards, and I've really been missing some good stealth gameplay.

About to go to work, You guys have a good week!

Officially a PS3 Owner Now!

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I went out to Best Buy today, and decided to purchase a PS3.

Just unboxed it an hour ago, and completed the first update.

Created my PSN account. My Username is DVzomb, and I'm looking for some friends to add on there, because at the moment I have none :(

I'll accept friend invites from anyone, just send them to me.

Also I've noticed that there is no sound coming from it, and the picture quality is awful on my HDTV.

Maybe that's because of the composite cables that came with it. Now I have to make a trip out to buy some Component cables.

I don't really have much for it right now, actually only Mirrors Edge. I'm thinking of picking up MGS4 on Friday.

There Goes That Memory.

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Now that you've opened this blog, you may have noticed that I now have a new Banner and Avatar. My new theme is for the upcoming Assassins Creed 2 which I'm really hyped up for. I think that Mav_Destroyer from Designers Central did a great job with it, and I'm glad to have it on my profile.

I made a couple of purchases in the past two days. They were Pokemon Platinum along with a new Black DSi. Decided to take advantage of the trade-in deal that Gamestop were having where you can sell them your old DS lite for 70 dollars towards a DSi. I figured the new features it has would come in handy eventually, so the purchase felt like it was worth it. If you buy a DSi, you also get 1000 free points for the new DSi-Ware marketplace. I really haven't found any downloadable games that were worth it, so I'll probably save those points for now.

I've played Pokemon Platinum for around 2 hours now and can safely say that it's an enjoyable game. It actually feels very different from the old games that I remember playing years ago, but the improvements are all welcome. The old Pokemon formula is still there, so it really stays true to the other games in the series.

I went to see "Fast and the Furious" in theatres on Thursday, and I was left with mixed impressions. Overall, I do think the movie had some really intense race scenes, but what bothered me the most was just how dour it felt. I won't spoil anything for those who haven't seen it yet, but something happens in the beginning of the movie that just causes everyone to become furious to eachother i.e. Characters that were once friends now are rivals, and there really aren't many bonds between them until the end of the movie. This may not bother some people, but it's just not what I expected out of a "Fast and the Furious" film. Even though it has some faults, it does what it does best, and provides a fast paced, entertaining movie.

One of the Few, Fable 2

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I just completed Fable 2, and it was the gaming experience I haven't had in a very long time. The plot actually managed to pull me in, and never let go. Some people said that the plot wasn't very good, but I disagree with that statement. I won't spoil anything to those of you that haven't played this superb game, but by the end of the game, I actually felt sad by what happened.

You're given some choices, and it's actually difficult to choose one. One of the many themes of Fable 2 is that you have to Sacrifice in order to get what you truly desire. The whole ending of the game is very dramatic and emotional. I haven't played a game in a long time that has an ending that sticks with me even after I wake up the next day.

Other than the ending, the whole game was fantastic. The atmosphere was stunning. It was vibrant, colorful, beautiful, etc. The quests were actually interesting, and some made you have to actually make decisions, and each decision lead into a different direction that the quest went into.

I might actually write a review on Fable 2. Haven't written any of those in a long time.

Long story short, Play this game, you won't regret it.

Now it's time for my second run through...

This Site Design Is Awesome!

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I haven't been on Gamespot in a long time, ever since GiantBomb launched. To be honest, I'm running out of reasons to be over there. I'm not a big fan of getting the GiantBomb points, and I even come back to Gamespot often for reviews. I don't like the 5 star review system they have going on over there.

It feels a bit weird reading their reviews because they tend to use "I" very often. It makes me feel like I'm reading a user made review, not a professional one. The points system is flawed, as people who reach a certain amount can change anything someone else has already written without a mod's approval.

I feel really comfortable with this new Gamespot design.

Know what really bugs me?

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When I see certain people on Gamespot, that buy games like there's no tomorrow, and therefore create a backlog for themselves. People that buy games that the know they'll put away, and never play again. These people I'd like to call the "Ultimate Consumers".

Now what may I be so irritated about? I just got done reading someone's blog post on this site, and this person is an ultimate consumer. That someone buys games to no end from what I've seen, good or bad, just needs something to spend money on I guess. Then they blog about how they're trying to finish their games as fast as possible so that they can move on to the next game.

I never payed attention to this person much before, because I couldn't care less about their weird habit...not until now atleast. I found this person through another a friends tracked blogs. I looked at their recent blog, and what I read is that this person is about halfway through Metal Gear Solid 4, and needs to finish it before the weekend is over so that they can move onto other games.

This is what irritates me right here. The biggest question is WHY??? This game has been in development for soo long, and it's been done soo well. Why do you want to take a game like this like an assignment? Video games are not assignments, therefore they're not meant to be taken like assignments. You play a game to enjoy it, not to run through it, only in order to run through another game.

Oh, and this person is not on my tracked users list, so nobody on their has to worry. I track you for a reason.

I play a wide variety of games. Just the other day, I finished the original MGS for the playstation after playing for about 2 days. Why did I finish it so fast? I wasn't trying to. The storyline just got so compelling that I didn't want to stop.

What did I do when I finished? I moved on to MGS2: Sons of Liberty. I'm taking little breaks in between play time to make this game last longer. I've already completed MGS3, so after this I'm moving right on to MGS4. To those people who played MGS4 before any other MGS game, I've got to say you really missed out on a whole experience. The idea is to go with the series in order because you see how different characters develop, and appear at different ages with more or less experience. It's very interesting.

But anyways, I'll stop now, because obviously this obsessive buying behavior in some people just doesn't change. All I can say is that these people don't get the full experience from gaming if they run through games like assignments.

Mile High Club

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This has got to be a joke.

An evil joke that is meant to drive people insane.

I have died 148 times trying to do this mission in COD4.

God am I pissed.:evil:

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