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DSfreak789 Blog


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Sorry to say, but there is no point for me to come here from day to day and write reviews, blof topics, etc. So I will not come on any more. I have handed my union to soemone else and unsubscribed from my newsletters. Sorry guys, but now I have better things to do that I am in yaer 8 now.

Good bye!!


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Hello, everyone. I'm back from a short break from Gamespot.

I wanted to tell you about my Christmas.

I got heaps of great presents but I also got two Nintendo DS games. They were Zoo Tycoon 1 and Sonic Rush.

You can see my rating for Zoo Tycoon, because I have already played it, but you'll have to wait at least 1 1/2 weeks for Sonic Rush.

My union

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I am the leader of my own union (All Nintendo Things Union), but it isn't very active and only a few members are actually doing stuff; Crows55, Jamez634, Pepsi-KFC, diggeryboy36 and myself. Has anyone got any ideas on getting more people to participate?? Please let me know!!

Rated some games

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Tonight I have rated some more games. Those are:

Sonic Rush Adventure - 7.0

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass - 8.5

Diddy Kong Racing (DS) - 4.5

I will be rating and reviewing some more shortly.

No biggy

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Just saying that I have seen this website. It;s no biigy though.

 I don't know who the kids are but I was told by a mate.

I'm worried

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Lately someone has benn on my account. They have taken me off the position of leader on my union and Jamez634 has told me that they even sent every member in that union a message! I am worried!!

Should I change my password and email address in case they looked?

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games.DS

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I don't understand Mario & Sonic at the Olympic games. First of all why does it have such a long name?? Why couldn't they call it: Mario & Sonic at the Olympics?? Shorter!!

Also... Some of the games on it make you rub the screen really hard or you won't move!! I was forced to go out and buy a screen protector!! A screen protector should come with the bloody game!!

Also 2... Why have Sonic?? I would prefer just Mario series characters.

For the future!!... For the 2012 Olympics in London possibly make a name but consider the above!!

So long Mario and Sonic at the really long Olympic Games title.... ~


It is bad

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It really sucks that you have to be on level ten to upload a video! I mean, I'm only on level eight (10%) (posted when on level eight, 10%) I have a video I would like to share!! It's a short clip of Mario Kart DS I took with my own camera. Unfortunately the quality turned out poor. I think this happened because a camera is filming another screen.

I have to confess that I'm happy that I can at least I can upload cool images.


I just checked the spelling of this blog and it won't let me have "It sucks" as a heading!! So I changed it to "It is bad". Wow!!! It's sensitive!