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Let's play Pokemon Glitch version! Episode 2: ...Well, crap.

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Alright guys, yes, This is what you think it is, but there's a problem. See, I was being dumb and left the wtw cheat on while I was walking to the lab with oak, and then the emulator crashed. Stupidly, I accidentally SAVED instead of loaded, so that save state comes up as a crashed game. So I decided to skip ahead to my already half-done file, with all the glitches I got so far, DO NOT PANIC THOUGH, this LP is far from over. In case you're wondering, here's my party of glitches.

Hmm. None at impressive levels, we'll fix that WAY later in the game, but for now, let's have a look. Let's choose our first one, h Poke. h poke is not dangerous at all, at least, to the player.

 His attack, regardless of what the stats say, is amazing. And don't even get me started on his evasiveness. Dude can't be hit at ALL. which makes him an essential to any party. And on top of that....

He knows nightshade and confuse ray, which are the in the top 50's of moves you can have in gen 1 (the #1 move is guillotine.) On to the next pokemon then!

This cute little guy is A. and A is very very cool in the fact that:

He DOES know guillotine! Very cool, and his attack is only...what, 8?! Well, that can be fixed through powerleveling with rare candies.


Oh, no.....I had hoped we didn't get to him. *sigh* Ladies and gentlemen, this is .4 . And .4 is the most dangerous glitch in the entire game. Aside from blocky, which we may or may not catch. Here are his stats I guess. And when we get to his gets tricky. Here they are.

Alright, now these his moves on a good day. His moves are usually this from top to bottom.

1: SuperGlitch

2: Agility

3: TM28

4: Agility

Yes, 2 agilities. Also, I'm going to quote Metroixer on what TM28 and Super glitch are.


....and a nameless move at the top. That nameless move right there, that is one of the big things that makes .4 very dangerous. That move is similar to the sharked moves that I made fatty use, and according to bulbapedia, it is defined as a "SUPERGLITCH" move.
What is Super Glitch you may ask? Well, it seems that Super Glitch defines a large amount of unstable glitch moves that reside in the Gameboy's hexidecimal slot AC to C3 in the pokemon red and blue American moves. They look weird, usually have no name and some strange typing, and most - if not all - cause a similar occurence called the "TM TRAINER" effect. This, as we've seen, changes the player's name to TM TRAINER that is followed by unreadable glitch dialouge. Then, as we've seen the health bars go crazy and some burn/poison/frozen(?) damage causes the pokemon to slowly lose health and the health bar loop several times before finally fainting. What happens after is pretty big fair game. Why does this happen you may ask? Well it seems that these attacks will scramble around the Game's RAM, which (usually) causes the game to freeze after the completion of the super glitch move. To be honest, using super glitch itself will not really erase your game, but if it is used AGAINST you, then you're probably in trouble.

... The guy couldn't have put it better. Yes. Superglitch is a highly dangerous and sometimes deadly move to your save file. If you would use it, 90% of the time for me, it crashed or gave me an opcode. It's incredibly hard to work with...and most often, I use it, only to find that when it doesn't freeze, it's just a renamed version of a bellsprout's Growth move. Which SUCKS. SUPERGLITCH IS BORING! *sigh* sorry. Anyway, what happens when we get out of .4's moves?

He decides to screw us.

And it crashed.

And no, that isn't just a blank space in the LP. It's an actual white screen captured as an image. A crash.

Well, that's all for this episode, next time we'll look at the other 3 glitches I haven't shown you, and possibly be getting into serious crap. See you then!

Signed, DM372

Let's Play Pokemon Glitch Version! Episode 1: Tradition is boring.

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Hello and welcome to the Let's play of Pokemon BLUE, REMASTARED! (or demastered, considering what this LP is about. I'm going to be glitching the HECK out of this game. I'm going WAY deep into the hex codes to pull out Game Freak's worst nightmares...their coding errors. We're going to be exploring EVERY SINGLE ONE of the hexes for each glitch. Including the ones that vomit errors all over my PC. So with that cheerful note, I'm going to answer a few questions that will be asked, I'm sure. Q: You're using a GAMESHARK?! Cheater! A: Don't even think about saying this, you'll just look stupid. Q: Will you be covering Missingno? A: I think that's a given. Q: Glitch Requests? A: Um...sure, i don't see why not. Also, I would like to point out that you'll be hearing a lot of "Unknown Opcode @ blah blah." This is because the emulator WILL shut down because of it doing something it shouldn't, which it will. On that happy note, let's get started!  NO  Hmm...Let's pick a traditional  Heh heh, yeah. (For those of you that don't know what my "M" stands for, it's Manipulator. DragonManipulator372. :) Hmm, what else....Ah!  Keep thinking derp is spelled "Durp." Not that it matters anyway, I can't be the only one that thinks Gary's sprite is the derpiest thing ever made. With that, let's get right into it, a nice clean playthrough.  Alright, time to choose a starter, and-  .... YO DAWG, I HERD YOU LIKE TO PLAY GAMES, SO I PUT A GAME IN UR GAME SO YOU CAN PLAY WHILE YOU PLAY! Derp. ._. Anyway, yes let's pick a starter. Also, just wanted to show this off, your mom in the first gen gives you no crap at all about going to the lab. You can just ignore her COMPLETELY and walk right out the door. Well, here ya go.  Yep. Alright, I've picked my starter, so let's just walk right out the lab and get into that grass like no one's buisness.  Haha yeah right Q: Wait are you walking on the barrier? Yep! The WTW code is on now, and I'll be making good use of it throughout this LP, though it is annoying since you have to flip it on and off if Blue walks anywhere he shouldn't. What we're showing off here is my new starter, yay!  Okay, I'm done screwing with you, this is what happens when you get to a battle with no Pokemon. The game has to send out SOMETHING, so we've got this guy out, "!". "!" has no moves, so whenever "!" tries to attack, it acts like a high level traded pokemon. Have a look:  This is basically a middle finger, so we have to give gamefreak some of their own medicine and really start beating the crap out of this game. But that'll come soon enough. What happens next? Well..... "Unknown opcode at 'fc8001'" Yep. The emulator COMPLETELY shuts down. Better hope you saved, because you've gotta reload the entire rom to get it working again. Alright guys, thank you all for viewing, and I hope you enjoyed it. Up next, our starter, our first REAL glitch, and Oak, I suppose. This was short to get people interested, and I hope it gets popular, because I've got plans. :D DM372, out.