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I'm looking for a PC gamepad. I have tried and hated the xbox 360 controller because I find it very uncomfortable. The PS3 layout of the analog sticks is much more favorable to me, but I do not wish to buy the whole console just for the controller. I used to use a logitech dual analog controller, but misplaced it and the new one I bought had inconsistent analog control, and I returned it as defective. It seemed as if it was more sensitive in one direction than the other, which made using it very frustrating. If many people have had success with the logitech controller, I might consider trying a new one. But are there any other gamepads out there that you guys use?

Thanks in advance.

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I got Modern Warfare 2 and its fantastic. Based on the few hours I've played, it is MUCH smoother than Call of Duty 4.

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^ I already have CoD 4 and I already said that I'm fine with the gameplay of both games (I've played both counsel versions at a friend's house)

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I've played plenty of call of duty games on pc and counsels but so far I only have Cod 4 on PC. Excluding this one, which game should I get for a better online experience, Black Ops or Modern Warfare 2? I am familiar with the actual gameplay of both games so please do not give me suggestions based on maps or weapons. On steam it shows MW 2 as the 3rd most played PC game and Black ops at about 5 I believe. However, on the MW2 forum someone said that the game doesn't have many players anymore, which contradicts with the steam statistics. Does anyone have experience with either of these games and can recommend one over the other based on the online experience?


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Anyone else have suggestions? Does anyone else use the steam list to learn what the most popular games are? My questions are genuine I'm just looking for some suggestions.

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I'm running on a vista but its not wireless. I don't think its my internet because Bad Company 2 played brilliantly with virtually no lag, I'm just not a big fan of the gameplay. Also, I haven't played TF2 as much as Cod4 so perhaps my lag experiences were just freak occurences. I appreciate the replies greatly.

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I got a couple of online shooters for christmas, Call of Duty 4 and Team Fortress 2, but the lag issues in both games bother me just a little too much. I feel I didn't do enough research (apart from looking at the top 20 action game list on gamespot) into what games are the most popular. It's mostly lag issues that I'm worried about, so just let me know of any online shooters you guys still play that are popular and have relatively low lag. The only other shooters I own for PC are Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Crysis. Anyone got suggestions?


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Hey everyone,

My DS lite recently got a very small crack about a centimeter wide on the right edge of the hinge. I do not remember dropping it in the past few weeks but I have dropped it by accident (I'm very clumsy) before. I did a little research and found many people having very similar problems and claiming that DS lites are destined to develop this over time. The hinge is still able to lock at about a 15 degree angle like it should (this seems to be the perfect angle so that the top and bottom screen can be viewed without glare) but with any jerking movement on my part it will fall back. It has to be held so that gravity doesn't bring the top screen back or it will fall back as well. I cannot put a photo up at the time and have never brought a system in for repairs before so I do not know what kind of money I will have to put down and whether its worth it. I would also appreciate if anyone knew the phone number or website that I would need to ask for a repair.

Many thanks in advance

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I'm pretty open to all types of games, and I've noticed that I do like counsel play better than the PC, even with FPS's believe it or not. My brother let me have 7 or 8 of his games, so I don't think it was a really bad decision. I became very annoyed with pc gaming, specifically the difficult setup and bugs, as well as unpopular online in some games. I just wanted some second opinions, and still do.