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I'd say go for it. From what you described, it seems as though the DS would be perfect for you. It is really a great system with really good games of the types you say. Besides not having extra features like music and stuff which you already sayed you don't care for, and being a generation behind the PSP in terms of graphics, the DS beats the PSP hands down. Although I do not own a PSP, it seems as though the DS has better quality games and an even larger variety of games. The touch screen and dual screens give the DS the ability to make really unique games that could not have been made on any other system.

Games I suggest for you:

Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (action adventure)

Super Mario 64 DS (platformer)

Elite Beat agents (music)

Mario Kart DS (kart racing)

New Super Mario Bros. and Yoshi's Island (platformer)

Advance Wars: Dual Strike (strategy)

Castlevania: DoS, and PoR (platformer)

good luck!

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Zelda: Phantom Hourglass is a really good game but might be a bit difficult for a 4 year old.

I suggest:

Mario Kart DS (racing)

Yoshi's Island DS (platformer)

New Super Mario Bros. (platformer)

Elite beat agents (music)

or Zelda (action adventure) , but it has a lot of tricky puzzles so unless your kid is a genius, it will probably be a little hard unless he gets help from someone.

Hope this helps!

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My Friend Codes for the Nintendo DS:

Mario Kart: 416715 117383
Metroid Prime Hunters: 4983 1949 9214
Starfox Command: 595 217 963 554
Custom Robo Arena: 0774 1259 0736
Mario vs Donkey Kong 2: 0387 5866 4459

Zelda:PH: 421019280812

Looking for some people I can play against on a regular basis. Please reply on this thread when you add me to your friend roster and tell me your friend codes.

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Zelda: PH

Mario Kart DS

Advance Wars DS

Super Mario 64 DS

Metroid Prime Hunters