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LAST Grand Theft Auto IV Trailer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rockstar games announced that last GTAIV trailer will come out thursday 27 march 2008. Rockstar said that after this trailer, only thing what is coming out is the full game himself.

BTW, trailer name is "Good Lord, What Are You Doing" aka "Everyone's A Rat"

EDIT: Trailer is out and available to look at

Internet in my PS2

I would like to know how execly and simply I can put internet to my PS2, that means what i have to do. I must say that i have internet where all ports are not opened and also is it a problem when i have my PS2 moded? I have also a Network CD what i get from Belgia (if i remember right). Can someone tell me simply how to do it.

By the way, I have all what I need, that means cross-overed cable and a modem and router, and what is most importent is that i would like to have internet streight to my PS2 not through PC.

Thank you!

IMPORTANT!: I must say what is most important is that if I atlast doing the TESTing stuff then the, DNAS (what is last of them will be denied, but others will be accepted, can someone tell what is wrong. Is it thati have mod chip what screw my PS2 or what?

Carbon & Carbon - Collector's Edition!!!

There are rumors out of Cover and this is: hopefully this will be the cover and hopefully out lately, i cannot wait any longer.

EDIT: This Edition will be released late in November (31 November 2006) and will be released on PC, PS2 and Xbox 360 this is what i have heard!!!

Summer is starting, PLEASE READ

Don't STOP TRACKING me, i'm going to summer, and don't have time to get near the computer.

And also, before the summer i had lvl 20 8)

Be Cool, like El Cool Magnificent! :D
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