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I am back from the dead!

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Yes, it's true. I have been away from Gamespot, and I joined IGN a few years back. But dang it, those forums just suck! I missed the fun of the old Gamespot. The bad news about Jeff delayed my arrival, but the new site sure is pretty! I will be staying here again!

Brace yourselves.

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Pretty soon, you will all see why I am here.


Hello Gamespot!


Hello FilmSpot!

Brace yourselves!

It's coming soon!

Very very soon!

Level 2!!!!

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I have finally gotten to Level 2!

Just a little while until my mission becomes possible....

I am alive! ALIVE!

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I have now started the first part of world domintation: create an CNET account.

Now just a few more steps and my mission shall begin.

Ha Ha Ha!

In the meantime, listen to my radio station!