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Birthday just passed! Got a new pair headphones among other things.

Yeah birthday was yesterday I'm a year older and a year wiser now and got alot of cool stuff as well :D

First off my new Audio Technicia AD700 Headphones First real pair of quality audiophile headphones and they sound great very detailed and clear sound. Instrumentals and vocals sound amazing on these hearing detial i couldn't hear before with cheaper headphones and the soundstage is very large on these so great for gaming and movies as well. I haven't even used my speakers since i got these since they sound so much better. There also very comfortable can wear them litterally all day without any discomfort and I wear glasses! Their lightwieght and distrubute the wieght evenly along your headputting very little pressure on your ears and head and the open design lets air pass through then easily keeping your ears from getting all hot and sweety also means they don't block outside noises and they leak sound but not a problem for me. Only negative is the bass is on the weak side i boosted the bass using my soundcard control panel a bit and its better but if you love alot bass these aren't for you. Also not a big fan of the purple color

Also picked up Crysis 2 and Dawn of War II Retribution. Enjoying crysis 2 alot so far it looks and runs well on my pc and i've been eyeing the dawn of war 2 series since it came out but never got around to buying one till now

Also got a wireless 360 controller and reciever been using wired 360 controller for some time now but this is more convient and no and less likely to break as there no cord.

The Chirstmas Steam Sales are finally lets see what the total damage was!

Last Christmas sale i had no money this time that i did i went crazy with the sales don't know how many games I bought in total or how much i spent but i'm gonna total it all up and find out.

From Steam:

  1. Just Cause 2 $7.50
  2. Indie Beat Pack (Beat Hazard, BIT.TRIP BEAT, Chime, Rhythm Zone, Turba) $4.99
  3. Indie Fright Pack (Burn Zombie Burn!, The Path, The Scourge Project: Episodes 1 and 2, The Void, Zombie Driver) $5
  4. Indie Fantasy Pack(Bob Came in Pieces, Faerie Solitaire, Fortix, NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits, Spectromancer) $5
  5. The Polynomial $2.50
  6. AaaaaAAaaaAAA!!! + The Wonderful End of the World $7.49
  7. Bioshock 2 $9.99
  8. Resident Evil 5 $10
  9. Trails Second Edition $2.50
  10. Spore $7.50
  11. Rush $2.50
  12. Assassins Creed II Deluxe Edition $17.50
  13. Dead Rising 2 $16
  14. Death Spank $7.50
  15. Blur $15
  16. Fear: Ultimate Shooter Collection $5
  17. Global Agenda $7.50
  18. Mount and Blade Warband $7.50
  19. Swords and Soldiers HD $2.50
  20. Greed Corp $2.50
  21. Kayne and Lynch 2 $5
  22. MadBalls in Babo Invasion $2.50
  23. Red Alert 3 $5
  24. Zeno Clash $3.75
  25. Ion Assualt $2.50
  26. Swarm Arena $2.50
  27. Shatter $2.50
  28. The Ball $5

28.Insecticide $2.50
29.Chronicles of riddick: Assualt on athena Bay $5.50
30.Hawx $6

So in Total spent 188.75 for over 45 games ( The steam indie packs had 5 games each and fear came with 2 expansions) comes out to $4.19 per game not to bad. A bit more money then i thought, but got a ton of games to play now and all for around 3 full priced console games

Now i'm completly broke but I've got enough games to last me for all of 2011. My Steam Game List is Huge now with 147 games on it and alot of them I haven't even played yet. Gonna have to pace my self to try to get through all of them without going crazy lol. Well Wish everyone here on gamespot a merry christmas and Happy New Year.

Got a PS3!! Finally 60" 3d DLP and 5.1 onkyo reciever on the way!!

My Dad Bought me a ps3 as an early chirstmas present really excited :D Got no games for it now so just downloading a few demo's to try it out but its pretty awesome. I ordered eternal sonata and demon souls w/sound track can't wait for them to get here and try some real games. Also orded a brand new 60" Mitshubishi 3D DLP which was on sale for $599 on for cyber monday as well as an onkyo 5.1 hometheather revceiver costing $300 for a total of $1050. Proabably the best purchase i've made can't wait for them to get here and have some fun with my ps3 in 3D and watch blurays on a 60" screen :D