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This has been accumulating since November. Oops. The stuff on top are a bunch of comic books. Yup.

Okay. I lied.

I didn't end up taking a lot of photos. Mostly because the place was too crowded and I didn't want to be that person that stopped in a crowded area just to take photos and inconvenience everyone. However, a lot of people were doing that so I might as well. :| And also, I got lost so much in the convention that I missed a few panels I wanted to see. OTL But anyhoo, here are a few dismal images. :D (This is a week late, but I've been lazy and far too busy. I'm a week behind in school work and I have a midterm today. -cries in corner-)  The Anime Festival part of the convention was small. :| ... :cry: It was mostly filled with artists, and some of them weren't very good ones. -kicks whoever is in charge of the entire thing-  And I wasn't joking when I said it was really crowded. :P took this around after 11AM. The crowds gradually got worse in the afternoon. :|  -kicks blurry image- Maybe there's a better one out there, but a lot of people wore those ridiculous Super Saiyan hats. :|  The artist alley for Comic Con. I met the author for the Wonder Woman comic, but I was more interested in finding the person in charge of the The Oatmeal site. He wasn't there at all. OTL  I'd be feel creep out to wait in this depressing area for a panel. >_>  And just to emphasize the fact it was crowded. :P    Apparently there was someone in that balloon thingy and they scared all the unsuspecting people that just assumed it was a decoration. I tried to get it on camera but all I managed to get was a little kid trying to provoke it. >_>  Epic robot costume. :o A lot of people popped up to take photos.  To be in the same room as them: HGFUIAHGSEUIOGHIEG. Not being able to get their autograph because I have a curfew: -cries- Okay I'm done. :D I'm too lazy to re-size those photos, because the images are cut off on the sides. :D :P -flees-


Here are two self-explanatory pictures. o-o   Someone burn them. Burn them all. But what's funnier is that this group didn't bite me much. Great to know you hate my blood.

101 degree weather..... Oh god, someone kill me.

My mom wants me to do errands for her today. D8 Excuse me while I move to England where it rains everyday. :D And I currently have a bed bug infestation and my parents are doing nothing about it. :| They leave the fate of the bed bugs to an exterminator that comes once a month and all he does is put fail traps around the infected area. I found two on my mattress yesterday and now I'm paranoid that one of them laid an egg on my mattress. Even though I didn't really find any eggs or any other trace of bed bugs, vampires left a whole bunch of marks on my ankles. :|

[size=24]THIS. IS. WAR.[/size]  But replace the guns with bed bug spray or something. :D That would be ridiculous to use machine guns on bed bugs. :| Unless the bed bugs have guns of their own. :| ... -ponders- ... Oh my, what a story this could be. :o Edit: What was I thinking going outside. IT'S. TOO. FREAKING. HOT. T_T Dad, please oh please install the air conditioner. D:

I don't want to go. @.@

I want to stay home and hide under my blankets. And by go, I mean school. And by school, I mean I signed up for summer classes. And by summer classes, I mean two classes. And by two classes, I mean I hate my life so much that I decided to suffer under the heat and school work. And by hate my life, I mean I really don't want to spend my entire summer sitting in front of the computer and sleeping. :D .... :| -cough- On the bright side, a 3.94 GPA and I'm on the Dean's List. :D -celebrates-  [size=6](Relevant gif is relevant. I'm rewatching Sailor Moon. Mwahahahahaha. >8D)[/size] -edits- In other news. I. FREAKING. WANT. THIS. Not the car though. And minus the fact I don't have my license (yet) and I don't own a car.