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why da hell am i here.

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just made this account on gamespot today. and to anyone whos reading this now, not trying to be an ass or anything but the only reason im here is to speak my mind about the games im playing. ive watched others review games that i think were reviewed wrongly and i think its high time i said whats on my mind, im not here to make friends or to join a group or anything, im here for the reivewing. don't get me wrong, i don't mind someone talking to me here, but i probably won't always be around to talk. and before you think that there was no point in me addressing this, i already know that many others come for that same reason, but you and i both know that there will be that one person that wants to make friends. no, not trying to be mean or anything but no. usually since im a loner in real life i'd perfer friends in cyberspace, but the reason for me being here is to give my input on games, simple as that.