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Long time.

Well, its been a long time since i wrote a blog, or even signed into this account. I was extremely active on this website, and i've soaked some time into it over the past few years. Here's an update of my life. I turned 20 this month, I'm a senior in college, and I've been working full time for a year. I traveled to my homeland this summer, and reconnected with a father I hadn't seen or spoken to in 13 years. An enormous relief was felt as I met and learned of his life and struggles, and as he was able to learn about his son, who had turned into a man since he'd last seen him. Anyway, i realize this site is for games, but I thought I would share an important thing that occurred since i last logged on.

I have recently purchased my own home, and have been focusing my life efforts at setting up my future. I decided a few weeks ago that I no longer wanted to devote the amount of time I have been to playing video games. I'm not trying to speak ill of what video games are, or those who play it, but I decided to take a break. After some time without playing I came to the conclusion that I could live without them. I sold my Xbox, and just a few days ago I sold my PS3. I feel a little sense of freedom, or maybe like an opportunity has presented itself because of its disappearance. My fall classes resume tomorrow, and I hope it all comes out well. i'm keeping my account, but I doubt I'll log on anytime soon.

Be well gamespot subscribers!


Bought an Xbox 360!

I was in Walmart, walking by the electronics department when I noticed they were selling the 360 Elite for $299 and they give you a $50 dollar gift card. I'd been thinking about it for a while, so I decided to go for it. For those that don't know, I had previously owned a 360, but it got RROD so I purchased a PS3. I've been happy with the PS3, but recently not so much. I want a more interactive and more dense online, and there are more exclusives that I want for the 360. I'm selling my PS3 to a friend at work. I'll be getting Halo 3 ODST, Gears of War 2, Mass Effect, and more. Hit me up with your Live names, and I'll add you when I set everything up.

Does anyone know if I can somehow transfer the videos/shows from my PS3 hard drive to a computer or my 360? or am I screwed?

Halo Reach?

Had no idea there was another coming out anytime soon. I watched the trailer, looks impressive. I think I'll pick up a 360 when this game comes out...maybe get the special edition Halo 360 that will inevitably be released.

The Boondock Saints 2!!!!

I went and saw it the other day, gotta say it is really good. I liked the first, and it has become a cult following for people, the second one plays to the fans. You'll see familiar faces, but I don't wanna blow anything. Go see it or wait till it comes out on DVD/Bluray, you won't regret it.

MW2 Trophies.

Trying to get them all, I still have to play the majority of the single player again, but on Veteran instead of Hardened. Also I have to collect the intel and do some more spec ops. Yay...I'll get there, one frustrating death at a time.

My MW2 Disc Cracked.

For some reason my copy of Modern Warfare 2 cracked, right at the center. I'm not really sure why, I'd only handled it a handful of I gotta bring it into the store and exchange it when I can. I'm gonna try to do it tonight, if I have time. I've got a six page paper due on Community Policing that I've yet to start. It's gonna be a long night.:?

Call of Duty MW 2!!!

Another blog about this game...but I gotta say it myself that this game is amazing. I don't understand why people are complaining about the length of the single player campaign, its plenty long. Once you finish the single player campaign you still have all the Spec Ops and online multiplayer. Great game overall and I will be playing it for a long long time.

Priority problems.

I received my copy of COD MW2 in the mail today, but I have yet to play it. I bought it at and got a $20 dollar gift card, but I have forced myself not to play it until I finish a paper thats due on Friday. So I'm about to get typing on that paper, also I have to work directly after that class on Friday. My first opportunity to play won't be until SATURDAY. I can't believe I've been able to wait this long to play onethe most anticipated games of the year. And I called myself a priorities are way off. :D

The industry...

I am a little confused fellow gamespot members, is the video game industry doing well or not? I just got done reading an article on here that both Sony and Nintendo have had net loses that would frustrate any money loving person. But then again, I wish I had some ties to Infinity Ward right now...on the brink of releasingarguably the best selling game of all time. Maybe this time we navigate through will define the industries leaders....or who is in the industry itself. Several developers/publishers have closed down shop, so perhaps this will end the way the console industry did with Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo dominating...actually monopolizing. I certainly hope not, but time will tell.

Is Borderlands good?

Anybody had a chance to play it yet? I'm thinking about picking it up, but I'm not convinced by the reviews yet.

Also I played the MAG beta, which was fun but my biggest complaintare the graphics, player movement, and a few other minor ones. Overall I think the finished product is going tobe great.