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i will be posting reviews and rating games at least once a day and i will always continue to play them this is an update stating that i have done 2 reviews so far one for left for dead and one for guitar hero metallica. both games are awsome i gotta let you no:D and i will continue playing them as well. so ill be on and ill c u all later

hey guys im here

hey guys i just made an account and everything im part of a gaming community now its about time well im mainly on xbox my tag is on my profile so if u guys want to play me in a music game like metallica or something send me a request i also got a youtube account with videos of me playing guitar hero and everything the account is mherbst1249. im usually always on my xbox im hoping to get a ps3 soon but not to soon cause i need my new drum set first =). yes i play the drums in my band named black ashes.