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Sex or violence, which one is worse?

Ok, I have been annoyed by this for a long time. Kids of all ages start playing games with LOADS of violence (Gears, Dead Rising, Grand Theft Auto, etc.) but when a game slips a booby in there, it's goodbye game. I don't get how its way better to play where you shooting heads off, ripping legs apart, all that stuff, mixed in with a ton of swearing, then to see a boob in your video game.

Sex is not a sin (starts out that way, most people go further,) but murder is. I'm not talking real murder where the players try the stuff they see in games and go out and do it in real life. I'm talking about how come parents especially think they're protecting their kids from the "bad stuff" (anything sex related) when they let them play the most violent games out there?

I mean Grand Theft Auto, it's always been a target of how games corrupt our kids, blah blah blah, but it was only when the Hot Coffee Mod came out that it was a massive outrage over it.

Ok i'm done ranting now.