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Better late than never...

Finally am getting around to posting some of my halloween pics. Since imagecave is not working my older blog is not displayingmy halloween pics so some of them may seem familiar. We haven't gotten my mauseleum built yet but I still hope one day we'll have it.

This is one of the two new grave stones for this year, the other says "You are Here...October 31" with an arrow but for some reason I didn't get a pic of it. I'm really pleased how this one turned out but Ido need to find a better way of making it glow at night. This year I tried using glow sticks but they were too big so I then tried painting the glow liquid directly on the stones which worked well...except the liquid dries too fast and so they don't glow for any period of time.

Ok, so it seems that I won't be posting any pics after the one above, for some reason any time I try to add more pictures I get an html error. If you'd like to see the rest of them you can check them out at http://gaminggoddess.imgur.com/all/

Happy Halloween!!

My favourite holiday is over for the year again and I'm already in Halloween withdrawl. We take Halloween serious around here and it usually takes us a couple of days to set up and then disassemble but it's totally worth it in the end! Here's some pics from the special night.

You don't get the full effect in a picture because the music can't be heard and the fog just blew away.

The graves are made out of foam insulation and I carve them using a dremel tool.

I dressed as Marie Antoinette and handed out full sized chocolate bars and had more kids than last year so we must be doing something right. We've already discussed plans for building a mausoleum for next year so stay tuned to see what else gets added!