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When I start this game it says "Welcome player "insert random number here" and it shows the GREE symbol. When you go to buy crystals it asks you to buy gree coins, which I have done in another GREE account. How can I change what account I'm logged in as from within the game? I can't see the coins I bought and can't seem to switch accounts



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yeah the other boss fights in the game made it seem like it was building up to an awesome show down with something massive... but no it felt like a wet fart... that's how disappointed I was

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hey guys, so I've pre-ordered the Limited Edition from Amazon.co.uk, obviously other online stores have bonus content as well if you pre-order from them... any idea if you will be able to get all of the content at some point? shouldn't you get all of it with the LE? I thought the spread of content was just the LE content split up between various online stores for the £40 standard release version?

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exactly! the bosses during the game were brilliant, so it was sooo bizarre to have nothing at all at the end! They should do a DLC to provide an ending... I was expecting to come face to face with someone from the authority and get some context, back story or character development, I don't like it when your main character is a faceless, expressionless avatar that has no... well... character! lol. but yeah I hope they do an expansion or continuation

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lol, ok well thankfully its had a western/european announcement trailler released yesterday so I will just wait for the international release

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so I just completed this and was utterly gobsmacked by how pants the ending was. I mean no boss, no resolution and barely any kind of info at the end, just a vista of arks opening out of the ground and thats it... **** you very much and good night is basically what I thought... I mean I felt like there might actually be a pay off the way all the residents of subway town were talking to me about my mission to kick the authorities ass but nothing... obviously they want a sequel but this is just shameful programing and might as well be false advertising let alone anything else


anyone else horribly disappointed?

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as the heading says, I'm in the UK and want to get this game asap, can I participate in the BETA? does anyone know if it will be available outside asia? Dreamcast is my fave console, PSO was probably my fave game for it and I wouldn't be a DC fan if I didn't get this!! 



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cheers mate for the reply, I think I'm just pretty unluck, my friend who also plays did the same section and got it after 4 fights, I've been in the Hydra level for probably 4 hours or more and have NEVER received it once

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I didn't get the emblem for sharing the best sidekick voting competition/contest thing on my Facebook, a friend of mine on Gamespot Fuse has it on his news feed after sharing using the facebook button, however I've performed this twice and still not had the icon. Just thought I'd check. I did receive the one you get for voting in the first stage which is why I thought it odd. thanks!

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hey guys. So I'm a fan of Tokyo Highway Challenge from the dreamcast days, and I started to read up on the series and found that apparently Import Tuner Challenge is a game in that series, now I've also seen reference to an as yet unreleased/unannounced Tokyo Extreme Racer title for the current generation. Can anyone else confirm that this is an up to date rumour or am I just catching some old info on a game that turned into Import Tuner Challenge? have a look at the link below, this is all I've found. Are they one in the same or is there a new Tokyo Extreme Racer coming to 360? let me know what you think I'd be interested to hear thoughts and opinions. thanks