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The Mist; such an amazing film......BUT


I would highly reccomend that anyone who loved horror movies but got bored of all the crappy films such as snakes on a plane, saw and all the other needlessly violent horrors that actually lack the ONE key ingredient... suspense. Also Character Development is good!!

I actually loved this film, it blew me away, it was the most tense and terrifying movie I've seen in years and to see Tom Jane in such a high powered role was a breath of fresh air. What wound me up though, was not the fact that the ending strayed from the original short story ending, heck no, I think it actually carried on nicely from the books cliff hanger and gave you an idea what may have happened after the book left the characters. But what DID annoy me about the ending was how cheap it was. I mean seriously, I would have preferred to have heard him kill the others and then maybe see him get killed as the shot fades to black or something equally dramatic. why? Because it would've been in keeping with the tone of the film and the sense of dread and utter futility in the face of such unsurmountable odds.

No no, what really annoyed me was how stupid the last bit was? I mean think back, how LARGE was that monster that stepped over the car? I mean come on!! THAT THING WAS FREAKIN GINORMIFICUS MAXIMUS!!! and for the humans to suddenly come along clearing everything up quite happily with no problems just made it all sooo cheap... I mean the thought that the mist had enveloped the earth was intriguing but for them to then suddenly say "he should've waited 30 more seconds and the world would've been saved" That was horse crap IMO, no way could anything have saved anyone if you follow along with the tone of the film. Dudes in tanks and carrying flame throwers couldn't have cleaned up ALL those awesome spiders, flying creatures, giant monsters AND the Mist ITSELF. surely not?

So that's why I felt slightly robbed. I think if the camera had zoomed out from a top down view to show that the mist had not gone much farther than where he was then that would've been better, if he'd only had another litre of fuel he would've been out of the mist you know? but no they had to ruin it with ridiculous humans saving the day again. shame

Anyone else feel REALLY robbed?

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