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STURMWIND: New Dreamcast game OUT SOON!

The latest in a long and wonderful legacy for Dreamcast is about to be unleashed and it looks like it could be the best yet!!

A game called Sturmwind is being developed by Red Spot Games, the people responsible for last years Rush Rush Rally Racing game. While RRRR was purely a retro experience in total 2d from a top down POV, Sturmwind is much more in keeping with Dreamcasts current legacy: being the home of amazing 2d/3d side scroller shooters!!

Check out the following info:




Personally I think this game looks absolutely amazing, and for the incredible price of 35 euros I don't think you can go wrong!! The graphics apparently utilize the Dreamcasts power to a level that I have not seen since Borderdown and Ikaruga. Proving that, given the right amount of love and energy some truly amazing games could be made for DC even after its officially died. I only hope someone somewhere takes the innitiative to get the machine up and running again but that's probably just wishful thinking!!

Anyway enjoy, if anyone gets this game you can upload your highscores apparently, should be a nice change to dust of the DC for a new title again!

Come on all you Dreamcast fans, stand up and take note! If we can make this game a success who knows what Redspot games may make next! They went from RRRR to Sturmwind, maybe we could see a full, 3d RPG or action game of somekind! Crack open your wallets and get preordering!!