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Skyline movie review: WHATS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?? (critics)

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Ok so I want to talk about the movie Skyline and the incredible amount of hatred that has been aimed at it by both Critics and viewers alike.

Let me start by giving my side of the story:

I love scifi, I think its a crime that there simply isn't enough Scifi on the cinema and so when I saw the trailers for Skyline I was sceptical but slightly optimistic. Basically I didn't have the same expectations I had for say.... Lord Of The Rings : ROTK but I wasn't completely despairing at the prospect of seeing the film.

Basically what I saw was an incredibly cliched/overused premise that had the potential to be a truly awful film turn out to be one of the best films I've seen all year, and I'm honestly not joking. Now a lot of the complaints about the film have been leveled on the lack of character building or some of the dialogue and ok that's fine I admit that they didn't spend a lot of time investing the movie in the charactersand looking back some of the dialogue was a bit straight forward but I found that I wasn't at all detached from the film, I enjoyed the fresh approach they took to the whole alien invasion and the fact that they didn't bother with big names etc

The way I see this film is that they had an amazing alien/scifi invasion idea in their heads and they totally managed to translate it to the big screen. These are the reasons why I truly loved this movie:

1: amazing action and story
2: mind bogglingly good special effects
3: a nice focus on rising actors, no reliance on big egos/names to rake in the dollars
4: they didn't go with the norm and make a film that holywood wanted they made the film the way they wanted in terms of pacing and script and adult content (Ie it wasn't made into a 12a/pg13 for the kiddies)
5: there were no ridiculous american all star super heroes in the movie eating up all the screen time with meaningful stares and cheesy "Now thats what I call a close encounter" ****one liners
6:the film was obviously made with the intention of posing the question "What would a group of normal everyday people who aren't action heroes and aren't muscle bound retards do in this impossible sitiuation" and this was done very well
7: another question/interesting spin it posed/attempted was what if this incredible situation occurs to a bunch of people over night and the world isn't prepared, no one knows whats going on and what action would each individual take when posed with this event?
8: the acting was fine everyone did good jobs certainly not as bad as everyone is making out
9: the (OPEN) ending was utterly fantastic,they want it to be a trilogy so to all you complaining idiots and haters who need the whole story/backstory/subplot spoon fed to you will have to wait for a sequel
10: I never felt like the film was insulting my intelligence by giving me ridiclous deus ex machinamoments

Anyway to summarise the film blew me away, I thought the action and story and special effects were all perfect, the pacing was impressive and all of the above gave me a totally refreshed feeling after having watched it. I could go and see it again a dozen times simply because it didn't insult my intelligence and drew me in to an incredible event with amazing sights and sounds.

The acting was IN NO WAY as bad as everyone is making out, the film certainly doesn't deserve the ridiculous score on rotten tomatoes nor does it deserve to receive a ridiculous 5.0 or lower on IMDB, people are simply hitting out and jumping on the "this film is getting bashed lets all join in" band wagon. And everyone is constantly complaining that some of the parts in it were carbon copies or un original but I fail to see how they can draw that conclusion.... why so many people hate this film is beyond me, at the very least it should be getting 6/7 out of 10, but from me it gets a solid 8/10. I went to see an incredible, exciting, original scifi movie that didn't insult my intelligence by shovelling every plot detail down my neck from the get go and that is exactly what I got.

bottom line: its definitely in my top five of 2010 along with Inception, How To Train Your Dragon, Iron Man 2, Shutter Island. Highly reccommended by a huge scifi fan