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My Review: Panzer Dragoon Saga

This is the game I will always remember whenever I look back at the various consoles I've owned and try to decide on the one game that proved most important, most groundbreaking. Its the one game that springs to mind when the question is asked, "when did you stop playing games for a quick 5 minute thrill and start playing them for the story and the experience as well?"

Basically in my humble opinion I would say that this is probably the most important game I ever played. For me, that says a lot seeing as I've played over 600 games over the course of 20+ years, over a dozen consoles.

If I explain a little. Until I played this game in 1998 games were simply short fun experiences with no real emotional content, I played on the Mega Drive, Master System and Jaguar etc and saving your progress had only recently become a reality with the advent of the Saturn. But none of the games I played made particularly good use of it. Oh sure there were the Resident Evils, the Tomb Raiders, the various racing and action/shooting games but none of them gave me any emotional investment. But this game gave me all I would ever need.

At first I thought I would hate it, the foreign language with subtitles being an immediate red flag to me being only 16 years old. Needless to say I found that the original language added to the atmosphere and the impact of the story, the feeling I was witnessing something special, something no one else had ever witnessed.

Basically looking back Panzer Dragoon Saga was a relatively standard RPG, it had your standard young male protagonist and your standard evil empire. it was the first I EVER played so I had never experienced this type of game before. Where this game managed to elevate itself above the rest was in the story, the ground breaking graphical st yle and attention to detail and the fact that you grew attached to the main hero and wanted to follow his story to the very end, and also for me, it was the relationship between Edge and his Dragon and the eventual relationship between him and Azel.

This was my first true RPG and I had no idea what to expect. What I got was a wonderful, colourful, Vibrant experience that finally allowed me to take control of that greatest of mythical beasts, the Dragon. I will never forget the noise the wings made as I soared through the valleys, deserts, forests and plains, the feeling of total freedom and being able to explore this wonderful world and progress through the story, meeting loads of colourful characters, making friends, making enemies and being so tied to the story that it became more exciting to me than any story or film and I was hooked to the end.

I will finish by giving a quick description and my final thoughts, I apologise for the length, but if you have a similar history to me with your games, you will appreciate and agree 100% with what I've said.

The game is long, well made and full of excitment and drama, wonderous monsters, some stunning locations and some excellent characters. The graphics have not aged well but for me, that was never the important thing, the game plays incredibly well, flows perfectly and still provides a long challenging story to follow and become engrossed in. If you live for a good story and action and want something to really invest in then get a Saturn and get this game, it really is that important.

Greatest game I ever played and the one that had the most effect on my future with video games.

10/10, 100%, A++++, *****