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Me, me, me

Hey gang, heres a little about me....

I'm a big video game nut, owned consoles since I was about 8 (now 27) started off on the Spectrum/Atari type stuff and moved up shortly after to the Master System, then moved up through the ranks of awesome Sega consoles until I finally got my favourite console of all time, the Dreamcast. I then moved onto the Xbox, then Xbox 360. I also own a Nintendo Game Cube, Playstation 1/2, Atari Jaguar/Lynx and also use my pc for games. I still own all my old Sega Consoles so the total comes to around 10 consoles currently owned with approximately 600 games across the board!

I'm a massive Dreamcast/Sega purest/nut as I grew up with that company rather than Nintendo(Fisher price) I am a fanboy when it comes to Sega, I willl not deny it in the least, and because of the circumstances surrounding Segas/Dreamcasts downfall, (ie: Playstation 2 conning the masses into buying it when it was clearly over hyped and overrated and in terms of quality of titles and sheer FUN factor it was completely inadequate) I will always reserve a certain amount of hate for Sony and its vastly overrated cash cow consoles. Having said that, I am a reasonable person and am always willing to try things, I owned a ps1 and was quite happy with it, same goes for ps2, but I do not feel the need to buy a ps3 as it is inferior in my opinion to the all round experience of the 360. I respect that other people own and enjoy it but don't expect to change my mind by badgering on about pointless technical facts and all the blah blah blah, I love my 360 for the whole package, better services, better games, better support, HD DVD support (yet again another case of Sony screwing another company, HD DVD's are awesome and can be bought for £3!!!) and the fact that it all intergrates to my pc!

Anyway, video game rant over!! I'm a rock music fan and listen to the likes of Funeral For A Friend, Green Day, Third Eye Blind, RHCP, Fightstar, Kids In Glass Houses, Linkin Park, Blink 182/Box Car Racer/Angels and Airwaves, Snow Patrol, Keane, Lost Prophets, Fallout Boy, Nickelback etc etc.

I also love movies and cinema, can't wait for the new Avatar and Harry Potter movies!!

I'm currently in the middle of moving into a flat with my girlfriend so willl be spending a lot of time getting that up and running, unfortunately I won't have enough room to have ALL my consoles on display!! Maybe one day lol